Shopping Done & A Needed 5.0 on the Treadmill

img_0803Mission accomplished!!!

I am done,  the worst of my Christmas shopping is over. Well almost, but the few things are not where I have to go out and battle the masses.

I went to the Marketplace down in Augusta this afternoon and what freaking mistake that was.

Let’s say it was a zoo, with crazy, rude, obnoxious arseholes who all seemed to be in a big freaking hurry to spread some of their own brand of Holiday cheer.

It has gotten to be such a chore to go out, get the things that I want to give as gifts to those who are special to me, that shopping online is becoming far more appealing than going out and doing battle for a couple of hours, with other supposedly civilized people.

After that shite, I needed a run. I had already decided that it was going to be a treadmill jaunt, 17*F and with the winds – a feels like of 5*F, just makes running outside too freaking miserable. Could I – sure, did I nope.  Continue reading

What to hell is this thing?

from Instagram:

Running Shoes -2016


January 2016, the start of the new year

Since it is December it is time to start looking back at what happened in 2016. With me that usually means I get started by looking back at the running shoes I ran in this past year.

This year I am going to blame my wanting to run too fast, too soon, too far and too often for all the problems with my left leg that started in May. It was completely my fault not the shoes…well maybe the shoes helped me want to run fast and maybe I was wearing the wrong shoes at the wrong times.

After all injuries and poor running is always the shoe’s fault and never the runner’s – right.

I just have to remember that.

If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn or rather a few used shoes for sale at a great prices.

There were no running shoes this year that made it over 300 miles in 2016. None, zip, nada. That is for the first time in many years. Too much of Harold being Harold, injury down-time and at the start of the year being on the Pearl Izumi Run Champion Team for 2016 until May. Continue reading

Bennie Home Resting

from Instagram:
He’s doing fine, he had a growth on his leg that was removed surgically, it has been planned for over a month now. Still it just breaks your heart a little to see him not being Bennie tonight.

It is Getting Colder and I am Getting Older

As I sit here looking out at the crows, bluejays and squirrels feeding in the backyard, the temp is hovering right around 20*F outside and the grass is covered in frost. When I look out the other window the Cherokee is covered with a heavy frost and the windows will need to be scrapped before anyone can drive it. There is also a pretty good chance of getting some snow today and later in the week.

So while the calendar says it is still fall, the weather and my body are telling me that winter is now heah.


Last night was what I call the killing frost, since it was down in the teens most of the night and the grass that was amazingly still green on the lawn yesterday, will now start to turn brown.

It is the time of year that with each passing year, I start to dread more and more.

There is something about the temperature dropping that affects me more with the passage of time. The joints seem to ache more in the cold, the cold is colder no matter what the thermometer says and I don’t enjoy being outside when I have to wear 2-3 layers, plus a running jacket, winter hat, mittens, merino wool socks, just to get outside to do a few miles.

I am no longer that get out in all weather tough old bastid who wouldn’t miss a day outside no matter what.

Yeah, I guess that I am getting wimpy in my dotage. Continue reading

Week Peek Back – 12/4/16

December, the last month of 2016, can you believe it! This year has just flown by!!!


No snow yet, but it is coming and so is the cold weather. That is the one thing as I get older that I enjoy less and less every year – being cold sucks.

Yes, I will be doing a few end of year reflections and looking back at the shoes I have run in this year over the course of the next few weeks. But let’s take a look at what happened this past week.

I got a new pair of running shoes (what else is new), but my left knee has been bugging me when I have been wearing my primary daily trainers, so it was time to see if it was the shoes or my very over-active imagination.


Other than that things have been pretty quiet on the running front. Continue reading

Puma Mobium Swiftstrike – First Run 12-3-16

Well there, I finally ran in a pair of Puma Mobiums that fit they way they are supposed to.

Thank you again Katie K. and family for the early Christmas gift.

Yes, they are bright.


They are definitely “Harold” shoes, it just took a mile or so to figure out how best to run in them.

The Swiftstrikes have a very different feel to them when I first started running in them, it was…well clunky. For the first 100 yards, the heel-to-toe transition was horrible, they slapped the ground, were loud and if I had been at a running store, doing a fitting I would have turned around and just said no.

I thought during that time what kind of mistake did I do?

However, I was pretty much committed to running with Bennie and he doesn’t take kindly to cutting his run short — unless he wants to. Yeah, he becomes an unbearable pain in the arse to be around.

So I kept going. Continue reading

adidas Adios Boost 3 – 50 Mile Review

What can I say – other than this will more than likely be my running shoe of the year for 2016. High praise to say the least for a shoe that I have only 50 miles on.


Harold aren’t you the one who says, 50 mile reviews are often fool’s gold!

Yeah and I will be the first one to say it on almost any shoe I run in the future.

However, the Adios Boost 3’s run different from any other running shoe that I have ever run in – in a great way.

They are listed as a marathon racing shoe, but for me at least they will be my race day shoe and if I am honest with myself and was not so much of a shoe snob who wants more than one pair of running shoes going at a time, they probably would work as my daily trainers too, especially if I was really into more minimalist running shoes.


About the only things the Adios Boost 3’s do not work too well for is my recovery runs. When I run in them, I just naturally (without too much effort) run faster, which defeats the purpose of a recovery run.

Enough of the glowing introduction.

I think you can guess that I sort of like them – so far.
Continue reading

New Puma’s being Checked Out #pumarunning

from Instagram:
Okay they are here, my Puma Mobium Swiftstrikes that I talked about so much in this post.
Thank you Katie and family for the early Christmas present, it was pretty timely since my balky knee has been talking to me when I wear my Inspires.
The Mobium’s are definitely Harold shoes, with red, orange, blue and white colors.
They weigh-in at 10.0 oz, which is right where I want my trainers to be. Yes, I consider the Mobium Swiftstrikes to be in the trainer category, so we will see how they do. Which is a bit more than the 8.4 oz that the women’s model weighs.
It will be interesting to see how they are to run in – first one will be tomorrow. I don’t believe they will be as quiet as I would like, but at the same time they feel comfortable walking around the house and seem to be wide enough.
To be honest I am pretty excited about trying these running shoes out.
Elliott seems to agree.