RunLog – Sunday – May 30, 2021

Today’s Focus Rest Planned Workout Description:  Workout: None Purpose: Today is a rest day and what I call “stop” the streaking day. I need to have one day a week to not run or do a lot beyond Alfredson’s Achilles routine. Then later today, some light stretching (maybe a Yoga video) and my pill bottle mobilization stuff. The other part is that I am working hard … Continue reading RunLog – Sunday – May 30, 2021

Saturday – May 29, 2021

Today’s Focus Stay warm Planned Workout Description:  Workout: 10×3:00-minute run, with 1:00 minute recoveries Purpose: To see what shape I am in; I will probably run really easy on as many of the recoveries as possible to see how my conditioning is and how the Achilles is holding up to the load past 30:00 minutes. Warm-up:  100-ups   Run #1 Course: Howard-Town Office-Howard Type: Run/Walk Distance: 4.8 Duration: … Continue reading Saturday – May 29, 2021

Thursday – May 27, 2021

Today’s Focus Don’t get too frazzled. It will be one of those days, errands in town, construction on the house, attempting to get a good run-in, doing all the non-running routine to help my running. Then ensuring that TheWife gets her run-in and outside stuff done, getting the final load of firewood into the truck for them to deliver to their friend who needs it. … Continue reading Thursday – May 27, 2021

Tuesday – May 25, 2021

Today’s Focus Listen to the body Planned Workout Description:  5:00 minute warm-up, 10 x 3:00 minute run, with 1:00 minute walk recovery, 5:00 minute cool-down Purpose: To continue the rehab of the Achilles and not do too much too soon. The Achilles is doing better as long as I don’t attempt to simultaneously increase both duration and pace. I am hoping that it continues to … Continue reading Tuesday – May 25, 2021

Moving Away from Running Shoe Reviews

During this latest Achilles injury, I have had time to think about my relationship with running shoes, writing reviews and I asked myself: Do I want to review running shoes on my blog? Should I run in as many different brands/styles of running shoes in the future? What brand has worked the best for me? What kind of running shoes do I run most comfortably … Continue reading Moving Away from Running Shoe Reviews

RunLog – Sunday – May 23, 2021

Today’s Focus  Run – Just run Planned Workout Description:  10:00 Minute Warm-up 8 x 2:00 minute run, with 2:00 minute walk recoveries After yesterday’s day off and slacking off on more than a few things lately, I need to get back into the routine of doing the plan, eating better, and doing the non-running stuff that will help me run better in the long run … Continue reading RunLog – Sunday – May 23, 2021

RunLog – Wednesday – May 19, 2021

Today’s Focus I want to do more as the Achilles starts to feel better, and this is also when I typically re-injure whatever is injured when I start to do too much too soon.  Trust the plan – damnit. Planned Workout Description:  10:00 minute warm-up run – easy 8 x 2:00 minute run – easy, with 2:00 minute recovery Purpose: To continue load management on the … Continue reading RunLog – Wednesday – May 19, 2021

RunLog – Tuesday – May 18, 2021

Today’s Focus Do the work. Planned Workout Description:  15:00 minute easy run. It is most likely going to rain this morning, so I will get to have fun splashing through puddles if it does. Being a little kid again for a few minutes always resets the mind and body. 🤪 After yesterday’s mentally fatiguing day, today will be a better day simply because there is … Continue reading RunLog – Tuesday – May 18, 2021