Longer – Saturday – June 19, 2021

Today’s Running Focus Enjoy the run Planned Workout Description:  Workout: Stryd 5K Plan – Week 1, Day 6 60:00 minute long run Purpose: The long run is a main staple in training and is your longest continuous effort in the training week. The goal for this run is to practice extending duration and increasing your time spent running. Over the course of the training plan … Continue reading Longer – Saturday – June 19, 2021

Why It Mattered?

I believe the below quote pretty much sums up where I have been about my running over the last week. It wasn’t enough to know the who, what, when, and where; you had to understand what it meant. And why it mattered.” Mckeown, Greg. Essentialism (p. 74). Crown. Kindle Edition. After last week’s 5K time trial, I needed some time before writing about why something … Continue reading Why It Mattered?

Better than Expected – Tuesday – June 15, 2021

Today’s Running Focus Listen to the body How am I feeling today? A little tired and beat up, the leg is doing better than it has, and I don’t have a big day outside of my run planned. It will be a drizzly, overcast kind of day, so not much outside stuff will get done. One of those more leisurely days, I hope. Planned Workout … Continue reading Better than Expected – Tuesday – June 15, 2021

It Begins Again – Monday – June 14, 2021

Today’s Running Focus Begin Again. Planned Workout Description:  Workout: 40:00-minute easy run Purpose: Stryd 5K Week 1, Day 1 From Stryd: Easy runs are an important part of balancing training intensity and recovery. It is important to remember the purpose of an easy run is to promote recovery without adding additional fatigue. Where does this run/workout fit into my top 5 running priorities? Primarily #1 – … Continue reading It Begins Again – Monday – June 14, 2021

Reality Check 5K – Saturday – June 12, 2021

Today’s Running Focus Run smart Planned Workout Description:  Workout: Your goal today is a 5k time trial. Don’t be spooked by the name. This serves as a test of your best effort today over 5 kilometers. To perform your best, our recommendation is as follows: 5:00 warm up very easy 3:00 moderate 2:00 very easy 5k time trial Your target pacing strategy for the 5km … Continue reading Reality Check 5K – Saturday – June 12, 2021

Thinking – Friday – June 11, 2021

Today’s Focus Run Easy Planned Workout Description:  Day 12 – Stryd Intro Plan – 30:00-minute recovery run Where does this run/workout fit into my top 5 running priorities? Be healthy and run relatively discomfort-free – Find training plans that work for me, use prehab and rehab routines to run healthy, and pay attention to what the body is attempting to tell me. Avoid the too … Continue reading Thinking – Friday – June 11, 2021

Re-Emerging – Tuesday – June 8, 2021

Today’s Focus Run efficiently Planned Workout Description:  Workout: 30:00 Minute Recovery Run Purpose: To recover from the harder effort in yesterday’s run. It will be hotter and muggier than yesterday, so I need to run slow this morning, and I also will focus on running tall and landing quietly instead of slouching or slapping my feet. “Know what specific skills you are aiming to improve … Continue reading Re-Emerging – Tuesday – June 8, 2021

Sunday – June 6, 2021

Today’s Focus Reality Check Planned Workout Description:  Workout: Day 7 Stryd Intro Plan – 45:00 easy run Purpose: Long Run Well, the longest run I have done since my injury back in March. This is the start of getting more of my endurance back. Focus – Run Efficiently The long run is important to help improve your endurance from a physiological perspective. It also gives you more … Continue reading Sunday – June 6, 2021