Got My Hour In – RunLog 9-24-18

It seems that my mid morning runs lately have turned more into my mid-afternoon run. Today was no exception and the good thing is that by the time I got around to running it had warmed up to the mid 50’s with the breeze slowing down a lot from the morning. So in my opinion it was just about perfect weather for a great run.

Was the run great?

Well that is a matter of opinion.

After yesterday’s faster run, I wasn’t going to beat my brains in by running faster two days in a row, no matter how great the weather was. So I didn’t put on the Reebok RunFasts and just wore my daily trainers. More to remind myself not to be dumb and take it pretty easy today.

While I didn’t quite make my easy/recovery zone pace zone and stayed in the No Zone for most of the run, I was feeling good and didn’t feel as though I was working very hard. I did slow quite a bit on Stevens Hill and then picked it up a little more after getting to the top.

Was it a great run…err no, but it was a great day for running and I ran a little faster than I wanted because of it.

Interruptions or is that Just Country Living – RunLog 9-22-18

The story of this run was the interruptions.

I would love to say that I set all kinds of Strava segment course records during my run today – of course I didn’t and actually didn’t plan to. My plan for this run was to run it slow and easy after yesterday’s faster 5K workout.

The first mile was right about where I thought it would be. It seems that my body thinks that a 9:00 minute pace is just about right for an easy/recovery run. Slower than that and the mind/body connection or is it just me being me just feels uncomfortable. I prefer my runs to be comfortable, so I go at a comfortable pace for me.

On the second mile, when I topped the rise, there were a couple of deer on the side of the road. So I stopped and took a photo and then another as I got closer. Finally, I got to within about 20 yards and they still were not sure about whether they were leaving or not. So I clapped my hands to scare them off.

Now I have some tree hugger tendencies at times, but I am a hunter as well and while these two were cute as hell, they are still wild animals who have the freeze, flight or fight survival instincts down to a science.

They were not sure what I was so they froze, I wanted to give them every opportunity to get out of there by showing me that pretty white flag – that is why I clapped. Even deer will attack and defend themselves if they think they have to or are cornered/surprised and they can be pretty nasty. I respect a wild animal’s survival instincts and prefer them to use that second one of theirs whenever possible.

After that interruption, I ran for a while and then on the way back Bob – the local farmer/landowner turned off his tractor as I was getting ready to run by. I had planned on simply waving and keep going, but it was evident he wanted to talk. We talked for almost 20 minutes and I was starting to stiffen up pretty good, so I bid him adieu and stumbled down the road until I got the legs loosened back up. It is good to talk with Bob (I get caught up on the local gossip), but he always seems to catch me when I am running.

The rest of the run was just about doing the 5.0 miles and seeing how size 9 Peg 34s felt on my feet versus the 8.5 Peg 33s.

They do have a little more toe room, are a bit heavier and they need the heel-lock lacing to get a good heel grip, otherwise pretty much the same feel. Yes, they definitely breathe better than the 33s as well, so I will save the 33s shields more for winter running and go to primarily using the 34s until the weather gets colder, nastier. They feel like more a daily trainer than the 33s and I will use them for that.

Just a run with more than a couple of interruptions, but everything felt pretty good during the run.

Then this I got to play carpenter to “fix” my previous carpentry adventure when I re-built the shed doors. Of course I tried the easy fix first, instead of the correct one, by changing where the door hinges were set on the frame, but then they wouldn’t close right.

Needless to say that didn’t workout too well.

So I had another one of my brilliant brain farts and I took out the saws-all to trim back the offending door a little. I learned that a saws-all is great for demolition and roughing something out, but sucks for finish work.

Yeah, then I decided to finally do it the correct way. I had to take the door off the hinges and get the circular saw out to straighten out the mess I had made of the door.

A job that if I had done that in the first place instead of being lazy, would have taken about 30 minutes, instead took me almost 3 hours. I never said I was much of a carpenter and when I do, it does take me about two-three times as long as it should. 😉

Oh well at least now the doors shut and lock enough to keep varmints out of the shed where we keep the recyclables and trash. One more thing off the honey-do list before winter. I would love to think it is getting shorter, but it is an ever expanding list that never seems to be finished. Hehehehe

Yesterday Sucked, Today Was Much Better – RunLog 9-21-18

Yesterday, yeah I ran, no I didn’t feel like it at all. I felt like crap all day and finally I had to decide whether to just do it or skip my running for the day. I figured that I wouldn’t feel much worse, so I did a slow but tough 3.3 miles later in the afternoon and felt a bit better after I got done running.

I really think that the wood chipping that I did on Wednesday afternoon had a lot to do with how I was feeling yesterday. The old tree I was chipping and the other stuff that was laying around on the ground that got put through the chipper wasn’t in the best shape. So I was probably got exposed to something that wasn’t all that healthy.

Yesterday’s sunrise was pretty spectacular.

This morning I felt a lot better, so I wanted to do a little longer run, along with a few miles of faster stuff. However, I wasn’t really committed to running at 5K or better pace after feeling like crap the day before.

I did wear the Reebok RunFasts since I planned on running “faster”.

The first mile I was holding back, I was focusing more on keeping my stride fluid, than pushing the pace, so I was very surprised when I got home and saw the first mile split was under 8:00. I knew that I was running well and by not looking at the watch, I wasn’t sure of the pace, but it was a comfortably hard and I thought that I had gone a little quicker for miles 2.0 and 3.0.

I really thought it felt like 8:10 or so, but not the sub 8:00 it ended up being.

As you can see by the graph my first mile was the fastest and while kept under 8:00s for the 5K, each mile after that first one was slower than the one before. Nothing hurt and I was feeling pretty darn good, but when I got to the 5K mark (24:05), I shut it down and coasted up to Goodhue.

I had thought about doing a hard mile at some point on the way home and maybe chasing a segment CR down on the flats before Stevens Hill. However, there was that slight issue of having to find a nice place to hop in the woods and lose weight. Once that was done, I got back to running.

Unfortunately, I had lost my mojo and decided that I would just run easy back to the house. The rest of the way was just putting one foot in front of the other until I got home.

I did have to laugh, once I got to the cornfields, it started to rain and then when I got back past them, it stopped again. It seemed as though at that point, the cornfields were the rain/no rain line. 🙂 Unfortunately, going back it was into a 10 mph or so headwind, but I wasn’t trying to break any land speed records so it wasn’t a big deal.

That slight issue that I was having with the RunFasts and my right foot didn’t happen at all, so that was a nice part of this run!!! They were great when I was running at what I would expect my 10K race pace range to be and then when I ran at the easy pace they were great too. The RunFasts have done everything that I have asked of them and are a great shoe that are now gettin close to 100 miles and I still like them as much as I did when I first started running in them.

Overall, I was very happy with the first 5K and how I felt coming back running easy. However, the best thing was that the RunFasts didn’t bother my right forefoot at all! Very good run.

Pepin Road & Forgetting About the Shoes – RunLog 9-19-18

Two days in a row where my feet haven’t bothered me – at all. Which tells me that my foot problems were a result of wearing the adidas Response Boost and nothing else.


It also means that the Response Boost will not return for an encore performance. At this point in my running life, I don’t want to deal with crap from a pair of shoes that do not work with my feet.

I just want to run – comfortably.

And that is just what I did this morning. I ran 5.0 miles comfortably and didn’t think about my running shoes, I just ran.

After thinking about what I wanted to do, I decided to head down to the new end of Pepin Road and see what was going on there since they put the road extension in. Two more houses are being built on the little hill there (gonna be a pain in the arse in the winter for those houses that are going in on that extension). Other than that Pepin hasn’t changed much since the last time I ran down there – a good thing.

The weather was just about perfect for a good run: cloudy, 55*F and a bit of breeze out of the NE. I started out pretty slow and picked up the pace a little as I ran down the hill. Today was supposed to be an easy run so I throttled back on the pace a little more than I usually would going down Pepin – even though I was feeling pretty good.

Coming back up the hill was against that breeze, which made it just that much more of a pain running uphill, but I somehow survived Philbrick Hill. Yeah right…I ran up feeling better than I have in a long time. It wasn’t a fast time, but I wasn’t reduced to survival shuffle up it – I actually maintained a decent dare I say stride, which is not something I have been able to on all too many runs back up this hill lately. So it felt pretty good.

After that I stretched out the legs just a bit, nothing all that hard, but enough to move into the comfortably hard category a couple of times.

Overall a pretty good run and one where my feet didn’t bother and I didn’t have to think about my shoes at all, except after I finished and realized that I didn’t think about them. 🙂

Oh yeah, they were the Peg 33s.

Then this afternoon, I did my cross training by chipping brush for about an hour and half. This a tough upper body workout that also makes me bend, twist and shout a little.

By the time I got done, I was definitely tired, especially when I got out the axe and played around the with stump of the blow-down tree that I was chipping for another half hour. I will play with that stump off and on for the next few weeks or until I get fed up and put an old chain on the chainsaw and get rid of it. Actually wacking on that stump with an axe does feel good – just something about it feels like a good at a very deep level.

Ahhh but those muskles (sp on purpose) that I didn’t know I still had are now complaining about how abused they were this afternoon.

Frustrated…RunLog 9-17-18

Well let me tell you…I am just a little frustrated after that run this morning! Needless to say I am not a happy camper and seriously thought about running the last 2.0 miles barefoot and I hate running barefoot.

Let’s back up and talk a little more rationally about what in the world happened.

As you have heard me whine lately about my trials and tribulations with the Adidas Response Boosts that I got last week. For some reason or other they are bothering the shit out of my left heel and well I thought that it might be as simple as changing out the insole to a slightly more padded one.

Errr no.

Today was the first day where I was consciously attempting to run slower than 9:20 on my easy day. That part was actually hard for me because I kept wanting to speed up up and get going, but I was doing pretty good and the shoes felt really comfortable through the first couple of miles.

No problems.

Even so it was another hot and humid day with bright sun, hardly any breeze, the temps and humidity both in the 80’s made things pretty miserable for running. So I thought seriously about turning back at Wildwood. I really wish that I had.

Instead the stubborn old cuss, decided that he was going to do 6-7, because he was feeling fine and just running easy. Plus the feet were doing pretty good for a change.

That all began to change at about the 3.0 mile mark the hint of what was to come started about there, by the time I got to 4.0 miles the bottom of my left heel was talking loudly and calling me some names I won’t repeat in mixed company.

I stopped and walked. Yeah, the left heel was bothering so much that I stopped running and walked a ways to see if things would get better or not. Once I started walking the foot felt a lot better, so I a few minutes (yeah a few minutes later) I began running slowly again.

Things were better, not great, but better and I kept jogging down the road. Unfortunately, just a before the 5.0 mile point, I just couldn’t take it anymore and stopped sat down on the side of the road and took that g-damned shoe off. I sat there for a minute waiting for the pain (yeah pain) in both feet to subside and figure out what to do next.

Initially it felt as if I had been running on a pointed rock, but as I felt around the bottom of my left heel it was more like one of the tendons was being irritated. Now I have had minor problems with my left PF several times this year and it seemed that was what was complaining, but the discomfort and pain was radiating out into the heel area and screwing up my run.

As I was sitting there, I started to really look at the shoes. The bottoms have that plastic bridge between the two pads of boost and outsole pads and I got to thinking if this might have anything to do with the pain in the heel I was feeling??? Also the forefoot while it was pretty flexible, has a LOT of springback from the flex and looking back that is exactly the kind of running shoes that aggravate my PF.

It seems that is what is actually happening with my new adidas Response Boosts that I like so much.

That sucks.

After I took the shoes off, sat there for a few minutes and twisted, bent and made the Reponse look as close to a pretzel as I could make them. After my feet started calm down I put them back on and started jogging that last mile home.

This time the discomfort didn’t come back and the feet were not complaining about any new pain, so I kept on going until I got home. I didn’t bother doing that extra bit to get to 7.0 miles and was happy with the 6.2 miles that I ended up with.

I did take the Response Boost out to the garage and did a little twisting, bending and rolling the shoes up into a ball and zip tying them that way for a couple of days before I try them back on to see how they feel. Although my left foot is still a bit traumatized by the run today and will take a little bit of time to get back to normal.

Needless to say I didn’t have any problems having an average pace of over 9:20, although I would have preferred to have gone faster and not have to deal with the pain in the heel, well at least it wasn’t a pain in the arse ;-).

Not a good run, but one that got done.

Middle Road Loop – Again – RunLog 9-15-18

I had thought about doing a long run to Augusta this morning, but then a couple of things were going on, so I changed my mind to doing the Middle Road Loop and it was probably a good thing that I did.

Now I have run the Middle Road loop nine times this year and twice when I picked up the pace a little, without any warning, my left hamstring decided to do some serious complaining about how it was feeling – in the same area on the course (probably within 5 yards of each other). Both of which resulted in several days away from running and screwing up my race schedule for about a month after.

So it was with a bit of trepidation that I set off to run Middle Road. However, today I was making sure that I didn’t push the pace too much. However, when I started, I forgot to wait until the GPS acquired signal, so the distance was about 30 yards off my usual mile split points. Dummy!

Even so this wasn’t about going fast, it was all about finishing without the Left Hamstring going bonkers. So that actually worked a little in my favor, because I wasn’t looking at the watch to see what my splits normally would be. Going down the hill my Strava graph has this big dip and then a giant pace pickup – mmmm I am not sure where that came from because I didn’t slow down or speed up going down Philbrick Hill????

There was a LOT of traffic on Shepard and Middle Roads, which was a pain in the butt to have to run in the should or ditch as they were going by. By the time I got in front of the school my left heel was bothering a little – nothing bad, but it felt as though there was a bone bruise or something starting. Now I wasn’t doing anything different with my stride and while I heel strike, I don’t slam my heels, it is more like land and roll through pretty efficiently. I keep my stride length purposely shorter when I am running slower.

Since this is something new since I started running in the adidas Response Boost, I was not sure what to think other than the shoes were having something to do with it. The discomfort wasn’t enough to stop the run, but it sure was distracting.

I went by the place on this course where twice my hamstring started to bother those other times. Fortunately, nothing happened at that spot today!!! Yeah!!!

The rest of the run was pretty uneventful, other than my left heel feeling a bit sore when I got done.

Usually I get this kind of feeling if I have stepped wrong on a rock or if the shoe’s outsole have a weird piece of rubber placed under the heel. Luckily the Response Boost do not have that issue and I didn’t step on a rock, so I was a bit perplexed about why the heel was bothering so much.

After the run, I checked out the heel cup of the shoe, too out the insole and found it to be pretty thin compared to the forefoot section. But I am not sure what this had to do with my heel starting to hurt.

I did change out the insole, so I will see if that makes any difference and I will probably run in my RunFasts tomorrow.

A Little Warmer Than I Expected – RunLog 9-13-18

This morning was long run Thursday, but my long runs lately have been more in the 6-8 mile range than anything approaching double-digits due to life getting in the way more than anything. Which in the big picture, really isn’t all that bad, because it means that I am still running and if I can run those distances, things ain’t all THAT bad.

The weather seemed to be pretty good earlier this morning, but by the time we got done walking the dogs, Mary got her run in, things had warmed up considerably and the sun was above the tree line, so the run was going to be without a lot of shade. All those things factored into a decision that I made at the end of the run.

When I started I had planned on doing 8.0 miles at something slower than a 9:00 minute pace. Well that was the plan.

I wore my new adidas Response Boost, since I wanted to see how they performed on a longer run and I was listening to my race playlist – which was probably a mistake. I am finding that there is something about running to music where I just go faster, without thinking about it. When you add in wanting to see how new shoes actually work, well it wasn’t a recipe to go as slow as I had planned.

Enough background.

When I started I wasn’t in a hurry, however once my intro song was over and I got to the race music at the lower gate I picked up the pace. As you can see by my splits while I wasn’t pushing the pace hard, I was still moving along pretty well.

It was just below comfortably hard as far as the effort level and I had a few more gears left if I had wanted to go faster. The first 3.0 or so miles were very consistent and for the most part I was feeling pretty darn good. The only issue I was having was on my left heel, the shoe felt a little loose in the heel and a hot spot was developing.

Unfortunately, at that point, the shade on the roads was pretty much non-existent, so by the time I got to the Goodhue Road turn-around, I was starting to heat up pretty good. Coming back down Tiffany, I did pick up the effort level to comfortably hard and cruised on through to the dirt road.

When I got there my left heel was starting to bother a little more and the sun/heat was enough that I was getting rather uncomfortable and at that point I decided to shut it down at the bottom of Stevens Hill and walk it home.

When I stopped it was time to stop, my feet were getting tired (the insoles haven’t formed to my feet) and they were starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. Which is pretty normal for me with a new pair of shoes, luckily I stopped before a blister formed on the left heel, but it was getting sore.

The adidas Response outperformed my expectations in every area, except for the left heel and that was more my fault than the shoes. I had changed out the laces before I ran and cinched down the right foot just a little more than my left and I didn’t bother to snug up the left enough. So it was my own fault not the shoes. Although I do think that I will set the laces up as lace locks to hold the heel a little better.

The reality is that

I ran a lot faster than I had planned for a long run and it resulted in my not finishing the distance I had planned. Yeah, it was a bit warmer than I thought it was going to be, but after a long summer, I am pretty well acclimated to running when it is hot so I cannot really use that as an excuse.

The left heel hotspot probably had more effect on me wanting to stop sooner than I planned than anything. Sometimes stopping is a good thing and today it was the right decision. Once I stopped the heel quickly started feeling better, I didn’t develop the blister that might have been part of the run, if I had attempted to finish off the mileage.

So I listened to the body and did what needed to be done versus bulling through and then paying for it for the next week.

A very good run and even with the heel hotspot the Response Boost still impressed me. Now to get more miles and get them broke in so they are as comfortable as I think they will be.

New Shoes and First Pub Run in Years – RunLog 9-12-18

Today was one of those weird days where you get a lot done and yet you don’t feel like you got much done at all.

My first run was a very good recovery run, where I didn’t push and just cleared the gunk out of the body from yesterday’s harder effort on the treadmill. The right hip flexor was a bit tight, not sore just tight, which was not surprising, since I did run faster than I have been in a while.

New Shoes

Then I go in a new pair of running shoes. Yeah, what else is new…

I have a specific purpose for these and they are a running shoe model that I came within a minute of buying back when they were a new release a few years ago. The reason I didn’t was the price and Mary would have had my butt, since I had gotten a different pair the week before, that I was not in love with. So I didn’t get them and went in a different direction after that.

However, I have always wondered about them and when the Grasse Roads started to bother a little more than I am willing to put up with for longer runs, I wandered around eBay and came across these. It got me to thinking about how much I really liked the feeling on my feet in the store and the short jaunt that I did in them back when. So I made a couple of hints to someone and they showed up today.

A new without the box pair of…drumroll please…

adidas Response Boost in size 8.5 for under $40

Over the years, I have attempted to run in several adidas brand shoes, loved the Boost midsole, but usually have a problem with the true-to-size 8.0 or when I size up too ong and being tight in the forefoot. However reading some blog reviews it seemed that the sizing ran weird, plus I sort of remembered that I tried on 8.0s, 8.5s and 9.0s and was going to get the 8.5’s. So I figured that I would go with the 8.5s and see what happened.

From everything I have read and heard about the Boost midsole material, it doesn’t break down as much and is not affected like other materials by age or weather, so the age of the shoe was less of a concern than it might be in some other shoes.

They were exactly as pictured and didn’t have any wear on the outsole. Just walking around the house they felt great, so they were definitely keepers.

When I weighed them – one was 9.2 and the other 9.3 ounces, which I have found is pretty normal for running shoes to have a slight variance. The Response Boost are right in my wheelhouse when it comes to a long or recovery run shoe as far as their weight and the size 8.5 seems to be the correct size versus my true to size 8.0.

Now I had to get a run in them. Well it so happens that tonight was also when the Central Maine Striders have their pub run and follow it with our first monthly meeting since the summer break. Which meant that I was going to get to run in them – today.

Central Maine Striders Pub Run

There were quite a few of us for the Pub Run tonight and we ran along gabbing and yakking up the North Street Trail and back. It was a non-competitive run where we just ran along at a comfortable pace. Which was fine, because I wanted to see how the adidas Responses would do on their maiden voyage.

We did just over 3.0 miles at around 9:00 minute pace overall. I picked up the pace in a couple spots and didn’t think about doing it. I was able to just go, especially crossing the road in one spot with a vehicle coming at me.

I don’t like the laces – too short, otherwise very nice. There is a bit of a different feel that I had to get used over the first mile or so, but actually I was busy talking and didn’t notice the shoes.

Hey, isn’t that what I want?


I didn’t think about the Responses until I finished and had a chance to think back on the run. I did like the feel of the Boost midsole while running, that cushioned yet responsive road feel was exactly what I wanted.

Good first impression and best of all – no hotspots or blisters.

There will be a second run.

I Remember and Some Treadmill – RunLog 9-11-18

Remember it always, 9-11.

I really believe that the best way to show those that want to change our way of life, is to continue living it the way we want to – enjoying the freedoms that so many have given their lives for. No false patriotic vitriol that seems to dominate social media today, just…

I will always remember.

Alan Jackson’s – Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning – pretty much says it all. I only watch this one day and each time the tears flow freely.

Yeah, I will always remember.

Life Goes On

We got a little bit of rain this morning (tears from heaven?), nothing really terrible or serious. Although it was not enough to actually stop me from running outside, after yesterday’s run, I wanted to be able to control things a little more and push the pace to see how thing would hold together.

I know, I know.

However, I just enjoy running faster (for me) and this constant go slow grasshopper just grates on my psyche. Yeah, you wonder why I get injured so often. 🙂

I can be my own worst enemy some days…or is that most days.

In either case

This was the plan…get on the treadmill and run. See how the left hamstring felt and go from there. Great plan huh.

Here are the results of that great plan.

  • .50 @ 7.2 mph
  • 1.0 @ 7.6 mph
  • .25 @ 8.1 mph
  • .25 @ 8.2 mph
  • 1.0 @ 8.6 mph
  • 0.1 @ 8.7 mph

Time: 22:47/8:17 pace

Wow that wasn’t half bad. The hamstring held up fine, but I could tell it was getting fatigued that last half mile and knew it was a good idea to shut down the speedier stuff at the 5K point. I will take a sub 23:00 training run like this any day of the week. Especially since the first 1.5 was pretty slow.

Below is a comparison of my Strava and Milestone app’s graphs for the same part of this run.

I don’t really think either graph is particularly accurate and do not show what the actual run entailed. Since I increased the speed incrementally throughout the run and didn’t slow down until I got past 5K. Neither one of these graphs show that workout. I don’t care so much about what they say the pace was, but it is pretty discouraging to see them be so far away from what the actual workout was as far as it was a progression run.

This is just a great with reminder that even with all this technology at our disposal and the graphs that they create to tantalize us with visions of sugarplums over being able to visualize the data – it may not be reality or as accurate as we would wish to think, especially when it comes to running on a treadmill or even dare I say it – outside.

At that point I needed to catch my breath and walked – yes I walked.

  • .15 @ 3.4 mph

Then I got the wild idea that I needed to do three more miles of running.

  • 2.75 @ 7.3 mph
  • .15 @ 8.6 mph
  • .10 @ 9.1 mph

Total Time 50:02

I almost went under 50:00 minutes for a 10K plus a little, including that .15 walk, not too shabby. During the second 3.0 miles I was starting to feel pretty tired, but maintained a good pace and was able to have a pretty good kick at the end.

A very good confidence builder. The best part, while the hamstring feels a little more tired than the rest of my leg, it isn’t sore and I am walking normally. So progress is being made.

It seems that other plans have been made for me this Sunday, so I won’t be participating in the Rail Trail 5K, good thing I didn’t prepay. 🙂

The other thing is that during the run, I was wearing the RunFasts and about 5.0 miles into the run, my right forefoot (under the callous pad) began to bother again. It seems like 5.0 miles is the magic mark for this issue. However, it didn’t really bother, just noted it was starting.

So when I got done, I sat in the locker room and really examined that foot. When I looked today there was a very small bubble that extended under the callous pad. It seems that probably because I tend to run a little more towards/on my forefoot in the RunFasts that I get a small blister under that callous pad. I figured when I got home that I would pop the small blister, but when I got home about 45:00 minutes later – it was gone.


So I poked around under that callous with a need and found a little fluid that had accumulated under the pad, but wasn’t noticeable without twisting my foot up around like a pretzel. Plus I shaved the callous down quite a bit as well. It feels pretty good right now and I didn’t draw blood, so it worked out just fine.

I knew it wasn’t the shoes.

On a different note.

One thing that I have done every year for a while, is on September 11, I begin re-reading Left of Bang by Patrick Van Horne and Jason A. Riley. This book has a lot of common sense things in it that I take for granted or don’t think about, until I re-read Left of Bang.

It is an unfortunate reality in today’s world that you need to have that kind of situational awareness, needing to think about what is going on around you. However, there are too many acts of violence to ignore in the world today and if you can anticipate or sense something is not right and act upon your intuition or whatever you would like to call it, it might mean the difference between life and death.

It sucks to have to think that way, but…

It is what it is.