Thinking – Friday – June 11, 2021

Today’s Focus Run Easy Planned Workout Description:  Day 12 – Stryd Intro Plan – 30:00-minute recovery run Where does this run/workout fit into my top 5 running priorities? Be healthy and run relatively discomfort-free – Find training plans that work for me, use prehab and rehab routines to run healthy, and pay attention to what the body is attempting to tell me. Avoid the too … Continue reading Thinking – Friday – June 11, 2021

Putting to Rest the Ghosts of 1983 Marine Corps Marathon

As I get older, I am taking the time to look back, exploring the different events, people, and things that changed the direction of my life for good or ill. At times doing so hasn’t been an easy journey, and many of the things I have and am looking at were things I would not wish upon anyone else.  However, it is remarkable how our … Continue reading Putting to Rest the Ghosts of 1983 Marine Corps Marathon

Breathability In Running Shoes

It seems that so many running shoe reviews and even brand marketing focus a bit too much on how breathable a running shoe is or is not. I read a LOT of running shoe reviews, and I notice that an upper’s breathability gets an awful lot of attention lately. Is a shoe being very breathable always a good thing? Well, that breathability might be significant … Continue reading Breathability In Running Shoes

Injury Update – A combination of Little Things

This morning I was able to walk a mile with Bennie and then two more by myself with little to no discomfort in my feet, which is excellent news! The even better news is that I probably do not have a stress reaction or fracture in my right foot. As the title says, it’s the little things that, when added all together, made it seem … Continue reading Injury Update – A combination of Little Things

January 2021 – A Year Unto Itself

Okay…January 2021 has been a year in and of itself!  Between an attempted insurrection, wondering if the inauguration would happen peacefully or otherwise, and another impeachment. Add in it being the height of a pandemic, then on a more personal note-another running related injury to my right foot.  Nothing important happened in January 2021. Do you detect just a hint of sarcasm?  You betcha! It … Continue reading January 2021 – A Year Unto Itself