So What

cropped-january-thaw-photo2.jpgI have turned my blog into a static web page / web site. So for a while it will be a work in progress, please bear with me as I make the changes here, that will help you find me in my journey to getting older and still trying to have fun, while running a lot.

If you want to see what is going on now, please go visit my current blog –

One Foot In Reality

or read on to learn a little more about me.

First of all, no I do not take myself too seriously. I screw-up, change my mind, have fun, laugh at myself and certainly don’t always do things the way experts (whoever/whatever the hell they are), believe or recommend that I should.

I am pretty happy with who I am and enjoy the life I have.

The thing is that:

I am starting to get old and am enjoying it!

That’s right – I am enjoying most of the things about getting to be an old fart.

I don’t have to:

  • be something I am not,
  • bust my ass trying to get ahead in the world of work,
  • impress the world with my fantastic wit, charm and charisma
  • believe that I am going to be this great runner

After a lot of searching and trying to figure things out, I have learned who I am, pretty much what I can do and what I really want from my life, not what the media or everyone else tries to tell me I want or need.

However, let’s be honest, I am not too crazy about the physical changes that are happening to my body.

You know the obvious signs: gray hair, jowls forming, wrinkles in places wrinkles never were before, gravity working on things it shouldn’t, loss of muscle tone and all the other outward appearances of aging.


Everything seems harder to do than it did (back when I was a young pup) and yet my mind is telling me I can still do things the same way as I did when I was in my twenties, which is bullshit – I can’t.

As a result of that, I sometimes, let’s get real Harold I often do stupid stuff.

My doctor tells me this is a classic case of Aging Athlete Syndrome (AAS) notice that this is an extra “A” and not an “S” and that I have a really bad case of it.

While I don’t want to be young again, I will not sit on the couch and become another statistic. One of those not so old guys that you read about in the Obituary section of the paper, who stopped living and just hung around, then gave up.

I hope you enjoy following my adventures, a bit of mischief and a few miscues that I will have as I keep moving towards having fun as I get to be that cantankerous old fart, who might live up the road from ya.