Day 2 – Rehab Runlog 4/7/21

There is still some swelling in the Left Achilles and a bit of hitch in the walking stride, so I didn’t attempt to do a whole lot of walking beyond Bennie’s three required walks today. I did Wilk’s mobilization routine, foam rolling, then 20 minutes (easy) on the elliptical, followed by 20 minutes of icing and another 20 minutes after supper. The elliptical didn’t bother, … Continue reading Day 2 – Rehab Runlog 4/7/21

Day 1 – It Starts Again – RunLog 4/6/21

Nope no running, the Achilles is not ready for prime time – yet. However, I did start my rehab that is based mainly on Wilk’s Running Recovery Injury Program. I don’t plan to follow his program entirely, but enough to get back to running pain-free and then keep myself in maintenance mode with many of the things he believes are essential. Especially, the closed chain … Continue reading Day 1 – It Starts Again – RunLog 4/6/21

Another Busy Week – 3/27/21

This left Achilles tendon/Posterior Tibialis tendon crap (some sort of tendinosis/tendonitis) is for the birds or using better left unsaid words. Yeah, I am a bit frustrated with how 2-3 inches of the old body is stopping me from getting back to regular running. Unfortunately, Achilles tendon issues take as long as they take, making this even more frustrating because I don’t know when it … Continue reading Another Busy Week – 3/27/21

Making Progress – RunLog 3/25/21

No, I have not spontaneously healed or anywhere close to being back to regular running for me, but I am muddling along quite nicely. This morning, out in the fog/light rain and I ran a mile at an easy pace. The discomfort was minimal and manageable. After finishing I walked about half a mile to cool-down and then did another 30:00 minutes on the elliptical. … Continue reading Making Progress – RunLog 3/25/21

First Run New Balance 1080 v10 – RunLog 3/13/21

My first run in the New Balance 1080 v10 was this morning. So how did it go? Good is what I will say, just good. I am still recovering from the after-affects of the COVID-19 vaccination from Thursday and not back to 100% yet, but feeling a lot better than I did yesterday. So I was not 100% ready to run, but I couldn’t wait … Continue reading First Run New Balance 1080 v10 – RunLog 3/13/21