Re-Emerging – Tuesday – June 8, 2021

Today’s Focus Run efficiently Planned Workout Description:  Workout: 30:00 Minute Recovery Run Purpose: To recover from the harder effort in yesterday’s run. It will be hotter and muggier than yesterday, so I need to run slow this morning, and I also will focus on running tall and landing quietly instead of slouching or slapping my feet. “Know what specific skills you are aiming to improve … Continue reading Re-Emerging – Tuesday – June 8, 2021

Sunday – June 6, 2021

Today’s Focus Reality Check Planned Workout Description:  Workout: Day 7 Stryd Intro Plan – 45:00 easy run Purpose: Long Run Well, the longest run I have done since my injury back in March. This is the start of getting more of my endurance back. Focus – Run Efficiently The long run is important to help improve your endurance from a physiological perspective. It also gives you more … Continue reading Sunday – June 6, 2021

RunLog – Saturday – June 5, 2021

Today’s Focus Heat Acclimatization Planned Workout Description:  Workout: Intro to Stryd Day 6 – 30:00  Purpose: Recovery Run After yesterday’s easy run and 2.5 hours of lawn mowing, a recovery run sounds really great. However, it will be hot today and even hotter tomorrow (I mean the first week of June and 80*F weather in Maine???). So I will probably run down towards Wildwood at … Continue reading RunLog – Saturday – June 5, 2021

Tuesday – June 1, 2021

Today’s Focus Recovery and fact-finding. Planned Workout Description:  Workout: Day 2 – Stryd Intro Plan – 30:00 recovery run Purpose: To recover from yesterday’s 2:00 minute challenging portion of the run. I know that Stryd has to accommodate all levels of runners and that many who are starting to use their product(s) are not long-time runners, but the wording of the workout explanation is VERY … Continue reading Tuesday – June 1, 2021

Lessons Learned from My Latest Achilles Tendonosis Issues

What did I learn this time from this particular bout of Achilles tendon – whatever the hell it was? A LOT! First, the Achilles tendon and, yes, other body parts just don’t work like they used to. Everything still works, just not as well, and the Achilles will be my Achilles Heel for the remainder of my running life. Second, I can no longer rely … Continue reading Lessons Learned from My Latest Achilles Tendonosis Issues

RunLog – Sunday – May 30, 2021

Today’s Focus Rest Planned Workout Description:  Workout: None Purpose: Today is a rest day and what I call “stop” the streaking day. I need to have one day a week to not run or do a lot beyond Alfredson’s Achilles routine. Then later today, some light stretching (maybe a Yoga video) and my pill bottle mobilization stuff. The other part is that I am working hard … Continue reading RunLog – Sunday – May 30, 2021

Saturday – May 29, 2021

Today’s Focus Stay warm Planned Workout Description:  Workout: 10×3:00-minute run, with 1:00 minute recoveries Purpose: To see what shape I am in; I will probably run really easy on as many of the recoveries as possible to see how my conditioning is and how the Achilles is holding up to the load past 30:00 minutes. Warm-up:  100-ups   Run #1 Course: Howard-Town Office-Howard Type: Run/Walk Distance: 4.8 Duration: … Continue reading Saturday – May 29, 2021

Thursday – May 27, 2021

Today’s Focus Don’t get too frazzled. It will be one of those days, errands in town, construction on the house, attempting to get a good run-in, doing all the non-running routine to help my running. Then ensuring that TheWife gets her run-in and outside stuff done, getting the final load of firewood into the truck for them to deliver to their friend who needs it. … Continue reading Thursday – May 27, 2021