I Hope There is Enough Hope

Today is inauguration day and the United States will have a peaceful transfer of power as we as a nation witness (but probably not watch) Donald J. Trump become the 45th President of our Great Country.

Yes, I am the stereotypical Trump supporter: an old white guy, retired military, lives in a rural community in a small state (Maine), married a couple of times, kids, grandkids, doesn’t make a lot, but remembers better times financially.

No I did not vote for President Trump.

I will be up-front and honest that I didn’t feel that he was the choice I would want being the Commander-in-Chief – actually neither one was, so I voted for the person I thought would do the least amount of damage and provide some checks and balances on a Republican controlled Congress.

I was not alone over 3 million more American voters chose the other candidate in the popular vote. However, we are a Democratic Republic and the way that our election process works is that the Electoral College winner becomes our next President, not the popular vote winner.

Which means that Donald J. Trump is our President today. He is the President of the United States whether we like it or not.

When I was in the military, there were many times/situations where the person in charge was a true arsehole and had jackshit for brains. However, that person usually had more gold on the sleeve, which meant that you had to suck it up and do what you had to do. You had to respect the Uniform or position of authority that they had, but respecting the person was optional – they had to earn it and when they didn’t it did cause problems.

I think that is where many American’s will be today. They respect the Office of the President, but the person who is now holding that Office, has not earned their respect, due to his past and current actions.

So what can we do?


President Trump does not have a mandate, but the Republican party does have a majority in the House and Senate, which means that change will come.

Refuse to normalize his boorish behaviors, trivialize his lies, conflicts of interest, treatment of the press or Twitter tantrums and judge Trump’s Presidency on what he and his staff/Cabinet/Congress actually do to make life better for all American’s, not just a few.

Hold them accountable. Don’t accept lies and half-truths as answers and stay involved in politics on the local, state and federal levels. Let our elected representatives know your opinion on policy, bills and other things that concern you.



However, at the same time I am going put my foot in my mouth and say the following:

I sincerely hope that President Donald J. Trump becomes the President that I and many others who are now doubters want to re-elect, because of the good that he has done for our Country.

In other words, I hope that he proves the dire predictions that many have about President Trump’s Presidency wrong.

I know, I know, the cabinet choices and the his actions prior to taking his oath of office has not been the harbinger of good, great or even much decency, but I believe taking that oath does do something to a person.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The enormity of putting your hand on Lincoln’s Bible and repeating those words, it has to have some effect on a person forever.

Once President Trump says those words, his world suddenly expands to include millions of people who depend on him to become a leader of people, who makes difficult decisions for their benefit, up to and including sending our Country’s young men and women into combat, where not all them will come home alive. An entire nation becomes his family. That has to weigh on any person’s soul.

We have all seen how much the Presidency ages the men who have preceded President Trump and I believe that having to make those wieghty decisions will change the person that Trump has been. It might not happen overnight, but it will happen sooner than many think.

I know I am an optimist and that I see the glass half full pretty much all the time, but being President is different from being a CEO of a business and the need to make money becomes almost a distraction of becoming a good one. President Trump just hasn’t realized it yet, but I believe that he will.

At least that is my hope.

In other words, yes, I want Donald J. Trump to be a successful President of our Republic. I do want him to succeed and become a President, who over the course of the next 3 years proves to me and millions of other doubters that we were wrong in our appraisal of where he would take this Country, when we voted against him in November 2016.

The only mandate I saw was for our new President to make life better in the small towns, rural communities and the people who live real lives, that were forgotten over the last 20 years, in the current version of the American Dream.

If you do that…well let’s see if you can change my mind and then in four years, we will see if I would vote for you in 2020 or not.

You are starting out in a pretty big hole, so President Trump, you will need to do a LOT of good. I have a feeling that the next four years are going to be either really good or we will live in “interesting times”.

You have taken the oath to be OUR President, let us now see what you really stand for and is it really the people of the Country or just a few?

So the Tump years begin.

But remember, all of America is watching and listening a lot closer than you think President Trump. We do care about who you are, what you do and that while you lead, you also serve.

A Busy Day

We had a surprise 3″ inches of partly cloudy when I woke up this morning, so I had to get out the snowblower again this morning before I headed out for work.


However, I did something different, I turned my FR35 on walk outside and measured how far I walked behind the beast.


.89 mile for just under 40:00 minutes of walking wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t as far as I thought, but with more snow it takes longer to do the clean-up and more passes. A nice baseline for future driveway sorties ;-).

I even went back to work today and survived, I only went into zombie mode a couple of times.

At lunch I had a choice of either heading out to the truck to take a nap or going over to Planet Fitness for quick treadmill run. Well if you know me it was a pretty easy choice – no runs this week, having been more of a couch potato than I like…while the truck nap had appeal, the need to move got me moving.

I did a quick 3.0 miles in 24:32 and the combo of the FR35 and my Garmin footpod did it usual beastly job of not being anywhere close to accurate, saying that I had run sub 7:00’s and 3.7 miles. I am getting ready to remove the footpod and just go with whatever comes up. If anything the footpod makes it even less accurate.

However, I did notice that when I wear my T/C compression socks, they are bothering my right foot under the toe and that is on 2 of the 3 pair I have worn lately. So I am not sure what is going on with them??? It is more of an annoyance than a bother, but I do not like being distracted by things going on with my right foot (too many bad things happen with that foot), so I have figure it out or get rid of them.

Overall a better day than I expected for the first day back to work after feeling like crap all week.

The Beast is Back

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Garmin FR 35 – Initial Thoughts

I got my Garmin FR 35 as a Christmas gift from TheWife and am very happy with how well it is working out for me.


Well mostly.

It is not a top of the line running watch, but from my experience it probably is all the watch that I really need. Continue reading

On The Other Side

kimg0003There I am finally, on the other side of whatever to $#%@ hit me upside the head this week. Two days out of work sick. However, it was unusual because my body was decent, weak but for the most part functional.

Unfortunately, from the neck up it sucked pretty bad. Between the runny eyes and runny nose, constant coughing/sneezing, pounding sinus headache and eyeball ache and the one thing that keeps me glued to the couch for stretches – dizziness, it made a mess of my training and other plans.

When you add in that Mary is still recovering from her battle with the same thing – a week later, made it so that I wanted to help out more versus simply sitting on the couch and being the stereotypical male who sucks at being sick. Or is it that I didn’t want her to think I was wimpy this time :).

Whatever it was – it was definitely nasty.  Continue reading

Mind Melding With The Couch

Cold/flu or whatever to hell you want to call this damn thing.

Coughing, sneezing, running eyes, runny nose, headache and feeling like shit.

After coming back from a two mile walk yesterday afternoon, I started this nasty stuff, I know that everyone else in the house had been beaten into submission with the same symptoms over the last week. However, I thought I had gotten lucky and avoided it.

I didn’t!

Today I have melded as one with the couch, moved only when I had to and then the body protested every step of the way. Bennie was a good companion and never left my side and even when I had to take him out for his walks did the absolute minimum to do his business and turn-around. Almost like he was taking pity on me. 🙂

They do know and try to keep us safe.

So much for that run into Augusta I had planned on and getting up and doing some purging of stuff that I really don’t need to keep.

Then to top it off, I dropped my phone on the floor this morning and didn’t really think much of it, because I was feeling so crappy. Unfortunately, I did something, because now nothing works. It beeped and buzzed for a while and finally stopped doing anything – not a good thing if you ask me. Too bad because I did like my Droid II, the camera was amazing and it did everything I wanted.

So no photos of mutley and me together on the couch 🙂

Oh well, I will be feeling better tomorrow and who knows, maybe the phone with spontaneously heal itself overnight ;-).

38th Annual CMS January Thaw – Race Recap

Ahhhh January and running = a bit chilly most of the time.


Photo by David Colby Young

It also means running at the Central Maine Striders January Thaw in Belgrade, ME. Today was the 38th edition, so thank you again to Gene, Geoff, Ron P., DonneJean, Ron P, Alicea and all the rest for putting on what is usually my coldest race of the year ;-). Continue reading

I’ve Skates Anyone

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53*F = Shorts in January

It was pouring rain this morning and by the time we went out for Bennie’s first walk, the driveway was a skating rink – like most everyone else it seems.

fdb05-15875940_1816566228604378_5106909418537091072_nLuckily the roads were not too bad, but there just wasn’t enough time to get in a run after walking Bean. We had slept in a little more, while waiting for the rain to stop, just a little too long.

However, with the rains came a huge break in the temperatures we went from -7*F up to 53*F in just over 24 hours. Which meant that when I got over to Planet Fitness there was no way I could go inside and force myself on the treadmill. I c’mon man…it was over 50*F, bright sunshine, a bit of breeze and the roads over that way very runnable.

Let’s see, shorts are okay at that temp, short sleeve shirt – it was pretty breezy, but I have an emergency windbreaker in the truck and my running gloves. Ahhh what to hell, I got enough gear to run 3-4 miles outside. Continue reading