Finally, no Discomfort — RunLog 10-20-2020

I have been running fairly regularly, just not writing all that much about it. It is hard to write about running when the running is not as much fun as it is when there is discomfort from just breathing while running.  Finally, today was the first day that I ran without thinking about the cracked ribs and it even involved huffing and puffing up Philbrick … Continue reading Finally, no Discomfort — RunLog 10-20-2020

Wildwood 4.0 Miler – RunLog October 15, 2020

Back to it again, after a couple of days off to repair some damage that a critter did to the underside of the house on Monday (which the ribs didn’t take kindly to). I didn’t feel comfortable running on Tuesday, then our road trip to Bryant Pond on Wednesday, I was ready to run today. The weather was perfect for a run and the ribs … Continue reading Wildwood 4.0 Miler – RunLog October 15, 2020

First Impressions – Topo Zephyr

This is one of those pair of shoes that have intrigued me since they first came out last year. You know something with a wide toebox, new foam and a plate (while plastic, not carbon), that had some great reviews, but also had some that were less than enthusiastic. Yep, the Topo Zephyr. I bought the shoes from REI used gear shop for 1/2 retail … Continue reading First Impressions – Topo Zephyr