Moving Back to iPhone

Yes, I have moved back to an iPhone. No, it is not their newest and greatest, but it is still a very current and dare I say fabulous cell phone – the iPhone 7. Say what you will about Apple, the high price of their products and all the other stuff, they do have beautiful and well made products that usually set the standard for those niches.
Apple iPhone 7 – Screenshot from 11/9/17

This post is not really about the technical aspects of the iPhone that I am now using (it is old news and a lot has been written about it), it is more about my experience moving back to using an iPhone after a couple of years of using Android phones and how it has made me look at things a LOT differently than I did a week ago. Continue reading

May 2017 is Over and I am Still Running

My favorite photo from May 2017.

Bennie warming up after a cold-rain soaked run

May is usually the month that I injure, re-injure, screw something up and all the words that I can and can’t use in polite company to describe me doing something stoopid and hurting some part of my body, so it is in recovery mode for the rest of the summer.

You know that time of year, when I get so caught up in the idea of running faster, after a fairly successful 5K race or two in April that delusions of grandeur start dancing around in my head – yet again.

Guess what!!!!

I survived May. Continue reading

Software Thoughts from a Linux Newbie

Last weekend, I wrote about my first month’s experiences in moving over to Linux from Windows 10 and said that I would be writing about the software I have been using since I left the world of Windows.

Screenshot from 2017-05-26 11.47.33

One major change is that I didn’t stay with Linux Mint and instead went back to Linux Elementary-Loki. After I started to use Mint, not just play with it – I found that I was not as comfortable as I thought I would be and moved to Linux Elementary OS. Another Linux distro that I had been experimenting with, but that is a different post.

Getting back to software.

I might be a newbie to Linux, but I have used computer software for many different operating systems since the 80’s. So I have a bit of experience with integrating different and new-to-me software into how I use a computer. Continue reading

After a Month of Linux – Newbie Thoughts

Wow, it has been a month since I installed Linux Mate as my only operating system on my primary laptop (yes, I got rid of Windows 10) and during that time I have been experimenting, digging around, hell I have even started taking a basic Linux course to actually learn more about this new fangled operating system I am running.

Screenshot from 2017-05-20 20-39-52

Come on Harold, Linux is not really new fangled anything, but it is new to me and there have been a LOT of changes since I played around with it five or more years ago.

The biggest surprise for me over this last month has been that I haven’t missed or been tempted to re-install Windows on my primary laptop at any point. Which is something that I figured when this whole thing started that I would probably want to do after a couple of weeks immersion in Linux.

If anything, I wish that I had done it sooner – but then again I wasn’t ready. Continue reading

A Few Adjustments

As much of a tech/gear head as I have been all of my life, sometimes it seems as though when it comes to running, I put the importance of gear ahead of getting out there and simply doing.

time ironman watch

You know that always looking for that whatever thing-a-ma-jingy that will give me a little added zip, instead of focusing on the one thing that would do more for my running than any piece of running gear or pair of running shoes.

  • Run more consistently and train smahter.

Yeah, it is that simple and it has taken me far too many painful years to realize the truth of what I am writing, now if I could only do it better.

I am not going to make grand sweeping statements or attempt to change who I am overnight – it doesn’t work, but at the same time there are a few things that I can do to think about how and what I am doing.

Without any doubt whatsoever, I am obsessed with my mileage and pace. I want to know how far I have run, how long it took me to get there and how fast I did it, then add in mile splits, heart rate, stride length and cadence – all the time.

Why? Because I now can with the technology available to me.

Which after a few things that have occurred recently that have given me some food for thought and causes me to think that maybe some of this wearable tech is not as great as I once thought it was.

I have been thinking about this question more and more lately, is all this data necessary or even healthy for an aging middle of that pack runner?

After a lot of reflection this weekend, I have come to the conclusion that part of my problem is that I have too many data points, understand just enough to make me dangerous to myself and find myself dwelling too much on the little crap that will really ain’t helping me run all that much better than I have in the past – I just know more about how slow I am getting and when it happens.

I have a sneaking suspicion that if I focus more on the big picture that a lot of the little things will mostly take care of themselves.

So I am going to try a little experiment of one (me) and run with my trusty old Time Ironman watch for a while (again). That’s right running nakid: no GPS, no heart rate, nothing but focusing on the running and how I am feeling while running.

I know how to do this, since for most of my running life, this is how I ran.

Screenshot at 2017-04-25 19-53-07

The big change for me is that I have revamped my running log to be based primarily on time. I have tried a couple of times in the past to use time as the basis for my running, but always maintained both time and miles, after a while I found myself creeping back into tracking by miles because that is what I have always done.

This should prove interesting and we will see how it works out, I will miss Strava and seeing all the running/fitness activity data that I have available to me there and on Garmin Connect, but at the same time are all that I have been accumulating really necessary to run to run fairly well.

Oh, I will keep writing about my runs on my blog, but it will focus on how I feel, what I see and how often Bennie acts like a bonehead or motivates me to run a lot faster than I should – not numbers to crunch, munch and drool on.

Running Shoes


The second part is that — Yes, I know that I have a very healthy fascination or is that obsession with running shoes. It probably won’t go away completely – I know that much about me. However, a lot of the drooling and gotta have that new shoe will be taken care naturally.

So I foresee that my running shoe obsession will moderate – quite simply there just ain’t that many brands, models or makes of EE width running shoes and many of them are not the ones that I tend to drool over like Pavlov’s dogs…

Who knows, I might even wear a few pair out, now that they don’t hurt my damn feet. 🙂


These changes are not earth shattering and won’t cause the little blue ball to suddenly stop spinning. Honestly, I have done/tried this stuff before with reducing technology in my running and the allure of the next shiny tech running gear or that new pair of shoes is an awfully strong siren’s song.

However, at some point, it comes down to what do I really need to run decently, not be overly obsessive about how I am doing and accepting that as I get older I will change how I run – that getting slower and having more aches/pains thing.

Someday I will finally find the right balance for me and what I want to accomplish as a runner.

A Few More Changes – Week In Review 4/23/17

Well there, a week of being sick, not feeling too bad, feeling like crap and back to just pushing through feeling like crap. I hate weeks like that, you aren’t feeling bad enough to stay home from work, but you sure as hell are not your normal, zippy self and just try to tough things out. That was pretty much the story of last week and then finally on Saturday – well I gave in.


For me to sit around and not do too much more than work on the computer, sleep and walk Bennie, well that means things ain’t all that good. I felt a bit better Sunday, but I am still not back to 100%, closer to 70%, so it will have to do.

Okay enough whining. Continue reading

A Big Change In My Computing Habits

Remember I said that I was going to write about more than just running here, well this is one of those posts.

Technology and I have been acquainted for many years, but there have been storm clouds on the horizon for a few years now.


Over the past several years, well actually since Windows 1.0, I have been using Microsoft Windows products for my home computing needs and in many cases for work as well. For the most part Windows with a few notable exceptions has done well by me. I returned with hat in hand, after a forced trip into the world of Apple, when I was a teacher and had to use a Mac for a couple of years. Even then I had a Windows machine to bail me out of things when I needed one.

So I have been using the Windows OS for a while.

However, my expectations of what I want from my Operating System has changed over the years and it seems pretty evident that the Windows OS is going in a different direction than I am. Their ideas of privacy, usability and whose data is it (this is not just a Microsoft issue either) are different from mine.

Although if you connect your computer to the Internet, you do not have any real expectation of privacy, no matter what OS you use. Continue reading

Looking At All The Tech Marketing Hoopla

I got caught up in some of marketing hoopla around Apple’s release of the “new” MacBookPro, since one of my co-workers is seriously looking at getting one and was talking to me about it at work yesterday.

Computers, tech and I go back all the way back to the old Commodore Vic 20 and their cassette tape drive operating system. Over the years I have owned desktops, luggables, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Usually, some of the higher end stuff, just because I am a bit of a geek.

I currently own a 2009 MacBook Pro, 2014 Asus Flip TP 300L Windows computer and a 2015 Toshiba II and 2012 Samsung 550 Chromebooks, along with Android and iPhones.

So I have a bit of experience with computers and the associated tech.

Sticker Shock

Needless to say, the new MacBookPro looked amazing and the Surface Pro has intrigued me for a couple of years. So I started looking around the web, doing comparisons between the newly released MacBookPro, Microsoft Surface Pro and some other Windows 10 based laptops.

Once I got to looking closer – I WENT INTO STICKER SHOCK!!!!

Holy Crap!!! Continue reading