First Run Nike Speed Rival 6 – RunLog 7-15-18

Another pair of new to me shoes, this time courtesy of eBay for a price I couldn’t resist. Did I really need a pair of race day shoes? Ummmm actually yeah.

While I love the Green Silence and have been using for that purpose, I can feel that they are a bit long in the tooth and don’t have the “pop” that my newer shoes have. While I don’t have that many miles on them, the midsole does feel pretty lifeless and I need every little edge I can get. So I had been sort of looking at what would be a nice race day shoe for me going forward.

Since I don’t see a pair of Nike Vapor Fly 4% in my rotation anytime soon, I needed to find something else.

I had read some pretty good reviews of about the Speed Rival 6’s and that they had a wider forefoot, which is unusual in a “racing” shoe. While I hadn’t purposely been looking specifically for them, when I was wandering around eBay last week and came on these. I figured why not put in a minimum bid and see what happened. Especially, since the seller said they had only about 5 miles on them.

I won.

When I got them in, they looked like new and only weighed 7.0 ounces.

Walking around in them the heel felt a little loose and I knew that I was going to have to play with the lacing to get the right feel with them. Also I will be honest, for a pair of Nikes (a company that prides itself on the great looks of its shoes), when I look down at them – they just look fugly. They look like some of the vintage shoes from the 70’s or 80’s with how the toe comes to a point from both sides, which is not always a good thing. Continue reading

Easy 4.0 & Nike – RunLog 7-13-18

Well it seems as though I am stuck in a time/space vortex continuum. The more I look at my current running shoe rotation, the more I see the big swoosh on the side. Yeah, it seems that Nike is starting to really dominate what I am running in lately.

This morning I ran an easy 4.0 mile recovery run, after yesterday’s tough trail “speedwork” session. The legs were pretty well toast and while I had a couple of places where I had a nice stride, it was all about getting the legs loosened up and doing strides when I was done.

My Nike Pegasus 33 Shield’s did quite well, although they are a bit warm for running this time of year, they are pretty comfortable.

Actually I didn’t have a lot of choice about running in the Peg 33’s.

Another Hole Forming

I have run in quite a few brands and models this year and while the rotation has been shrinking steadily to the Nike universe, this morning I was getting ready to do a nice 4.0 mile recovery run in my GoRun Ride 7’s and looked at the inside of the heel. I have been running in the quite a bit the past couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, after just over 50 miles – I am starting to wear a hole through the heel liner and within another 50 miles or less that hole will be through to the plastic heel counter. I can definitely see the hole forming and feel the roughness. It is going to be an issue going forward.

Which sucks!!!

Since I really, really love running in the GRR7’s. I can run any distance and pretty much any kind of road run that I do in them. Unfortunately, this was the primary problem that I experience with the first pair that I had. Unfortunately, as that hole gets worse, it is going to cause blisters on that heel. Athough, when I think back, I have been noticing a little soreness in my left heel after wearing them lately and I am pretty sure that wear spot is the problem. I guess I just attempted to ignore it, but I can’t any longer.

No, I don’t really blame the GRR7’s, this has happened with other brands and models – my left heel has chewed through a lot of heel counters over the years – something about my left heel and my running form.


This meant looking at my shoe inventory today for a decent long, easy/recovery run shoe. About the only daily trainer I have left that I have been running well in lately – are the Pegasus 33 Shield. Which is a bit warmer shoe for running around in July too much. I have been saving them for rainy days and the fall when the temps are cooler.

Although the Peg 33’s did fine this morning, in temps that were in the high 70’s, anything much above that and the feet do get a bit warm. So that pretty much leaves me with the deal with sweaty feet and when I look at the other alternatives, they all have things that make them less than ideal.

  • Asics RoadHawks (not a good recovery run shoe and too firm for me to be a long run shoe)
  • Newton Gravity 2 (I can use them up to 4-5 miles before the POP1 pod starts to bother)
  • Topo Ultra Fly v1 (not great for long runs, but will do if I have to)
  • Skechers Forza 3’s (to firm, plus I kick the insides of my legs way too much due to the wide heel flare and don’t have a lot of confidence in them on sand/tar – I still have scars from the last time I ran in them)
  • Of the choices I have for daily trainers, the Peg 33’s are the most comfortable for me to run in. Well the Wildhorse v1’s are doing a pretty remarkable job of being comfortable and what that would mean is that I would have to do more recovery and other routine runs on local trails versus the roads or do laps down-back on the dirt road, until I figure things out. Not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Lot of thinking to do over the next few weeks.
  • The reality is that

  • I am not brand centric when it comes to my running shoes and am rather skeptical that one particular brand’s running shoes will be the answer, after so many years of searching for ones that work for me.
  • Although it seems like I am headed back to Nike running shoes for a while at least, the same way I went back to Apple computers. Both brands just seem work for me, without a lot of fuss and muss. Maybe that is what I need to focus on – finding what works for me, versus looking for the next great thing.
  • I know that the Nike shoes that I am currently running in, are not the newest and greatest running shoes that Nike has released. You know the stuff that Running Shoe Geeks everywhere are adding their two cents about.
  • Especially, running shoes like the Vapor Fly 4%’s (wouldn’t I love a pair of size 8.0’s or 8.5’s to show up on the door step), the Pegasus 35 or the Turbo Pegasus that will be released on 7/19/18 and all those other recent releases that I and so many others have been drooling about.
  • The Nike running shoes that I have been running are the older models – Nike Wildhorse V1, Pegasus 33 and soon the Speed Rival 6. The discounted, last year’s models, or found on eBay — those forgotten shoes, that hang around for the rest of us, who tend to shop more on the cheap, but still love shoes that seem to work quite nicely even if they are old news.
  • My birthday is just over a couple weeks away and I might ask for a pair of daily trainers – mmmmm maybe a pair of Peg 35’s. I just cannot justify the $250 for VF 4% (even if I could find a pair to buy) and at $180 for the Pegasus Turbo that are coming out this month are hard for me to even think about.
  • So price is a factor to consider and I know that I could get by for while without getting any more new shoes. Although it would be nice to get a pair of the bright red Peg 35’s in my size.
  • We will see.
  • Now That Was Tough – RunLog 7-12-18

    I really am a glutton for punishment some days. After this week’s 3K at Quarry Road, I decided that I needed to change some things up and had to figure why I slowed down so much once I came out to what I call the “bumps” part of the course.

    The elevation chart is a little deceptive, since the biggest elevation change is just under 30 feet. So the hills or should I say bumps are not that big, it is just that there are so many of them so close together on this section of the course.

    I know why I slow down, but that doesn’t mean that I am happy with how I have been running this part of the 3K, 5K or 8K Quarry Road courses.

    This morning, I decided to do repeats around this part of the courses. I wasn’t sure about how many I would end up doing, but it was going to be more than one. It would also be the test I need to get my confidence back that the olde body can do better or find out that I need to be happy with the times I was getting for the effort I was giving.

    I knew going in that it was going to be a hard workout for me. The “bumps” are just enough that they make me work a lot harder than is normal for a tough speed workout. It was going to be more of a lot of short hills and the distance was over a mile and a quarter. Definitely, not my preferred 200 or 400 kind of workout on a track or a flatter section of a rail trail somewhere.

    So I did the workout:

    Warm-up: 1.20/10:39 – I ran down to the hut and back down the course a quarter mile, so I would know where the last quarter mile would start (right about where I thought it was)

    First Lap: 1.38/11:33 — The first lap hurt – I started at the bridge on the snowshoe trail and ended on the last arrow before heading to the dip before the finish. On this lap I wanted to go as fast as I could to get a nice base time to give me something to work towards in the other laps and about where I should be for race pace. I set my segment CR, so I accomplished what I wanted. Yeah, it didn’t feel all that great.

    Second Lap: 1.36/12:27 — On the second lap, I focused more on running up the bumps harder and didn’t worry so much about the pace on the other side of them. The time was only 5 seconds off my time from the 3K race, so that was good.

    Third Lap: 1.37/12:25 — The third lap was an attempt to go harder on the loop when I was pretty tired and the legs not having a lot of pop left in them. I wanted to beat my second lap’s time and did by two seconds. Not a lot, but better than I thought it would be by how I was feeling.

    Cool-down: 2.01/21:37 — After resting for 3-4 minutes, I was toast, I slowly ran up the new trail along Messalonskee Stream to the end and ran back to first parking area. I didn’t attempt to pickup the pace and just ran comfortably.

    I won’t say that this was a 100% effort speed session, but it was a damned tough longer repeat workout with “bumps” that wore me out and I know that the olde les are going to be tired tomorrow. In other words I am damned happy with how well I did this morning.

    It doesn’t mean that I will run this section all that fast next week, but this workout gives me the confidence that my body can handle working harder in this section of the course than I have in other races this year.

    I did run in the Nike Wildhorse OG’s and they did everything that I wanted from a pair of trail shoes. In other words, when I was running I didn’t think about them at all during the workout.

    No the paces won’t get me ready for racing a fast 5K, but they will help me run faster during the Quarry Road races that are left. Well at least that is my hope and maybe I can almost keep up with Julie M someday. Though I have a feeling she is going out to kick my butt next race.

    Hopefully, I get to do this a few more times and provide myself a nice base period, that I can get ready for some faster for me road 5K’s this fall. That would be nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ I still am not crazy about all the hill work, but it is adding strength to the olde body.

    This is just part of doing the work.

    I just have to keep doing it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    A Pretty Decent 5.0 – RunLog 7-9-18

    This morning’s run was supposed to be an easy miler for distance and I just changed up how I am looking at my training, so I am not doing two hard days in a row. I gotta be a bit more smart about things and keep the weekly totals between 30-35 miles per week, which seems to be my sweet spot.

    It seems that my old idea of doing speed work on Monday’s and then a trail race/run on Tuesdays was just a little too much. Although I don’t run that fast during my Quarry Road Trail Races, I am putting out a lot more effort than I do at those speeds on the roads. So it was two hard days in a row and it was too much.

    Enough of the background crap.

    I decided that I wanted to work more on Leg Swing and Ground contact time, so I wasn’t sure about how my pace would be. My belief is that in order to do this, the metrics that my Milestone FootPod measure, would mean that I do have to go a bit faster than a slow, slog.

    Oh well, according to the app, I am still 100% with my heel first, although 98% of the time my rate of impact is in the low range (which is good), so I am not going to mess too much with attempting to change where I land on my foot.

    During the run a few times, I was able to get my leg swing into the high range, which is where I should be more of the time. However, I had to change my mechanics quite a bit to get that 8% let me tell you and I didn’t feel intuitive while running that way at all. I will have to work at it a lot more to make it feel natural, but it was a quicker and probably the way that I used to run, when I wore a younger man’s body. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I knew how to do it, but it will take a bit of time to get the muscles up to being able to hold it for longer than just short periods.

    There is a pretty direct correlation between leg swing, stride length, cadence versus how fast you are running. However, I can see attempting to change these metrics too quickly leading to injury, so it is probably a good thing that I only have one of these footpods right now to track my progress. I have a feeling that I will be moving the footpod from my recovery/long run shoes to my speedwork/race day shoes. I think it will give me better data that I can use to see how I am improving – or not.

    Plus I will not be as tempted to trying to run more “efficiently” every run – err too fast every run.

    I am liking the earpod cover & earhook setup I got last week for my Apple ear pods. I couldn’t keep the damn things in my ears before I got them, so I didn’t use them for running at all. Which has it good and bad points. Depending on your point of view.

    However, I am finding that I enjoy running with music more now with decent ear pods on the run and just have to get Apple Music figured out, so that it doesn’t keep saying that I didn’t download certain songs, when I have done so previously. I want to try out the pods in a race tomorrow night and see if I do any better with the music to keep me focused on my cadence and not worrying about who is behind me so much.

    I won’t be able to hear them. Sometimes hearing the people behind me is more of a pain in the butt than a good thing – well at least until the last quarter-mile. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Overall, I was pretty happy with how the run went, the last couple of miles, were a bit of a sweat fest, but I had done what I wanted by then, so I sort of coasted for the most part back how. I had thought abut doing some strides after I finished, but it was pretty hot and the body, just didn’t see the sense. So I didn’t.

    I did have my acupuncture appointment and got stuck in a few new places, it does seem to help relax me and while I had planned to go run on the rail trail after, with the temps in the high 80’s, I decided to skip the extra run. It wouldn’t have been any fun, so I drove straight home.

    I did get to see that Mary finished up painting the new shed doors, while I at acupuncture – she does great work, now if her husband was half the carpenter she is as a painter, it would be great ๐Ÿ™‚

    A Look At The Future and Still Learning

    I learned a lot at this week’s 5K Race over in Winthrop. Probably most of it is not news to a lot of runners out there, but it does show that even after 40 years of running that I still have a lot to learn or sometimes remember old lessons that have been forgotten.


    Despite all the words, claims and comments to the contrary. Many of us middle of the pack runners, who claim that we are not racing against other runners – just ourselves or the way we used to be, showed a different side – again. Where we place in relation to the other runners in a race, still seems to be pretty important to us. That is, if the number of runners I saw beside me and their comments at the results tent, while we looking to see where we placed and who finished ahead and behind us is any indication. I know that I looked. Continue reading

    The Halfway Point – 2018

    Hard to believe but the first half of 2018 is now in the books.

    I gotta admit as years go, 2018 has been pretty damn good. No, not everything has gone exactly as planned or the way that I wanted things to go, but you know something that is just the way life is. You adapt, compromise and keep moving one foot in front of the other.

    This morning I went over and ran on one of my favorite local trails – Messalonskee Stream Trail in Oakland. While the weather was hot and humid, enough that I had sweat dripping off both sides of my hat like rain the last mile and the scales at home hit numbers that I would love to see first thing in the morning.

    The run along this trail got me to thinking about how lucky I really am.


    Since this is primarily a running blog, I will not get too mushy or sentimental, stop there and get back to writing about something a lot more interesting, my running. ๐Ÿ™‚

    What were my goals for 2018?

    Run Better

    Over the first part 2018 I have raced more, ran more trails and have run just over 800 miles. For the most part things are going a lot better in 2018 than they did the first half of 2017.

    I have written ad nauseum about not finishing my marathon training so, I will stop beating that dead horse and move on to other parts of my running. If you really need to know more about them you about my marathon misadventure here and here.

    Be Healthier

    For the most part I have been relatively injury free. The long lingering left Achilles Tendon/Ankle issue is just part of the deal now and I don’t see that ever getting a whole lot better. My right hig still bothers more than it is supposed to, but seems to be getting better now that I put away the belt I used to walk Bennie and am holding the leash verus attaching it to the belt.

    The usual May injury jinx is still alive and kicking. This May I pooched my right hamstring while running and still really don’t know what I did, other than I did it and it bothered me for almost a month. Actually I think what happens is that the weather starts to get nicer and in late April/early May, I begin to add in a little too much speed/distance too quickly, after a long winter of treadmilling and running outside all bundled up.

    I did go to my both of my annual Physical Exams and passed without any issues. However, lately the problem I developed back in 2007 when I whacked a crow bar off my chest while removing tree stumps and according to the docs changed the electrical current path in there. From time-to-time it causes some irregular beating and when it does, I have to slow down my life style quit a bit until it passes. Once things re-regulate themselves things get back to normal and I can go about life regularly.

    I have been using a car polisher to self-massage the legs and shoulders to break up the scar tissue and get the muscles moving around a bit. It was working great and I was using it a couple of times a day. Unfortunately, one of the unpleasant side effects is that seems to be causing some of those irregular beats to come around and once I stopped using it, things straightened out and haven’t been a problem. I guess it was too vigorous for the old heart.

    This irregular heart beat is the biggest reason that Mary was so worried (besides me having a bad case of the stoopids) and glad that I gave up the marathon training. Things are back to normal now and I feel pretty good, just gonna be more conservative about my mileage and when I run long runs, along with putting the car polisher back in the box and only bringing it out to polish the vehicles.

    Also no more of the long run, plus speed work, plus a 7.0 miler, plus another 6.0 miler in the same week for a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

    One thing that I am finding working better than I dreamed and it might all be in my head, but for the last month I have been using Blue Emu cream and it seemed to have helped with some of the smaller accumulation of aches and pains. Thanks Dad for the tip it seems to be working.

    Simplify my Running Shoes Choices

    I have gone through a lot of them this year, so simplifying doesn’t seem to be what I am really doing. However, I was “helped” a lot by a visit down to Sam W. Over at Road, Trail, Run who reviews them for a living and happens to wear the same size or close enough that they work for me. I visited with him in early May (before I got injured) and came home with 8 more pair, to go with the too many I already had in the house and few more that I have added since.

    One thing nice about all the shoes that I have gotten to run in this year, was that I learned a lot about what the different brands are doing and which ones do or do not work for me.

    Altra – Zero drop is not for everyone and definitely not for me and my bad Achilles. As long as Altra only offers zero drop, I won’t bother to run in their shoes. An added insert just isn’t the same as a designed drop. 6-8mm in their Torin model line would be a great running shoe for a lot of runners. It is a shoe I would find a way to buy.

    Hoka – Unfortunately, their toe box/forefoot and mine are not a match. After 6 pair over the last couple of years, I haven’t found a pair that really works for me yet.

    Saucony – Love the midsole/outsole, but the ISO fit bootie in both the Zealot 3 and Liberty aggravate my metatarsaglia to the point where I am thinking about how badly my feet hurt that I don’t run too well after 5-6 miles.

    Brooks – Loving my old Green Silence, but the Launch 4 is a bit too firm for my tastes and where the heel achilles tab hits my Achilles is a blister waiting to happen. Much the same as the Ghost 10’s that I wore last summer. If/when Brooks goes back to a Achilles notch in their heel counter, I will try them again, especially the Ghost line, otherwise I will pass.

    Asics – The RoadHawks fit nice, ย run well and look good, but I don’t run much in them. They should be a perfect training shoe for me, but there is something about them that I always seem to reach for something else? Its gotta be me, because the shoes are fine.

    Topo – I finally got to run in the Ultra Fly a shoe that I have wanted to try for a couple of years. They are more of a hybrid than true road shoe, not a bad thing, but it means that they are a jack of all trades and master of none kind of shoe that doesn’t really fit into the rotation and didn’t really work that well on the two long runs in them that I did. Yes, the Ultra Fly’s do a lot of things well, but not as well as my specific use shoes, so they have fallen out of the rotation and become my daily walkers and run when I can shoes.

    Nike – I am impressed with the direction they are headed. I got to run in the VF 4% and loved them, not enough to pay $250, but I can see where someone who races a lot would really want a pair – maybe someday. Then I found a pair of Pegasus 33 Shield which fit about as good as any Nike ever has and have enjoyed running in them – although they are a bit warm for summer running. I was impressed enough that I was willing to take a chance on the Wildhorse OG and after my second run in them this morning, I think that I have found my trail shoes. When my current daily trainers wear out, I will be looking at the Pegasus 35’s or 34’s very closely.

    It seems like there will be more Nike shoes in my future as long as the toe box keeps wide enough.

    Skechers – Loving the GoRun Ride 7’s, unfortunately with all of the Skechers models I have run in this year, they have side walls that are pretty high on the ankles and are bit too wide in the heel. Those haven’t caused any blistering, but they are a source of discomfort. I was fairly disappointed with how my initial pair of GRR7’s didn’t hold up – the primary problem being how I wore a hole through the plastic heel counter, which rubbed too much on the plastic. I can feel the second pair are going to do the same thing, so I might be able to get 150 miles out of the shoes again. Forza 3’s were too firm and the heels would catch the insides of my other legs more than other shoes, so I stopped wearing them. I love Skechers lineup, but there are some fit/durability issues for me and how they work with my body’s running mechanics.

    As we pass the halfway mark, my rotation has been whittled down to:

    GoRun Ride 7 – daily trainer, long runs, recovery runs

    Brooks Green Silence – race day shoes, faster stuff.

    Nike Pegasus 33 Shield – crappy weather, alternate daily trainer, some fartlek stuff

    Nike Wildhorse OG – trails

    Topo Ultra Fly – spur of the moment running shoes and for my walking

    I guess after everything is said and done I have whittled down my running shoe rotation. It is a good thing that SD1 wears the same size shoe, she has a burgeoning running shoe colection.

    No Running With Bennie

    Unfortunately, Bennie is part of the problem when it comes to my injuries, even just walking him can be an issue, because while he is a great dog, he has the attention span of a gnat. One moment we can be going along nice as can be and the next moment he is pulling off into the underbrush. Which usually puts a lot of unexpected pressure on my hips, knees or ankles. Which coincides with my injury patterns over the last 8 years we have had him. Strange how that has worked out.

    I have put away the belt I use to walk him and hold onto the leash now. At least when he makes those sudden pulls now, there is a chance at resistance before it totals the lower body. It too bad because he was a great training partner, but one that caused me to run too fast too often and I had to stop.

    Get rid of “Stuff”

    I keep getting rid of the old stained, super bad smelling and stuff that doesn’t fit anymore. Old running shoes either go to SD1 or are given away to others that need them more than local Charities or Good Will, because they have lots of miles left on them even though I can’t run in them.

    Race More Often

    I have raced 5 times already this year and will be running another on the 4th. No I am not setting the world on fire with my brilliance, but I am showing up, so that is huge for me. Three of the races have been over at Quarry Road and I find that they help me with getting to the starting line with a good mindset – I don’t get all wound up over trail races and that is carrying over to others as well from what I can see.

    Get Back to Running Trails

    I am running on the trails a couple times a week. Not super technical trails, but some single track and stuff like that. I think my technical trail days are over and I will stick with the easier stuff, since it kicks my butt anyway.

    Weigh Under 150

    Ain’t gonna happen this year. I like to eat too much.

    Eat Less Processed Foods

    Doing pretty good. I have cut way back on my ice cream consumption, but I still like chips, boxed cereals and desserts too much.

    Technology Use

    I am loving my combination of iPhone 7 and iPad Pro 10.5. Both use IOS and I don’t have to screw around with things too much – they just work and work well together. Even so I am typing this post on a combination of the iPad Pro and my old ASUS laptop with Linux Elementary as the OS. Somehow or another the ASUS came back to life and since I reinstalled the OS, it seems to be working fine. Which is okay with me – I get to play Never Winter Nights 2 and have a larger screen to have two windows open at the same to get stuff done a little easier.

    Surprisingly, I am moving further and further away from both Microsoft and Google, I just do not need some of the stuff they bring to the table. Facebook is someting that I still use too often, but then again, it is the platform where more people that I know/have known do hang around and FOMO is real sometimes.

    The reality is that

    2018 so far has been better than I expected. I might piss, moan, whine and bitch a bit about the weather, my running shoe obsession and other minor inconveniences, but I also think that is pretty normal.

    Like my first Chief aboard ship used to say: “A bitchin sailor is a happy sailor”.

    However, I am healthy enough to go wandering along a undulating (just wanted to use that word all day) trail at around an 11:00 minute pace and not feel like the world is going to end while doing so.

    We often take our health for granted and believe that we are invincible – we aren’t and need to keep that in perspective. Without good health all the other parts of our lives will quickly fall apart. I have seen it happen too many times and know it is true.

    I admit it – I got lucky and married a smart, witty and beautiful woman, who keeps my feet firmly planted on the ground. Like they say “happy wife, happy life” and I would like to think I have both. Besides she puts up with a lot from me and my running, so I gotta keep her happy.

    The running is actually quite good and life in general is better than I ever thought it would be, so I am a very lucky man.

    Let’s hope that I keep bitchin about the rest of 2018 and well beyond. ๐Ÿ™‚



















    Being A Bit Odd

    This morning while walking with Bennie and now that I am sitting here eating breakfast reading my email (mostly junk), looking at the news (mostly bad) and getting ready to start what will turn into another busy day – I gotta admit that at times I and probably more than a few other people, do think that I have an odd way of looking, seeing or even doing things…

    Especially this gotta do a marathon thing.

    No, I am not having second thoughts about whether to chase this goal/dream or not. It is something I gotta do, but to start marathon training next week, when I am still having troubles running more than a mile, seems…well odd and I am sure that many runners and especially non-runners would wonder if I am being sensible or simply out of my mind. Continue reading

    Updating My Goals for 2018

    2018 has been a good year so far, only one injury – a little hamstring strain that just doesn’t want to go away. However, this injury has slowed me down a little and caused me to re-evaluate what I want to accomplish the rest of this year, versus where I was in January.

    Simplifying my goals a lot, but if I can get this marathon monkey off my back…well it will be a good thing.

    Keep Running

    What do I want from my running?

    First and foremost, I want to to keep running. Which gets harder as you get older and as much as I hate to admit it being over sixty is getting older.

    So I have to treat my body and think differently if I plan to keep running.

    I know that I will always tend to push a little harder or a bit before the old body is completely ready, but that is also who I am. I just have to find a happier medium between the two extremes – “wanting to just run, to too much too soon” and the usual couch potato status due to injuries cycle – that I seem to repeat far too often.

    Not really a measureable goal, more one of those holistic ones. However, if I accomplish the next one, I think that will be evidence of succeeding on this one.

    Goal: Listen to the old body better.

    Run a Marathon

    Second, believe it or not I do want to finish another marathon, it is something that has been sticking in my craw since my last one in 1983 and the want part is moving to more of a need thing as I get older.

    The thing is I gotta get and keep the old body healthy enough to get to the starting line.

    Finishing the Maine Marathon on September 30, 2018 would put to bed a few storylines that have been kept open for far too long. A big reason that I have chosen the Maine Marathon is it is after the 2019 application cut-off for Boston, so even if I trained for a BQ time, it would not do me any good for the 2019 race.

    That and I had a did not start for the Maine Marathon back in 2007, when I hurt my right knee a week before the marathon. Which is curious to me when I look back, since it was the same knee that I hurt back in 1983 and do not really remember how I actually hurt it. Coincidence???

    Getting to the starting line has been a problem ever since 1983, but I think that getting rid of the need to train for a BQ pace, will help take some of the stress out of my marathon training and keep me healthier.

    Save that BQ goal for another day on a different marathon course, this year I have to prove to myself that I can successfully train for and finish a marathon.

    The above image is a screenshot of the Maine Marathon home page.

    My primary training goal for the Maine Marathon will be to get to the starting line healthy. Which means at some point I will have to think about a training plan that I will use as the basis of my training – not that I will follow it exactly, I never do. However, having one will give me a foundation to build from and some guide rails to keep me from getting too far off track.

    Once I get to the starting line, I tend to believe that everything will work itself out, because I will be properly prepared to run the distance and the time will not be the big thing, I will just need to focus on getting to the finish line.

    I need to erase the agonizing memories (read about it here) of my last marathon finish and put those ghosts to rest for good – it is time.

    Goal: I will finish the 2018 Maine Marathon on September 30, 2018.

    Running Shoes

    When it comes to my running shoes what is it that I want?


    That is all.

    I want to be able to run in running shoes that do not cause discomfort or pain for the distances and speeds that I still run. I don’t much care which style, model, Brand’s name or logo is on the side as long as I run comfortably in them.

    The shoes that have worked the best for me this year have been the Skechers GoRun Ride 7’s, so instead of attempting to re-invent the wheel, as a part of this running shoe re-focusing/shift, I am planning on doing the bulk of my marathon training in that model.

    Over the summer I am planning to have a five shoe rotation:

    • GoRun Ride 7 – I will be alternating two pair for the bulk of my training miles, I have one pair with just over 170 miles on them and another pair that I just got. I imagine that I will probably go through 3-4 pair of GRR7’s over the course of this marathon training cycle. I plan to pick up another pair when the newest model I have reaches 200 miles and retire the older pair to walking shoes, then repeat this shoe replacement cycle until after the marathon. I will in all likelihood run the marathon in the GRR7’s and will buy another pair for the race and get about 75-100 miles on them prior to race day.
    • I honestly do not see me getting enough miles on the rest of the shoes in my rotation to need them replaced.
    • GOTrail – OG – trail running/hiking. I do plan to run the Quarry Road and possibly Bond Brook trail race series using them.
    • GOMeb Razor 2 – tempo or faster paced training – I still plan to do a faster workout at least once a week – but faster is faster for me and maybe use them as my half marathon race shoe if I attempt to go for sub 1:40 – I plan to do at least one half this summer, whether I race it or run it is a different question.
    • Brooks Green Silence – for the occasional 5K/10K race or if I decide to go beat myself up on the track.

    The rest of my stash of running shoes will head for storage.

    I am hoping that reducing my running shoe rotation helps to keep the body in one piece longer, since it seems the more choices that I have with running shoes the more issues my body seems to have.

    Not always looking at or surreptitiously getting yet another pair of running shoes will be the hardest goal for me, since I have been a shoe whore for such a long time and there are still so many great running shoes out there that I still really, really want to try. I imagine that I might slide off the rails of this goal, once or twice ;-), just being realistic.

    However, running shoes do not make the runner – genetics, good training, attitude and yes, the brain make the runner, with a little luck along the way, although the wrong pair of running shoes still does suck donkey balls.

    Goal: I will stick with my five shoe (2-GRR7, GOTrail, Razor 2, and Green Silence) rotation and only change shoes in this rotation when these shoes need replacing.

    The reality is that

    I do have to listen to my body better and take care of the niggles before they become major issues and time away from running. I also need to try a more practical view of how I look at and use running shoes…

    I have to see them more as tools to run comfortably in, not as a primary part of my blogging.

    These goals/comments might seem to be very common sense things for a runner to do, but often-times this particular runner hasn’t had a lot of common sense about running or running shoes…maybe it is time to look at and do things a bit differently.

    Which also means being smart about doing this marathon thing.

    Oh sure, I could go ahead and register today, that way I have a real incentive to get myself going on my second goal. However, part of goal #1 is to listen to the body and get it healthy enough to start goal #2.

    Right now I know that my body is not healthy enough to start marathon training.

    So I will wait until the end of June to see where the old body is before registering and taking off on my marathon training adventure. I do not want to set myself up to fail to get to the starting line – again.

    Everything between now and the end of June are geared towards getting myself ready to start my marathon madness – once again.

    Now to get working on some right hamstring and left Achilles rehab, a lot of walking, a bit of cross training on the elliptical, doing some weight work, a little brain retraining, putting away the shoes that are not listed above and look around to see what kind of marathon training plan best fits my goal to finish the marathon.

    This should be an interesting summer.

    I know Mary ain’t gonna be thrilled with this marathon idea, but I gotta go with it, otherwise it will be one of those I should’ve things that will just stick in my craw.

    No excuses this time.

    Saucony Zealot ISO 3 – 50 Mile Review

    Have you ever had a shoe that you bought, loved the initial step-in fit and feel that you decided that your first run in them was going to be your weekly long run. After about 3-4 miles in you go to yourself “you really are stoopid aren’t you!” Then you suffer more than you want for the rest of the run.

    That is pretty much how I introduced myself to the Saucony Zealot 3’s a few weeks ago and since then I have been struggling to find that happy place of being able to run in these shoes without forefoot discomfort. Now to be honest, some of my discomfort with the Zealot’s is a function of how I run and how the Z3’s reward a slightly different running style – probably not really a bad thing.

    However, there is just something that is “right” about the Zealot’s that I want to keep tweaking things to help me run more comfortably in the shoes.

    Disclosure: These are a personal purchase through Amazon, all opinions and observations are definitely my own. Continue reading