Back to Double-Digits – RunLog 7-19-18

This morning, well the entire day was a glorious summer day, with low humidity, temps in the high 70’s/low 80’s, a bit of breeze and bright sunshine all day. So of course around 10:00 AM, I decided that it was time for my long run.

We are doing doggie day care for SD2’s 2 older dogs and Bennie after eight years of being the only dog in the house is learning to share it with those two dogs. It has been better than we thought, but her Karma and Bennie are both “last word” dogs and need to have the last bark. So when I left (Mary kicked me out) for my run, they had been barking pretty much for a couple of hours.

I needed the peace and quiet to say the least. ๐Ÿ™‚

It was more than five degrees warmer in Waterville, which put the temps pretty much in the 80’s, which even with low humidity is still pretty warm for a long run.

Which meant that I started out slow and got slower.

I really didn’t feel like the Winslow Loop, not a lot of shade and I have done it a few times already this summer. So I figured I would try to find shade and see where it took me. Silver Street wasn’t too bad (if I had been on the other side), but in back of the Alfond Youth Center was pretty nice (plus there are porta-potties out there) and County Road wasn’t bad.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten how much of hill County Road is and then you have to climb all the way past Colby. That did slow me down a bit.

Actually, the run wasn’t that bad, I didn’t attempt to break any speed records, I just kept plugging along to the end. Although I was glad that I brought water along with me, it was a very necessary thing this morning.

This was my first long run in the Peg33 Shields and they did fine. I might have liked a little more Cush in the forefoot towards the end, but I didn’t have any issues with the shoes. Well, the feet got a little warm too, but I kind of expected that in 80*F temps and the shield water resistant coating on the outside.

No biggie, but it was rather noticeable. I have a feeling that the will be great in the colder weather, but in the warmer stuff I probably should look to see if I can find another pair of Peg 33’s or 34’s to finish out the summer on eBay.

I am actually pretty happy with the rotation I have right now

  • Trails – Nike Wildhorse OG
  • Easy/Long – Nike Pegasus 33 Shield
  • Fast stuff – Nike Speed Rival 6

Yep, all Nike stuff and it seems to be working pretty good for me so far.

Oh yeah, the Newton Gravity 3’s that I wore yesterday…well after sleeping on it, I decided that the way my forefoot felt, is the same as it did in the past and reading a few of my treadmill workouts from last winter that when I was running in them, it was more endure than enjoy the running. So they have been added to the go away pile in the back of the garage.

Too bad, but if I could make a hybrid shoe from the GRR7’s sole unit and the Gravity 3 upper, I would have a great shoe. Alas it is not to be and both will find new homes.

My long run was just a get it done run, with the highlight being getting to the finish line and being able to stop running.

Easy 4.0 Mile Recovery Run – RunLog 7-18-18

This morning was a much needed recovery run, yesterday’s track workout left me a little listless and just a bit sore in the legs. It was a good sore and the listlessness was more a result of not being used to running fast that it took more out of me than I thought it would.

Today’s plan was for an easy 30 minutes, so I figured that running 4.0 mile courses to either Wildwood or the Town Office would be just about right.

I have been doing my semi-annual weeding though my old shoes this morning to see what needs to go away. At the last minute I decided to run in my old Newton Gravity 3’s, I have over 200 miles on them and liked them a lot last winter, but stopped running in them outside, because the POP1 pod was too much for my forefoot and bothered me after 3-4 miles.

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Cony Track Session 4×400 & 4×200 – RunLog 7-17-18

The weather forecast for this morning was not all that great, a big storm was expected, with lots of rain, lightning and some winds forecast. Not a great day for the Quarry Road 5K Trail Race tonight and looking at the weather radar, I pretty much expected it to be postponed. Rain is one thing, thunder and lightning, well that is a different story altogether.

So I decided that it might be a great day for Track Tuesday this morning before the storm hit. I haven’t been to the track since April and definitely need to work a bit on running faster for me. Since I have decided to chase a faster 5K, I need to train a little differently than I have been.

The track is the best place to do that – IMHO.

Colby’s track is closed, Lawrence and Winslow were a bit further, so that pretty much left Cony being the only choice that made sense. When I got there a bunch of kids were doing 400’s and I asked the coach if it was okay if I used the track or would he prefer I came back later, while they were doing a lap. He said go ahead, they might be using lanes 1 and 2 a few more times, but they were moving on to field work, so sharing the track wasn’t an issue.

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Easy Run and Getting the Kayaks Out – RunLog 7-16-18

Today was a planned easy 45:00 minute run, did you notice a difference there? No miles, just a time, the miles will take care of themselves. I have decided to go for faster for me 5K’s and maybe even a 10K as I get back in some semblance of shape.

I know that when I have a mileage plan to follow, I tend to get fixated on getting in at least that amount of mileage during a run. Then when you add in a certain pace that you are supposed to maintain for that distance or a part of it – well I tend to get tunnel vision.

Especially on the hard days.

So I have chosen a plan by Coach Christie that is based more on time and time range with words like easy, moderate, conversational, hard — to describe how fast or the effort level for a particular workout. Which makes me rely more on how I feel than a particular pace. While I might not improve as fast or even get as fast as I might on some other plans, but I have a feeling that I also will be healthier going forward and know my pacing better this way.

I want to run more consistently and going more by those effort levels versus a particular pace on a certain day – just makes more sense to me at this point in my running. There are just too many variables that are a part of running from day-to-day to have it become a rote thing. I need to feel the joy of running more than the pain.

So the 45:00 minute easy run that was part of the plan today was pretty basic. Get out the door, don’t push the pace and get back to the house comfortably.

Since I have gone to pretty much a three shoe rotation, the shoe choice was easy – Pegasus 33 Shield, while a bit warm in the humid conditions, they are not as bad as I thought they would be. The did everything that I wanted during the run.

I decided to head out towards Notta Road, which would be around a 45:00 minute run. I ran comfortably and worked on keeping my feet point forward and running tall. No music, just the tap, tap, tap of the Pegasus touching down and my breathing to cue me into how I was feeling.

As I got closer to Notta Road, I really didn’t feel like stopping and kept going down to the Tiffany 10K turn-around. I know – I am not good at following plans, but I figured another 15-20 minutes wasn’t going to hurt anything. Especially, since I was running comfortably and feeling pretty darn good.

I made it to the turn around and didn’t second guess my decision at all.

Everything felt good. Going back is more uphill and I did increase the effort a little to maintain a steadier pace up the bumps and Stevens Hill. I managed to keep it pretty decent, so I was very happy with that.

Also something I am attempting to add into runs 3-4 times a week are some strides at the end of my easier runs. The strides are initially the distance between a set of telephone poles in front of the house and after I feel like the legs have loosened up a bit, move up to two telephone poles. Nothing super hard, but get it up to faster pace and hold it for a bit. Eventually when the body has figured out how to run fast again, maybe add in a couple of hard sprints to the mix.

The olde legs need to stretch out and I am finding that the strides are helping, especially with keeping the old man shuffle that I was doing more and more – at bay. I guess that is why they call them “strides”.

Today I did two sets of the single telephone pole at a comfortable pace, then two more at a bit harder pace, but two poles. The last one, I did pick up the pace a little more, but nothing stoopid.

A pretty nice workout and one that was comfortable until the last three strides. Plus it was a bit humid and I might have sweat just wee bit.

When I got done, I took off my t-shirt and wrung it out. However, when I showed that pale skin to the world, I think that the sudden reflection off the old body scared off all the wildlife in the County.

Then this afternoon, we got out the kayaks out and went for a short excursion over on Messalonskee Lake. I can’t remember the last time that I was in my kayak and it was just nice to be out on the water again.

I am sure that the shoulders and arms will remind me that I am not used of this kind of cross training in the morning, but tonight I am feeling pretty good.

First Run Nike Speed Rival 6 – RunLog 7-15-18

Another pair of new to me shoes, this time courtesy of eBay for a price I couldn’t resist. Did I really need a pair of race day shoes? Ummmm actually yeah.

While I love the Green Silence and have been using for that purpose, I can feel that they are a bit long in the tooth and don’t have the “pop” that my newer shoes have. While I don’t have that many miles on them, the midsole does feel pretty lifeless and I need every little edge I can get. So I had been sort of looking at what would be a nice race day shoe for me going forward.

Since I don’t see a pair of Nike Vapor Fly 4% in my rotation anytime soon, I needed to find something else.

I had read some pretty good reviews of about the Speed Rival 6’s and that they had a wider forefoot, which is unusual in a “racing” shoe. While I hadn’t purposely been looking specifically for them, when I was wandering around eBay last week and came on these. I figured why not put in a minimum bid and see what happened. Especially, since the seller said they had only about 5 miles on them.

I won.

When I got them in, they looked like new and only weighed 7.0 ounces.

Walking around in them the heel felt a little loose and I knew that I was going to have to play with the lacing to get the right feel with them. Also I will be honest, for a pair of Nikes (a company that prides itself on the great looks of its shoes), when I look down at them – they just look fugly. They look like some of the vintage shoes from the 70’s or 80’s with how the toe comes to a point from both sides, which is not always a good thing. Continue reading

7.0 At a Decent Pace – RunLog 7-14-18

At some point this morning, my planned easy 5.0 miler, became one of those runs where I picked up the pace a lot more than I have been lately. I still am not running all that often at what I would like to think of my 5K race, but I am running faster than what I thought I would. I am getting closer to half marathon pace, just not quite there. Progress is being made, but it is slow progress. ๐Ÿ™‚

Getting back to this morning’s run…

I started out a nice pace that I was pretty sure I could hold for the 5.0 miles. However, I did something stoopid, I had put in my ear buds and by the end of the first mile, without realizing it, I fell into the beat of the music and by the time I hit mile 2, I was going along a lot faster than I had planned. Continue reading

Easy 4.0 & Nike – RunLog 7-13-18

Well it seems as though I am stuck in a time/space vortex continuum. The more I look at my current running shoe rotation, the more I see the big swoosh on the side. Yeah, it seems that Nike is starting to really dominate what I am running in lately.

This morning I ran an easy 4.0 mile recovery run, after yesterday’s tough trail “speedwork” session. The legs were pretty well toast and while I had a couple of places where I had a nice stride, it was all about getting the legs loosened up and doing strides when I was done.

My Nike Pegasus 33 Shield’s did quite well, although they are a bit warm for running this time of year, they are pretty comfortable.

Actually I didn’t have a lot of choice about running in the Peg 33’s.

Another Hole Forming

I have run in quite a few brands and models this year and while the rotation has been shrinking steadily to the Nike universe, this morning I was getting ready to do a nice 4.0 mile recovery run in my GoRun Ride 7’s and looked at the inside of the heel. I have been running in the quite a bit the past couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, after just over 50 miles – I am starting to wear a hole through the heel liner and within another 50 miles or less that hole will be through to the plastic heel counter. I can definitely see the hole forming and feel the roughness. It is going to be an issue going forward.

Which sucks!!!

Since I really, really love running in the GRR7’s. I can run any distance and pretty much any kind of road run that I do in them. Unfortunately, this was the primary problem that I experience with the first pair that I had. Unfortunately, as that hole gets worse, it is going to cause blisters on that heel. Athough, when I think back, I have been noticing a little soreness in my left heel after wearing them lately and I am pretty sure that wear spot is the problem. I guess I just attempted to ignore it, but I can’t any longer.

No, I don’t really blame the GRR7’s, this has happened with other brands and models – my left heel has chewed through a lot of heel counters over the years – something about my left heel and my running form.


This meant looking at my shoe inventory today for a decent long, easy/recovery run shoe. About the only daily trainer I have left that I have been running well in lately – are the Pegasus 33 Shield. Which is a bit warmer shoe for running around in July too much. I have been saving them for rainy days and the fall when the temps are cooler.

Although the Peg 33’s did fine this morning, in temps that were in the high 70’s, anything much above that and the feet do get a bit warm. So that pretty much leaves me with the deal with sweaty feet and when I look at the other alternatives, they all have things that make them less than ideal.

  • Asics RoadHawks (not a good recovery run shoe and too firm for me to be a long run shoe)
  • Newton Gravity 2 (I can use them up to 4-5 miles before the POP1 pod starts to bother)
  • Topo Ultra Fly v1 (not great for long runs, but will do if I have to)
  • Skechers Forza 3’s (to firm, plus I kick the insides of my legs way too much due to the wide heel flare and don’t have a lot of confidence in them on sand/tar – I still have scars from the last time I ran in them)
  • Of the choices I have for daily trainers, the Peg 33’s are the most comfortable for me to run in. Well the Wildhorse v1’s are doing a pretty remarkable job of being comfortable and what that would mean is that I would have to do more recovery and other routine runs on local trails versus the roads or do laps down-back on the dirt road, until I figure things out. Not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Lot of thinking to do over the next few weeks.
  • The reality is that

  • I am not brand centric when it comes to my running shoes and am rather skeptical that one particular brand’s running shoes will be the answer, after so many years of searching for ones that work for me.
  • Although it seems like I am headed back to Nike running shoes for a while at least, the same way I went back to Apple computers. Both brands just seem work for me, without a lot of fuss and muss. Maybe that is what I need to focus on – finding what works for me, versus looking for the next great thing.
  • I know that the Nike shoes that I am currently running in, are not the newest and greatest running shoes that Nike has released. You know the stuff that Running Shoe Geeks everywhere are adding their two cents about.
  • Especially, running shoes like the Vapor Fly 4%’s (wouldn’t I love a pair of size 8.0’s or 8.5’s to show up on the door step), the Pegasus 35 or the Turbo Pegasus that will be released on 7/19/18 and all those other recent releases that I and so many others have been drooling about.
  • The Nike running shoes that I have been running are the older models – Nike Wildhorse V1, Pegasus 33 and soon the Speed Rival 6. The discounted, last year’s models, or found on eBay — those forgotten shoes, that hang around for the rest of us, who tend to shop more on the cheap, but still love shoes that seem to work quite nicely even if they are old news.
  • My birthday is just over a couple weeks away and I might ask for a pair of daily trainers – mmmmm maybe a pair of Peg 35’s. I just cannot justify the $250 for VF 4% (even if I could find a pair to buy) and at $180 for the Pegasus Turbo that are coming out this month are hard for me to even think about.
  • So price is a factor to consider and I know that I could get by for while without getting any more new shoes. Although it would be nice to get a pair of the bright red Peg 35’s in my size.
  • We will see.
  • Now That Was Tough – RunLog 7-12-18

    I really am a glutton for punishment some days. After this week’s 3K at Quarry Road, I decided that I needed to change some things up and had to figure why I slowed down so much once I came out to what I call the “bumps” part of the course.

    The elevation chart is a little deceptive, since the biggest elevation change is just under 30 feet. So the hills or should I say bumps are not that big, it is just that there are so many of them so close together on this section of the course.

    I know why I slow down, but that doesn’t mean that I am happy with how I have been running this part of the 3K, 5K or 8K Quarry Road courses.

    This morning, I decided to do repeats around this part of the courses. I wasn’t sure about how many I would end up doing, but it was going to be more than one. It would also be the test I need to get my confidence back that the olde body can do better or find out that I need to be happy with the times I was getting for the effort I was giving.

    I knew going in that it was going to be a hard workout for me. The “bumps” are just enough that they make me work a lot harder than is normal for a tough speed workout. It was going to be more of a lot of short hills and the distance was over a mile and a quarter. Definitely, not my preferred 200 or 400 kind of workout on a track or a flatter section of a rail trail somewhere.

    So I did the workout:

    Warm-up: 1.20/10:39 – I ran down to the hut and back down the course a quarter mile, so I would know where the last quarter mile would start (right about where I thought it was)

    First Lap: 1.38/11:33 — The first lap hurt – I started at the bridge on the snowshoe trail and ended on the last arrow before heading to the dip before the finish. On this lap I wanted to go as fast as I could to get a nice base time to give me something to work towards in the other laps and about where I should be for race pace. I set my segment CR, so I accomplished what I wanted. Yeah, it didn’t feel all that great.

    Second Lap: 1.36/12:27 — On the second lap, I focused more on running up the bumps harder and didn’t worry so much about the pace on the other side of them. The time was only 5 seconds off my time from the 3K race, so that was good.

    Third Lap: 1.37/12:25 — The third lap was an attempt to go harder on the loop when I was pretty tired and the legs not having a lot of pop left in them. I wanted to beat my second lap’s time and did by two seconds. Not a lot, but better than I thought it would be by how I was feeling.

    Cool-down: 2.01/21:37 — After resting for 3-4 minutes, I was toast, I slowly ran up the new trail along Messalonskee Stream to the end and ran back to first parking area. I didn’t attempt to pickup the pace and just ran comfortably.

    I won’t say that this was a 100% effort speed session, but it was a damned tough longer repeat workout with “bumps” that wore me out and I know that the olde les are going to be tired tomorrow. In other words I am damned happy with how well I did this morning.

    It doesn’t mean that I will run this section all that fast next week, but this workout gives me the confidence that my body can handle working harder in this section of the course than I have in other races this year.

    I did run in the Nike Wildhorse OG’s and they did everything that I wanted from a pair of trail shoes. In other words, when I was running I didn’t think about them at all during the workout.

    No the paces won’t get me ready for racing a fast 5K, but they will help me run faster during the Quarry Road races that are left. Well at least that is my hope and maybe I can almost keep up with Julie M someday. Though I have a feeling she is going out to kick my butt next race.

    Hopefully, I get to do this a few more times and provide myself a nice base period, that I can get ready for some faster for me road 5K’s this fall. That would be nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ I still am not crazy about all the hill work, but it is adding strength to the olde body.

    This is just part of doing the work.

    I just have to keep doing it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Middle Road and Strides – RunLog 7-11-18

    After last night’s trail race, I needed a fairly easy day. I know the pace and stuff was not all that impressive for a race, but I know that I worked hard and that the olde body was feeling it.

    Bennie’s long walk was pretty uneventful…well other than the 30-40 horseflies that were pulverized by Mary and I, then made a part of the dirt road down-back. Yeah, they were pretty nasty and numerous this morning, but we got the walk in and battled our way back.

    Since the humidity levels were still pretty reasonable after the Bean’s walk and the temps were only in the mid 70’s, it actually was feeling pretty good – weather-size. I decided that the 5.0 miles around Middle Road were in order. Ever since I did that hamstring thing back in May, I have been a bit meechy about running this course. However, everything has healed up and I wasn’t planning on doing any fast paces, so I figured it was a great day for it.

    I started out pretty slowly, but the paces kept creeping up during the first couple of miles, before I got back to what I was supposed to do – run slower today. Once I hit the Middle Road, it did become a bit of an oven and I baked nicely, which definitely helped me slow down, in addition to the hills that I got to play on. The nice little breeze that had been blowing disappeared and the only breeze was when the dump trucks flew by, a bit too often.

    Somewhere down on Blake, I got this bright idea that I wanted to do some strides after I got in my 5.0 miles. I really want to improve my times over at Quarry Road, which means that I have to do the work to get faster, but not do so much that I screw something up, so that I can’t run.

    Hard Hills is/are the answer to doing better there.

    I haven’t really done any harder/faster running this year – the kind of stuff where I push myself into the well a ways. One of the things that I have to do is get used to the feeling of being uncomfortable, not just the comfortably hard paces that I have been doing, but the uncomfortable stuff that hurts to do it. Once I get to doing this kind of running, I always feel better about my running. I guess it goes back to the olde days when that is what you did to get faster.

    I am pretty sure that I have enough of a base to do what I want between now and November, now to get faster, since I have decided that my race pace is something a lot quicker than marathon race pace. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The strides were tough, not so much on the body, more mentally. I had decided that I was going to do 5.0 and then to add more on, took the brain a little to figure out that it was going to have to do more and do it faster than it was used to. Actually, I have been running faster than the first four strides that I did, I wanted to get the body stretched out before I gave it a decent effort. Finally on the fifth stride, things finally began to click and the body/mind connected and remembered how to get my arse moving faster.

    A pretty nice recovery run, once I got tired enough to slow down to recovery pace and then sped back up and did one quality stride out of five. The strides thing has to become a more regular part of my routine, if I want to run faster going forward.

    Now tomorrow could be a tough run if things work out the way that I think they will shake out, we will see, but I can see a few “bumps” in my planned speedwork this week.

    Yeah, I am smiling now, but I won’t be when they are done I have a feeling. Well maybe a brief grimace that looks like a smile. Anyone want to join me for some longer speedwork at Quarry Road about 10:00 tomorrow morning? It will be funny to see me staggering around during and after the run. Hehehehe

    If anyone is interested I will be at the lower parking lot (the original one) at Quarry Road at around 10:00. If not that selfie picture is going to be bad I have a feeling.