First Real Snow Storm and More Time on the Treadmill

It was the usual over-hyped first storm of the season.

In other words not a big deal and in February it would have been “a yawn” and go about our business kind of storm. However, where it was the first “good” snow of the the Fall, it scared the bewillickers out of so many people around heah.

Now it does not help that the infotainment business of weather and the loudly screeching storm crows, makes every storm sound like it is the end of the world as we know it, but it sells screen time and keeps people on their site/channels. After all we never could survive without the hosts screeching about how terrible it is.

So yeah, we ended up with 4-7 inches of snow. The Town Crews did a good job of plowing the roads, the snowblower started right up, my Wildhorses didn’t lead me away and I ran on the treadmill.

I did do snow chauffeur duty, which is part of the deal and cleared the driveways, but really I could have just left them and I have a feeling they would have been just fine in a couple of days.

If the storm wasn’t a big deal, why the treadmill.

1. White Ice under snow without ice grips, carbide tips or screw shoes – means Harold probably will most likely fall and go boom-boom on his bum-bum or slam his head off the asphalt. Plus all that slip sliding away on the ice means strained or torn something or other. Not what I want to do.

Right now I am running and feeling about as good as I have in the last 5-6 years and don’t need to be stoopid about running outside in crappy/slippery weather.

2. I had to be in Augusta anyway and pretty much go right by Planet Fitness.

3. Running in shorts and t-shirt was nicer than bundling up again with temps in the mid 20’s and a nice 15-20 mph breeze.

What did I end up doing?

A comfortable progression run starting at 7.2 mph increasing by 0.1 mph each mile to 7.5 mph. Then I decided to do 5 x 0.1 fast strides alternating with 0.1 rests for the final mile.

Surprisingly, I felt pretty good after yesterday’s quicker run and was surprised that I had this much spring in my step.

I ran again in the adidas Tempo 9s and had zero issues. Although I did change out the laces to shorter one that are orange/blue and they didn’t slap my other leg like the long ones that came with the shoes. The T9s were quiet and very smooth running on the treadmill.

However, I did something that I never do…last night while wandering around Amazon I got a price alert on the Tempo 9s for basically 75% off. I clued in D2 and the wife and there are two more pair of T9s on their way. Yeah, I am very impressed with them.

We will see, but with that decision I will be running in Tempo 9s for the foreseeable future as my primary trainers with the Response 2s for down-back when it is muddy/nasty, RunFasts and AB3s thrown in for good measure (those faster runs) and Wildhorses for really crappy weather.

Why Yes I Am A Wimpy Old Guy

Okay, the wife just called me a wimp…she was checking the weather forecast for tomorrow and let me know it wasn’t going to get out of the low 20*Fs. I am headed South to run with a friend and she asks me if we are going to run outside and continued on… after all you haven’t been running outside all that much when its cold or nasty lately, you’ve been kind of wimpy lately”.

Well now…I gotta admit that it is true.

Yeah as much as it hurts to admit it, I have been running inside on the treadmill more often this year than past years. It seems that older I get the less I enjoy running in the elements, you know those cold arse days or when it is raining and the temps are pretty close to that 32*F errr freezing temps.

Yeah, I am getting wimpy and I must say that I enjoy those treadmill runs in shorts and t-shirt versus being bundled up and either freezing my arse off, slip siding away on the ice of a new day or getting soaked and becoming hypothermic.

So as usual the wife is correct…err right or whatever you say when you just should say, “yes dear”. Heheheheehe Continue reading

Veterans Day & a Nice Run Outside

I hope all the veterans out there had a good day and that the memories were the good ones.

This photo is in remembrance of my Grandfather who served in the Navy during WWII and was in Tokyo Harbor when the surrender was signed. He never would tell which ship he served on and didn’t talk all that much about where he was other than he – almost hit one of the Admirals (notice I used the plural form), with a 2×4 when he was attempting hit a rat, as a story he told when he was in his cups.

The little girl in the photo is my mother – I miss them both.

Getting back to today.

Today was a very nice late fall day, temps were in the low 30’s and a 6mph breeze out of the west, northwest, when I started and by the time I ended were in the high 30’s with as much sunshine as you could expect for November. Also I am starting to get acclimated to the colder temps so if we get any of those warmer days again, I will wilt quickly.

At the last minute I decided to check out how the Adios 3s would do on a longer for me run. I fully expected to run this at around a 9:00 minute or comfortable pace and wasn’t planning on pushing the pace either.

The first 3.0 miles were within 15 seconds of that 9:00 minute pace, but coming back down from Goodhue Road, I can’t held but pick up the pace fairly well. That downhill running thing, with the breeze almost behind me let me go a little quicker than on the way out. Plus there was a woman out running with her dog and I wanted to see if I could catch them somewhere on Tiffany. I never did see them again, but they also had about three quarters of mile head start from when I took off from Goodhue turn-around. 🙂

Once I got to mile 5.0 to 6.0, (especially when I didn’t see the woman and her dog), I started to purposely slow down and then for the last mile I didn’t push Stevens Hill and while I picked it up a little after I got back on the tar, it wasn’t anything all that hard either.

The Adios 3s did better than the other shoes I currently have in my rotation as a comfortable daily trainer – which is scary to me. If I was to use them as my regular daily runners I would loosen up the lower laces just a tad. However, otherwise my feet felt better than they have in a while on this course.

Overall a very nice 7.0 mile run and the second fastest time on the course without trying to run fast on it. 🙂

First Time On the KRRT in a While

This was the tale of a run that nearly wasn’t.

All morning my right calf has been a bit tight, not really bothersome, but uncomfortable to walk on, but not really enough to make me stop either. So I wasn’t really thinking that this morning was going to be all that great a run, IF I even got around to doing one.

However, it was also gorgeous outside and with the weather forecast for tonight and next week, well this was going to be the last day running outside in shorts for a while I have a feeling.

Screenshot from Weatherbug App on 11/9/18

Also I needed to pickup a couple of things in-town – deodorant and toothpaste kind of things, which can be pretty important if you want to keep others in the household semi-happy with a stenchy runner. Yeah after I ran, I stopped and got both. 🙂

All those thing put together meant that I was going to at least give it a go and see how the calf felt.

Now I haven’t run on the Kennebec River Rail Trail since they finished off the extension down to the lower parking lot and I really didn’t feel like wandering around the usual home routes, so I headed to Augusta to see the changes to Rail Trail head.

Actually, the changes are pretty nice, though coming up from the lower parking lot is a bit of a bump and would make you breath a lot harder during a race, but it will be a good training spot next summer to do some hill strides at the end of a run.

Enough of the other stuff, what about the run?

I actually warmed up, stretched the right leg a bit and figured that if it tightened up or tweaked a little, that I would shut it down and walk back to the truck.

“MMMM Houston what’s going on?”

After about the first 10 yards the right leg felt pretty good and running bothered less than walking on it??? So I kept it slow and the further I went the better the calf felt. So I figured why not just go with the flow and run comfortably.

My comfortable on the Rail Trail is always about 30 seconds faster than comfortable at home or Waterville – it does help that the KRRT is mostly flat and I don’t have to compete with cars, trucks or other vehicles that can totally ruin my day.

The pace was fairly consistent through the turn-around in Hallowell, although I did slow down a little when I went up the hill by the “Y”, to do a lap around Capitol Park. I may or may not have picked up the effort level just a tad coming back down the Park and the “Y” Hill. Then I probably maintained that same level of effort all the way back to the bridge.

Then I might have picked up the pace juuuussstttt a little going down to the lower parking lot, before backing off a lot along the sidewalk along the river and finishing at the flags.

Good Run.

Also a LOT faster than I expected after the first mile. The right calf didn’t talk nasty to me and while it was a little noticeable walking on it during cool down, it wasn’t as bad as it was before I ran, so that is a good thing.

Now to get ready for some sort of mixture of rain, sleet, snow and whatever else Mother Nature thinks is a good thing for tonight. 🙂

Treadmill Speedwork – Nicely Done

Today I was undecided about what I should do for a workout, but I did know one thing it was gorgeous as hell outside. Bright sunshine, temps in the 60s and a bit of wind (not a breeze by any stretch). I really didn’t feel like running from home, so I headed into Augusta figuring that I would get a good outside run in from Planet Fitness.

Now a good breeze doesn’t bother me all that much especially when it is shorts and t-shirt weather outside on November 7th. However, if I ran outside from PF, it was not going to be a fast or hard workout that much I could tell. Which meant that I would be skipping my “speed” workout for the week.

Quite a choice, great day outside or beating on the treadmill.

I didn’t make up my mind until I got around to putting my shoes on…Adios 3s or Response 2s. They were both in my gym bag and when I looked down and thought about it the Adios 3s won out.

Treadmill time.

After actually doing my warm-up routine, I decided on the speed work session that was going to happen.

6 x .25 @ 8.7 mph, with 5 x .1 @ 9.2 mph to kick my arse even more. The 8.7 mph was a tick up from the 8.6 mph I did last time.

Here is what I actually did:

  • 0.5 @ 7.2 mph – warm-up
  • 0.5 @ 8.7 mph – 1.0
  • .25 @ 7.0
  • .25 @ 8.7 mph
  • .25 @ 7.0
  • .25 @ 8.7 mph – 2.0
  • .25 @ 7.0
  • .25 @ 8.7 mph
  • .25 @ 7.0
  • .25 @ 8.7 mph – 3.0
  • .25 @ 7.0
  • .25 @ 8.7 mph
  • .25 @ 7.0
  • .25 @ 8.7 mph – 4.0
  • .25 @ 7.0
  • .25 @ 8.7 mph
  • .25 @ 7.0
  • .25 @ 8.7 mph – 5.0
  • .20 @ 6.5
  • .10 @ 9.2 mph
  • .10 @ 6.5
  • .10 @ 9.2 mph
  • .10 @ 7.0
  • .10 @ 9.2 mph
  • .10 @ 6.5
  • .10 @ 9.2 mph
  • .10 @ 7.0 – 6.0
  • .20 @ 9.2 mph

Sub 48:00 on a treadmill is still not too shabby for an old fart and I will definitely take it.

It was a very tough workout and the last two quarters hurt to finish them. Then when I got to doing the “strides” actually it felt easier than the quarters, then again, I knew it was only for that short time and that in my mind is my strength, well at least it was back in them old Glory Days hehehehe.

Very happy with how the adidas Adios 3s performed at both the faster and slower speeds on the treadmill.

Now if I could run this fast during a race. Well that is the plan at some point.

A Surprise Progression Run and Some of Nature’s Beauty

I had planned on a comfortable 7.0 miler out to Goodhue and back, and that is what I did for mileage, but what I did while running this course surprised me a little. No, nothing bad, in fact it was actually pretty damn good.

The plan included wearing my adidas Response 2s to see how they performed on a bit longer run – to see if they did better than the last time I ran this course in them. They did.

One thing that I did differently before I ran was to foam roll my legs and used a golf ball on the bottoms of my feet to loosen things up. This little thing made a pretty big difference, my feet and legs bothered a lot less than they usually do during a longer run – a very good thing.

First mile was fairly easy and just getting the legs and lungs to accept the idea that it was time to run. Then I picked up the effort just a little. For the next 4.0 miles I accidentally did a progression run. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. Which surprised me more than a little.

Especially, since it was still pretty chilly, according to the house thermometer 33*F but the wind was almost calm and didn’t have much affect on the run. I figured wearing long running pants, tech s/s t-shirt and tech l/s t-shirt along with a running jacket, skull cap and running mittens would be too warm to run to hard without overheating. While I worked up a pretty decent sweat, I didn’t feel overheated until the last mile.

Okay get back to the run.

Usually, I slow down between mile 2 and 3 on this course, because it is deceptively uphill, so today I pushed a little harder up to the top of the hill (where Tiffany ends) and was feeling pretty good, so I maintained the same effort level after I turned back, which meant a little better split for mile 4 – that going down the hill that I just ran up helps a lot. Then I pushed a little harder through to the end of mile 5.0.

At that point I took my foot off the gas and the last mile up Stevens Hill, I kind of dogged it. Then picked up the pace again once I got to the flatter section. Nothing super hard, but it was nice to be able to turn it back on a little towards the end.

When I finished I saw how fast I had been running at what felt like a comfortably hard level of effort for me. Not that long ago, to run this pace would have taken a bit harder level of effort. A sub 8:30 pace overall was probably the fastest I have done this course since 2012. A sub 60:00 minute 7.0 miler ain’t too shabby on this course and still have another gear left to use if I had really wanted to, was a confidence builder.

While walking back to the house a flight of geese went overhead. I haven’t seen a flight this big in a lot of years.

There were well over a 100 in this flight and it stretched out a long way. A couple of the neighbors cars were out and they stopped to watch them go by.

Mary did ask me if I was going to run any of the local Turkey Trots and I told that I was thinking about it and would like to, but would wait until I got closer before making up my mind. I will run a race at some point this fall, but if I don’t I am not going to get too worked up about it.

A very good surprise progression run and getting to see some of nature’s natural beauty really did make my day.

Still Breezy and a nice 5.0 Miler

Well the winds came last night and we lost power for a few hours. Nothing serious, but it did give us a chance to see what we need to do better for next time and yes, unfortunately there will always be a next time. Electric power is taken for granted and seems to be always there for most of us, so when it is not – it becomes more than a simple inconvenience for most of us.

When there is no electricity, it quickly changes how we live and view things.

I will say it was a relief to get it back and not have to deal with things, but I gotta get some things squared away, now that I am aware of them.

It was a bit chilly this morning and the winds were still blowing a little more than is comfortable, but I didn’t feel like driving into Augusta and playing on the treadmill again. So I ran outside.

The sun was shining for a change, so it was also one of the reasons to run outside.

Really once I got going it wasn’t all that bad. I didn’t plan on it being a hard run or anything, so I just plugged along. I slowed down in all the normal places, did my usual comfortable 9:00 minute pace around the Middle Road and felt pretty decent when I got done. Although running up Blake Road was a bit of an effort running into the wind – nothing serious.

I ran in the adidas Response Boost 2’s and they didn’t bother, but then again they felt like they were on the edge of starting to bother my left Plantar Fascia. Nothing came of it, but there is something about them that I have to be careful running in them.

Actually it turned out to be a very good run.

I did a bit of raking the lawn the old fashioned way this afternoon and as usual that bothers the hell out of my right shoulder…but it needs to get done.

Although I did put six pair of running shoes into my metal cabinet (mouse proof) out in the back of the garage. They are more summer weight shoes and won’t be all that comfortable running outside in as the weather gets colder. The colder weather is coming, so I might as well get ready for it now. 🙂

Another Treadmill Run and Worrying About Bean

This morning I was a bit of a worry-wort. Bennie was not acting like Bennie so instead of heading out for a run or to the gym, I stuck around the house to make sure he was okay. We are not sure what is going on, but if it continues tomorrow, we are going to make a Vet appointment to see what’s up.

He started to look a little better, so I headed off to the gym this afternoon. It was just cold, wet and nasty outside, so I decided to do another treadmill run. It was also a chance to get to Dick’s to get a pair of elastic laces for my adidas Adizero Adios, after the mice in the back of the garage decided to gnaw on the stock ones.

Not a big deal, but cleaning them up and putting in the new laces was a bit of a pain. While the mice mainly went after the shoelaces, they did get the left upper lace area a little, but it definitely could have been a LOT worse.

It was my first run in this pair of Adios Boost 3 Akita’s and they didn’t disappoint. Everything that I loved about my first pair was still there and they seemed to fit a lot better than the last pair of size 8.0s that I had. Although I have a feeling that a pair of 9.0s would be even better.

Today was going to be nothing but a quick recovery run at 7.2 mph for 5.0 miles. Which is exactly what I did. Although at 4.29 I was running along and my hand touched the kill switch and the treadmill immediately went to zero. Crap!!! I hate when I do that. Luckily, I glanced at the mileage just before it stopped. I restarted and finished the last 0.81.

The AB3s did fine, I didn’t really think about them and that is the biggest thing I want from my running shoes, not to think about them, just run comfortably.

I did finally remember to use my heart rate strap and it took about three minutes after I got going for my heart rate to settle down to a steady rate. Once it got settled in it stayed around 132-134 for a couple of miles and then slowly increased up to about 144 when I got to 5.0 miles. Which I thought was about what it should be.

While nothing special it was a comfortable 5.0 mile run at 7.2 mph and I got the miles in.

As for Bennie, I have a feeling that we will be heading to the Vet at some point tomorrow, something ain’t right with him, he is eliminating and eating, but something is going on neurologically. Yes, I am pretty worried about him, hopefully it is nothing serious.

Busy, Faster 5K Treadmill and Too Many Errands

Another one of those busy days where my planned long run took a back seat to getting stuff done. Let’s just say that I needed to be a dryer repairman (surprisingly it now works and no parts were left over), go to Home Depot to get stuff to ready for all that nasty white shite that will be here before we want it to and get to Dick’s Sporting Goods for a pair of elastic shoe laces.

Then add in a stop at the Town Office to pickup SD2’s absentee ballot and go through that process meant that my run was taking a back seat to running errands.

I had originally planned on heading down to the Augusta Rail Trail Head this morning and doing something in the double-digit range. When I looked at all the stuff that was going on and what time it was when I finished repairing the dryer, I was not doing anything all that long. I figured by that point 3-5 miles was about all I would get in.

Since I was headed into Augusta, I figured that I would run outside at Planet Fitness again. However, when I got there it was starting to rain and it was only in the mid 40’s not bad, but not what I felt like enduring this morning. So I decided to hop on the treadmill and get it done. Plus I wanted to get the Rival 6s over 50 miles, so they came out of the gym bag.

I started out at 8.1 mph, yeah a lot quicker than I usually do and I maintained the pace for a mile and half and felt strong, which meant that I kept increasing the pace every so often after that and had a pretty good kick for the last .1 of the faster than I expected 5K. I slowed down enough to start breathing again and then picked up the pace to 7.0 mph for my cool-down to 4.0 miles.

Then I got a lot stoopid and cranked it up to 7.5 mph for a quarter mile and finished off the run with a 8.6 mph quarter. You know something I was beat!!! However, I felt pretty damn good too!!!

That is the fastest I have run in a while and didn’t feel completely wasted.

However, I ran out of time and needed to get going on my errand runs.

Needless to say I was very happy with how I felt and the time for that 5K and then to be able to kick it back up again was really promising. Although I am headed into my base phase, I would still once a week do something a little quicker. The older I get the faster I loose speed and I have a feeling that there is a lot of if I don’t keep using it, I WILL loose what little I have left.

Yeah, I now have over 50 miles on the Rival 6s and need to finish up that review that I have almost done.