A Nice 5.0 Miler – RunLog 12-11-17

Well the roads are clear today and the temps were in the high 20’s/low 30’s, so things were not all that bad for a run this morning.

However, when I took Bennie for his walk down-back, let’s just say that the vehicle traffic has made a double-track of white ice.

Could I have run down there. Yeah, probably. I know that I have in the past without any issues, but as I get older and smarter the idea of bouncing around on and/or kissing snow or ice, just doesn’t sound as sexy as it used to. 🙂

If I had wanted to dig out the old screw shoes or hug the snow banks, where the vehicles hadn’t driven, but I couldn’t see what was underneath, I could run fairly well. However, at this point and time I am more concerned about being able to run a month or even a year from now than simply getting today’s run in.

So I chose to do my safer, but boring as hell course – laps on Philbrick. Nope it is sure as hell is not the most scintillating course I can run, but it is relatively flat, the roads were mostly clear and that time of day traffic is not really an issue.

Yeah boring, but safe – the story of most of my life.

I also decided to wear the Bondi 5’s outside, so I could setup the Garmin Footpod to help calibrate it, so it might be a little more accurate later in the week. Since tomorrow is supposed to be crappy and then Thursday has subzero temps predicted for the morning and cold temps all day. So I imagine in between trips to New Hampshire, that the treadmill will be getting some good work. Which meant that I wanted the footpod calibrated.

Although if my previous experience with it are much to go on, it probably will not be much more accurate than just the FR230 is by itself. However, I have to try. I could always go back to using the FR410 XT and the footpod for when I am running on the treadmill, I know that I can get that calibrated to be fairly accurate and consistent. It is just such a beast though.

Okay, enough blabbering – how did the run go.

Week 6 – Day 1

Goal – Have your upper body join the fun

Review: using you y’chi

Today – Rest day

Although, it is a scheduled rest day, I cheat and run on Monday’s. I am trying to keep at 5 days a week and staying above 30 miles a week. So I did Tuesday’s workout today.

Form Intervals

Focus #1 – Bend elbows 90 degrees

Focus #2 – Shoulders fall forward – which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, so I just kept my shoulders relaxed and pointing mostly forward.

I was Consistent. All my mile splits were within 10 seconds of each other and my cadence averaged out to 171 spm without using a metronome. I would prefer when possible to not use a metronome, since I tend to end up in the 168-173 range whether I run with or without one, even if I set it to 180 spm. I have a feeling that my present SPM is close enough to the 170-180 range for my purposes and makes the run a helluva lot more enjoyable without all that beeping going on during my run.

Also I practiced y’chi during the last 3 laps and it does help me focus more on getting there than just whining to myself about how I am feeling.

As far as my arm swing, I notice that when I am not actively focusing on it, I tend to cross the center-line of my body and flick my elbows out to the side (my old basketball days coming back to haunt me – I guess). So I do need to work on keeping the elbows in a bit more which will solve both of those things.

How did the Bondi 5’s do?

Okay, now I sort of remember one of the reasons I wasn’t thrilled about them when I first got them. At about 2 miles the balls of my feet started to feel a little discomfort, nothing bad, but it didn’t go away either. I am not sure if it is simply breaking in the shoes or if I am landing more towards the balls of my feet in the Bondi’s??? I don’t think I am, since I haven’t been a forefoot runner in many years. We will find out after this week I have a feeling, since I am pretty sure that I will have far too many days of treadmill running and will quickly tell if it is me or the shoes.

The other thing with the Bondi 5’s is that I am not used to the 10.6 ounce each that they weigh. Now that is not really all that heavy, but it is almost an ounce and half more than I am used to running in and the legs after the 4.0 mile mark were more tired than usual. Probably a good thing that I need to do more often, based on that alone. 🙂

Overall, a pretty nice and easy 5.0 miles. Other than the balls of my feet, nothing bothered and I felt good. What more could I ask for 🙂

Long Run Before the Storm – RunLog 12-9-17

I wasn’t really sure about how or what I would end up doing today for a run, when I left the house to drive to Waterville around 11:00 AM. I was not feeling all that into a long run and while the temps were not crazy cold and it wasn’t all that windy, it was still below freezing. However, the good thing was that the snow wasn’t supposed to start until after 2:00 PM, so it gave me plenty of time to get a run in.

Everyone takes a photo of the first snow of the year, thankfully it was after my long run was done :-). I know by the end of this month I will have had my fill of snow.

On the way to Waterville, I thought about the different options and decided run past Lawrence (where I used to work) from the Alfond Youth Center and coming back around the Champions 10K route. So I had an idea of where and now it came down to what. I figured that the loop would be about 8.0 miles with a couple places that I could change things up to get more or less if I felt like crap or felt wonderful.

I must felt wonderful today, because I didn’t turn-off at the many different opportunities I had and kept running. Well I won’t say wonderful, but nothing got in the way of me having a pretty darn decent long run.

I started out slowly and then kept a pretty steady pace up until I got to the I-95 Bridge in Fairfield, where that hill is a little deceptive. I knew it would get me (I have run it many times before) and then the hill on Ridge Road was a bit of slog to get up. It is called Ridge Road for a reason.

Once I got up on that, it was pretty much downhill or just a few bumps to the finish. So I picked up the pace again in that area and actually thought about going for double-digits for the second time this year.

I kind of surprised myself when I took the left to add a couple more miles on when I got to Elm Plaza, I had thought about a necessary pit stop at McDonalds, but at that moment, I must have been in a lull – it didn’t last. About the only thing that bothered me on the entire run was that I had to find a rest room and none were readily available (the trees no longer offer enough privacy) and every so often I would cramp up a little, well a lot.

That is the primary reason I slowed down a bit the last two miles, that urge to purge would hit and I would battle back against it. We’ve all been there and done that so it is just one of those things that runners deal with sometimes.

Other than that little thing, I was feeling pretty good, the legs felt fine, although the soles of the feet haven’t toughened up enough for longer running yet – but they are getting better than they were.

Today was also the day I was supposed to have done the Millinocket Half Marathon, but a few weeks ago when they asked for confirmation of coming, I wasn’t ready to commit to run 13.1 miles, when in October, running a mile was a big deal and my long runs were still around 6.0 miles when they asked. So I bowed out of that race, which is too bad, because I did want to do it, but I wasn’t sure that the old body would be up to it yet.

Well today, I really think that I could have done Millinocket, probably in the overall scheme of things, I made the correct choice. However, sometimes making the correct choice is not the choice you wish you had made, especially when I was able to do 10.0 miles at just under a 9:00 minute pace today.

Oh well, next year.

When I got back to the AYC, I got to catch up with Matt K, a teacher from my days at Goodwill Hinckley. He is doing great and looked very happy with his family. Matt always was one of the good guys at GWH, it was nice to see that he is doing well.

Overall, I was very happy with how everything felt for the run except for that gotta go feeling. I have a feeling for my meal before a race, I probably will not do pizza, a beer and chips along with a cookie frosting sandwich (modified whopping pie). I have a feeling that probably ain’t the right things to keep my gut happy during a race.

A Bit Slimy Down-Back – RunLog 12-5-17

Week 5 – Day 2

Focuses – Cadence and Posture.

I got the run in before the rains are supposed to be here, which is nice. Running in the rain, when it is in the 30’s just ain’t that much fun, so I was glad about that. Although by the time that I did to go running the road down-back was starting to get a little slimy. In some sections it would cake up on the bottom of my shoes and then when I got to another solid section it would clump off.

Not the most wonderful way to run, but I made it through the slime.

I did use the Chi Running app’s metronome set to 180 spm. I thought that I was doing pretty decent with it, but when I looked at my average cadence it still came in at 170 spm. Which is right around where I am most of the time even without the metronome. It wasn’t until I kicked coming back the last part that I seemed to match up perfectly with the metronome. I seem to be settled in right around 170 spm and only kick it up when I speed up the pace.

So this is going to be one of those challenges for me. However, I do sort of like running with the metronome, it does keep me in the moment and doesn’t let me go off into Lala land. Where on a run, I just go away and auto is in at the wheel. I am aware of my surroundings, but not really there, but I just keep on running – if that makes any sense.

My posture is getting much more automatic and I don’t have to think as much about keeping my feet straight, leveling my hips, getting a little lean on and keeping the arm swing short and to the back.

Overall, just a nice run where I got to work on some stuff, focused on finishing and felt pretty good after I got done. These kind of runs are what I really need right now. Mileage makers where nothing really hurts and am getting the body back in reasonable shape.

Now to get under 160, so I can really start working on getting under 150 pounds.

It will happen, just will take a few months.

Don’t Mind The Interruption – RunLog 12-4-17

Today was, yeah, another one of those days.

Having this kind of view, does help even things out though.

Everything started out pretty typical, you know that mile walk with Bennie to start things off, then moving on to the 3.0 miler after breakfast and then getting geared up, all set to go for a nice 5.0 miles before down-back became a slimy mud pit. I got about 100 yards down the road and my phone goes off.

Now, to be honest, I hardly ever get phone calls anymore, except for the bogus marketing pain-in-the-arse things, so when I stopped to check the number (which I do before answering), it had a Waterville number. Now we have been waiting on a part for the Transit so I figured it was the Ford dealership calling to setup an appointment.

It wasn’t.

It was Houle’s – we had an appointment for that afternoon to get the furnace cleaned and serviced. They were calling to see if they could come now. In Maine – in December it is pretty important to ensure that your furnace is ready for winter and when the repair people call, you don’t screw around with them. Of course you can come to work on my furnace a few hours earlier.

Change of plans, not gonna get that run in right now.

Mary had started a bit earlier and I had seen that she had gone the other way for her morning run, so I wandered down the road and saw her up ahead and eventually caught up with her. I told her that Houle’s would be here in probably a half hour, so we needed to get ready. She was on her last lap, so we finished up together.

Now Bennie is over-protective of the house, so when we have people coming to work on it, I usually try to take him for a jaunt someplace else. Otherwise he just barks the entire time they are here and it gets pretty annoying. Plus I had planned on a bunch of errands that needed to get done. Just the routine stuff that takes time out of doing other things that we could get done.

You know

  • Getting a dump sticker for the Transit
  • Getting new windshield wipers for the Ranger
  • Stopping at the Ford dealership to see if the part was in and make an appointment

After getting that stuff done, we still had some time to kill, servicing the furnace takes about 2 hours, so Bennie and I got to do a hike over at Inland Hospital trails.

Lots of leaves on the ground made for some slippery going in places, but for the most part the Newtons did fine, but I would not want to run those trails in them, not enough grip and I don’t feel like kissing the earth. We walked.

Although we did meet a woman who was letting her black German Shepherd run loose and gave me a bit of grief when I told her that Bennie wasn’t friendly to other dogs. She asked if he was on a leash and I replied that he was and I asked (knowing full well that her’s was not) if her’s was also.

She sniffed and said I don’t need to leash my dog he will stay with me and is friendly. I just said hmmm that seems like a bit of double-standard and I asked if she would leash her dog. She grabbed her dog’s collar and yelled at me “I don’t have to leash my dog, he behaves”. I responded very loudly, “Lady, there is a leash law in Waterville, please obey it.” and she walked off in a huff.

I chuckled and Bennie and I walked off up the trail in the other direction. She sure did get her knickers in a knot, I could hear her muttering and talking loudly to her dog about me in no uncertain terms. I just laughed.

I will be the first to admin that I am or can be a bit of prick when comes to people and their unleashed dogs. I have been bitten four times by “friendly” dogs when walking and running and to be blunt I ain’t all that into getting bit again. And I sure as hell ain’t gonna let them go after Bennie.

Just leash those “friendly” dogs when you see other dogs or people as a common courtesy to others. Who knows a having your dog on a leash for 2-3 minutes, might just save you having to pay hospital bills or more, if your dog decides to take a chunk out of me or least attempts to.

People need to have their dogs under control or be leashed if they do not respond to their owner’s voice command immediately.

Oh well, just another morning in Maine.

I did get back in time for a nice lunch and nap.

Week 5 – Day 1

Sorry I don’t have the ability to do this week’s focus (Adding Fluidity to your form), this is one I need instruction on before attempting to do.

Instead I will focus on Cadence and the lower leg again

Form Intervals

I used the Chi Running app to help get my cadence up to the 180 spm recommended. Although going through the first 3/4 of mile down-back was a bit tough with the mud slime on top of the frozen gravel road. However, I made it through and for the most part kept up a decent cadence. Although I think for the rest of the week I will not have the helpful hints turned on and just have the cadence beat blaring in my ears. Every time the app would stop the cadence and give a helpful hint, I know that I lost it and then had to get back the 180spm.

Initially, I was only going to go to Notta Road (my 5.0 mile course turnaround point), but when I got there I was feeling pretty good and decided to make it a 10K run this afternoon (and total of 7.0 miles for the day). I wasn’t pushing the pace, felt strong and only that spot in my lower right back was discussing how grand an idea this running shit was. Otherwise, nothing bothered unless I started to loose my form.

Like the left Achilles started to tighten up and now that has become a signal that I am toeing off too much and that I need to lift more and stop the toe-off.

Otherwise it was one of those runs where you just focus on the work you need to do and keep going until you finish. Which I did.

Cadence was 171 for the run, which I do not believe would have been that high if I hadn’t used the metronome, but at the same time, it is pretty close to what I run with it. So my natural cadence seems to end up somewhere around 170. Which ain’t too bad.

Then after running, my beautiful wife commented that I had a certain aroma about me that she had noticed before. I blamed it on the my old (3 year old winter undershirt) and when I took it off and gave it the old sniff test…well let’s just say I didn’t need to sniff for very long. It is sitting out beside the back steps waiting for a trip to the shed for a trip to the transfer station.


and to be honest, I had thought about getting rid of it the last time I ran in it, but I like it a lot and it is a favorite winter base layer, but its time had come to not go back into the running clothes drawer.

Of course, I thought that I smelled like a rose after taking off the shirt, but again my bride informed me otherwise.

So when I had to chop onions for the next half hour to get them ready for dehydrator, it wasn’t a big deal, though the eyes did water a bit. From the opinions, not my B.O. 😉

Yeah, just another day in the life.

Busy is as busy does. It will be nice to slow down again someday, but then again…I have a feeling I would be bored if did too much.

A Nice 3.0 – RunLog 12/1/17

It is hard to believe that today is the first day of December!

Which means I get to say happy birthday to my sister 🙂

Well the forecast was a tad off, it did rain overnight, but had stopped by the time we got up and the run was actually pretty comfortable. High 30’s and just a slight breeze, meant that I overdressed, but that is okay today’s run was not about speed or pushing. It was simply to put a few miles in and recover a little from yesterday’s tougher 5.0 miler.

Even though the paces may have been similar they couldn’t have been more different runs. Today I was having to hold myself back from running faster, whereas yesterday I had to push a bit more to get that pace. The courses are that much different. Sometime I think that coaches and runners forget to take into account the courses that are being run versus simply saying that such and such a pace is at the recovery level. I have a feeling it is more about the effort levels that are actually being used that what paces you are running.

If you are running recovery “level” paces and the course has a bunch of nasty hills are you actually doing a recovery run? In my opinion you probably are not.

But hey, who am I, just some nobody up heah in nowhereland :-).

Either way, I had what I perceived to be a nice easy run. I didn’t look at the watch until after I finished and was pretty surprised to see a sub 8:30 pace feeling this easy. It does seem that since I have and still am working at improving my running efficiency a bit, that running doesn’t hurt as often and that the paces are faster with less dare I say effort.

Three laps on Philbrick are fairly flat and I maintained a nice 170 spm for a cadence.

So I was pretty happy with it.

Now to get ready for my long run tomorrow. You know something I am looking forward to it and I can’t say that I have felt that way in quite a while. Long runs for a long time were something that I endured the many aches and pains that were so often a daily part of my running. Now that I am running a LOT more comfortably, I am looking forward to seeing how it goes tomorrow.

I suppose one of these weekends I am going to have to find a local 5K, just to see where I am – kind of a small test. Not a full-out race, but more of a time trial where I give a good effort without going into the hurt locker too far.

A Change of Plans – RunLog 11-27-17

Week 4 Day 1

Rest Day/Fun Run

Hard to believe that I have been mostly following a training plan going into the 4th week. It is unheard of for me to do that. Me, that guy who jumps from plan-to-plan to idea to the next greatest thing on a whim all to often. It is actually kind of nice to stick with one philosophy of running for a while. I have a feeling that this thought might end up in a blog post sometime this week.

Ah well, back to the run, yes it was a scheduled rest day, but…

but since all I did was a quick elliptical yesterday, I wanted to run today. Especially, since I will be going to get a new battery for the truck tomorrow and will probably run longer than the plan calls for down on the Rail Trail. So I did Tuesday’s workout today and will have a fun run tomorrow.

Today’s form interval focuses were: relaxing the lower leg and lifting my heel

It was one of those tweener days outside – you know one where it is still pretty chilly, but didn’t feel that cold at 30*F even with a pretty good breeze in my face coming back on Blake. I guess I have acclimated to the colder weather when 30*F doesn’t feel THAT cold (I know it is going to get worse – a LOT worse). However, as frozen as down-back was this morning during my morning 3.5 mile walk with Bennie was, the frost was coming out and had a bit of slime (mud) on top in several spots by the time I got to run.

I used my count-down timer to do form intervals and attempted to maintain them whether I was going uphill, downhill or on the flats. Which made it a lot more difficult since the I was processing a new focus on top of the other focuses that I have learned over the past 3 weeks.

Maybe I ought to remember land, lever, lift phrase from a different Natural Running program. Hint I am wearing their shoes.

Adding in the relaxing the lower leg and lifting your heel after peeling your foot off the ground without toeing off…mmmm yeah. For someone who has toed off/pawed back or whatever you call it for almost his entire time as a runner, this is the one that I need to master and if I don’t “get it” this week, will repeat again next week. Yeah, this and one other are the ones that I thought would give me the most difficulty transitioning to the Chi Running style/program/forms.

I am working it and have secretly been attempting to work it into my running even before this week. I have had mixed results and today was no different. However, it is like any new skill, it is going to take time, repetition and retraining the muscle memory. It will take some more time – which isn’t a bad thing.

I did have the perfect reverse progression run – each mile split was slower than the last one

It was a good run and the Kismet 2’s did okay in the slime – that front lug does dig in pretty good.

Longish Run – RunLog 11-25-17

Well Bennie and I started to walk down-back, only two problems, lots of traffic from people wearing fluorescent orange and mud. The first one doesn’t really bother me, especially since it is the last day of regular firearms season up heah – I anticipated a lot more hunters to be out and about. The second one – well the temps had risen up into the low 40’s and the frost was coming out of the road faster than I have seen it in a long time. Let’s just say that when I watched a couple of trucks coming up and one going down and all three had mud rooster tails and I heard the person heading down clunk in the 4-wheel drive, I figured it was probably greasy too.

In that kind of stuff it just isn’t fun to walk and we both come back looking like mud pies. Plus there were a few gunshots fairly close by down there, so Bennie wasn’t too thrilled about heading that way in the first place.

We turned around and did our 2.0 miles plus down to Shepard Road and back – a much nicer walk that includes coming back up the bitch. We both made it home nice and clean.

It also made up my mind that I didn’t really feel like running up Mt. Philbrick (not really, but it just feels like it is a mountain sometimes) so I just call it the Bitch most of the time. With down-back a muddy, sloppy mess that really didn’t trip my trigger either. Which meant going for a run in Waterville or Augusta. I had done the rail trail a few times over the past few weeks, but I haven’t run in Waterville in what seems like forever. I used to go over there 2-3 times a week, just because the roads are safer to run on than most other places.

So I headed over to Colby College and planned on doing my 6.0 mile Colby loop.

Week 3 – Day 6

Long run – do the form focuses and throw in learning the lean stuff, switching off every 10 minutes (I set the timer to 5 minute repeats) at about an 8:48 pace.

The wind was still blowing pretty good at the start (according to Garmin Connect 10 mph out of the south southwest), it felt a long stronger than that, but that is the official reading. I also had forgotten how much of a long-ass hill there is to start and when you add in the breeze right in your face = a tough start.

The screen shot might exaggerate the climb a little (the thin green line), but that is just about how it felt to me this morning and when you add in having to find a tree sooner rather than later on the hill itself, well it wasn’t the way I wanted to start this adventure today.

After getting things like bodily functions and breathing settled down a bit, plus getting on flatter ground, the breeze didn’t bother near as much. After that it was more just keep working on the Chi Running focuses when my timer beeped every 5 minutes and enjoying the run. I didn’t attempt to run fast and simply went with that wonderful effort thing, going downhill was a bit faster and going uphill slower.

I thought I would end up around a 9:10 overall pace but the sub 9:00 that I ran felt good and I had plenty left in the tank when I finished. Although my left foot’s sole was a little tender for some reason or other – just breaking it in to longer runs again. It is a familiar soreness that I get when I start to increase my mileage a little.

Overall, a very good 6.0 miles and the best part was that I felt pretty good the entire way.

Friday 5.0 and Feeling Great – RunLog 11-24-17

Week 3 – Day 5

Rest Day – okay I didn’t rest, but I did relax during the run – no timer to do drills. Even so, I worked on focuses without having to, they are just becoming a part of what I do when I run.

Today was one of those great late November days where the temps when I started were in the mid-30’s and by the time I finished had climbed into the low 40’s. Which made running down-back a little more interesting since we had a hard freeze again last night. The warmer temps, melts the ice and causes the frost to come out of the ground.

Which means that one minute you might be running on frozen dirt, come into a patch of sunlight and be running in mud that looked very solid until you step on it, then there is always the ice that those dark spots in the dirt road usually hide.

However, it does make you pay attention when you are running – no wool-gathering.

Before I ran, I told myself that I wanted to run at a 9:00 minute pace and just go easy most of the run. Which meant on the Middle Road 5.0 mile loop that my pace would be all over the place – since there are a few hills (up and down). Somehow, I finished the just over 5.0 in 44:57 – I would say that was close enough.

My lower right back was a little moody, nothing serious, but whenever I walk Bennie with the belt, it does this – just something that I deal with, because I ain’t stopping wearing that padded belt, so I can have my hands free and not have him pull out my shoulders. I have looked at other systems and this one is probably better than 99% of the ones out there, it is just a stubborn and spastic Jack Russell Terrier that causes some of the issues.

When I got back on the dirt road, just past the Town Office, I was getting pretty warm and took off my mittens. Without knowing it one fell to the ground. One of the neighbors who was driving by picked up, honked their horn several times and drove up to me. Bob passed me my glove and said “That showed up really good on the ground and I had a pretty good idea of who’s it was when I saw you running”. I am glad he got it back to me, because they are my only running mittens and I do really like them. Thanks again, Bob!

My cadence was a bit slower at 168 than what Chi Running would recommend, but I am not too worried about that right now. However, disconnecting higher cadence and from speed will be my biggest challenge with Chi Running – but it is something to definitely work on.

I did the pre and post exercises that are prescribed in the books and added in a couple more that are pertinent to issues that I have and need to address.

Overall, a nice routine run – the kind of runs that I really enjoy and believe that they do the most for me.

Running At Home on Turkey Day – RunLog 11-23-17

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, that conversations around the room remained respectful and that families enjoyed one anothers company.

I know that I am Thankful for my family and how they are doing, that is the most important thing. Yes, I am thankful also that my running is going better than it has in a long time, but that is pretty minor in the overall scheme of things.

There were two local Turkey Trots that happened this morning and plenty more within an hour’s drive and I had planned on doing one right up until last night. When I decided to stay home and run down-back instead.

Bennie and I on our 2 plus mile walk before the run

What’s up?

I am being meechy, I will readily admit it.

I am running the best I have this year and I don’t want to screw things up by getting to a race and being stoopid. It doesn’t have anything to do with race anxiety or anything else – I am enjoying running healthy for a change and if I ran in a race I would run faster than my present fitness level.

I know me.

If I did good, I wouldn’t be satisfied or more likely if I got injured – well I don’t want yet another setback this year. I have had enough of them.

So I stayed away.

Was it a good thing?

Probably. However, I missed seeing all the people that I haven’t seen most of the year. My running social life is sadly lacking, but that will change now that New Hampshire is winding down and I am running healthy. I want to run healthy for a little longer and get a good foundation established to my running again before I go adding in the fast for me stuff.

So how did the run down-back go?


Week 3 – Day 4 – Thanksgiving Day

The purpose of today’s run was to work on finding a balanced lean, landing on the mid foot and keeping the C (posture).

Yes, I did the pre-run warm-up exercises – gotta keep getting better about doing them.

It was still right around freezing when I started, so there was black ice on the road in spots and the dirt road had a few sketchy sections that I had to slow down on.

This was black ice on the way out and mostly thawed out by the time I finished.

The biggest thing that surprised me was the lack of hunters down-back. Most years there are 7-8 vehicles down there on Thanksgiving Day morning, yet this morning – there were zero, none, nada. Which was nice in one way, but at the same time kind of sad to watch the hunting tradition going by the wayside in this area.

I put my timer on one minute countdown repeats and focused alternately on landing with a mid foot landing and posture. At some point I will have to do a video to see if I am making any progress or am I just fooling myself? I would love to think that I am doing decently at improving my running form and efficiency – but other than feeling great and thinking I have – I am not sure. I think that is why I really would like to attend a Chi Running workshop.

Mile 2 felt good and had a nice split on that one.

Mile 3 was okay, but I did slow down a little.

Mile 4 going up the two hills slowed me down as usual. Nothing serious, but at some point I gotta figure them out once I get my foundation back under me.

Overall, it was another nice run, where nothing hurt, I felt good and finished feeling as though I could have done more.

I even did my post run stretches/exercises.

Although, I would have loved to gone to either Waterville or Augusta more for the comaradiere, than seeing how fast I can run. At the same time I also know me and racing is not conducive to Harold staying healthy, when he is not in shape for it. Especially, if I had had one of those good races, which usually result in me wanting to run even faster (for me), I go into race training mode, before I am ready.

Even so, I had a good run, a good Turkey Day and want to thank everyone who stops to take a moment to read what I write and the tangents I go off on every once in a while.