Too Much Going On – Week In Review 4-9-17


Yeah, too damn much going on this week, Dad’s hospital visits, battling some Plantar Faciitis crap and still trying to get a few miles in.


First and foremost.

Dad is doing okay, he went inpatient to the hospital twice this week, which got everyone a bit stressed out, got a couple of transfusions, stress tested, was told by one doctor that he was just getting old and could go home for the second time (same one who released him too soon the first time), who in turn got told to not to bother ever come back by my sister and after that change treatment improved a lot.

A little excitement, a few chuckles and more than a little worrying about him made for a very long week. However, while he is still weak, he seems to be stable, home and hopefully making progress. Time will tell on this one.

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Cut-Back Week – 3-19-17


Every 3-4 weeks or so, I like, want and need to have a cut-back week, where I reduce my mileage, relax, eat worse and don’t worry so much about running — well I still think about it and act as if I am going to do more, but not actually get out the door as much as I want to.

That fake myself out to get some rest and recuperation time.

Yes, it is a concession to being older, but it is also doing something that I have never been that good at – being smarter about my running, instead of  always doing Harold being Harold stuff.

Week in REview 3-19-17It probably helped that we had a blizzard in the middle of the week (the snow removal always wears me out), it has been single digits to start the day way too often and that I am getting tired of running on the treadmill. When you put all of that together – well a cut-back week happens pretty organically.  Continue reading

Week In Review – 3/5/17


I changed back to WordPress last year because I didn’t want to simply focus on running all the time and guess what…it still seems like that all I publish lately is about my running, photos of Bennie doing something.



or Eliott helping me out


At least you don’t get a whole lot of crap from others when you write about them.


I don’t live in an echo chamber and have a variety of beliefs, thoughts and opinions about different interests, life and politics that range from very conservative to very liberal – dependent upon the issue. I had originally thought that when I moved back to WordPress that I would be sharing/publishing more posts discussing those important to me issues.

I haven’t all that much.

and I have decided that I will not all that often.

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Warm Temps – Week in Review 2/26/17


Last week the big snow storm with over 30 inches of the white stuff was the big news, this week the weather was just the opposite. I don’t know if we hit any records or not, but being able to run in shorts and a long sleeve tech shirt was sure nice. The snow pack has melted down and the roofs are pretty much clear, so the warmer temps got rid of most of the blizzard that wandered through.


Although as I write this, the temps are back to a bit more seasonable with low’s 20*F and a breeze. Definitely needed to wear my winter gear for Bennie’s walk this morning.

Well enough about the crazy weather, what happened this week for me and running. Continue reading

Less Mileage – More of a Workout – Week In Review 2-19-16


Last week at this time we hunkering down for the Nor’eastah that was gonna clobber Central Maine. It did and it was a tough week for running with the resulting exhaustion that went along with it from moving all that s@#% around..

There was LOTS of snow



yes, I got yet another pair of new shoes, only in 2E. The first time that I remember ever getting a pair of 2E’s. With only two runs in the new shoes, they have made me wish I had done it sooner.


New Balance 860 v6 – 2E

Snowy Week

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One of Those Learning Weeks – 2/5/17


Last week was by all accounts a learning week and some lessons were learned the hard way.

I did have a favorite photo – I took it today on my walk with Bennie – ain’t he a handsome fella.


Hey Dad, can I chase that squirrel, can I, can I, can I, c’mon let’s go…

Over the past 2-3 weeks my right foot has been the more and more the focus of me going into whine mode and this week as much as I really didn’t want to, I tried running in something other than my Puma running shoes. Continue reading

Mostly Healthy Again – Week of 1/29/17


After last week’s fun and games and being sick as a dawg, this week was a lot better! Also only having to work 3 days didn’t hurt too much either. Although, the ice storm and the clean-up the next day were not too much fun.


Favorite Photo from last week

I did get to go back to Champions Fitness in Waterville last Wednesday and saw a bunch of people that I haven’t seen since I went back to work, sit in a sauna (I didn’t realize how much I miss that)…well it just felt good to be back there. I still consider Champions as my gym – lots of memories there. Continue reading

Last Week was a bit Tough


Since it is ice pelleting outside and we have about 2 inches of ice pellets with a flash rain freeze underneath, I don’t think I will be stoopid enough to attempt a run in the next few minutes – maybe later ;-).

So I will take a look back at last week and the nastiness of whatever bug it was that flattened me, the rest of the house and even where I work. Mary, who rarely gets sick was pretty much out of commission for the week and still feels like crap, both step daughters were waylaid by it and then three out of four people at work missed days due to whatever strain of sickness was going around.


The worst part of whatever to hell this is, is that it doesn’t let go and comes back for another round of kick your arse about 5-7 days later. Continue reading