Yep, That Didn’t Work – RunLog 5-30-17

Sometimes you just gotta try something one more time.

Photo from back in April of the  New Balance Vazee Run v2’s

Now my New Balance Vazee Rush v2’s have been sitting in the shoe rack since April 7th. I stopped running in them at that time, because didn’t know if they were part of the solution or part of the problem with my left foot bothering. However, I haven’t run in them or my other New Balance shoes very often since then and the foot has improved immensely. I have walked around in the Rush v2’s pain-free over the past week and figured that it was time to find out.

It would be a good day to test them out.

Today I was supposed to run for 50 minutes easy and the weather was just about perfect. Continue reading

New Balance Vazee Rush V2 – 50+ Mile Review

Okay, I got a bit behind and my New Balance Vazee Rush V2’s have over 70 miles on them. However, I did make a change to them at around 50 miles and wanted to see if the change made a difference in how the shoes felt/performed.


Screenshot at 2017-04-16 11-34-27

First of all, they are last year’s model and I bought them on Amazon for a wicked good sale price. So they met one of the big requirements that I have they were reasonably priced. Continue reading

A Quicker Run – RunLog 3-18-17

Yes, yesterday’s day off was definitely needed and the legs, body and mind all felt better as a result. Which meant that I wanted to get the Vazee Rush v2’s out for a quicker run down to Pepin and see how they performed off the treadmill, but not anything at race pace – my body ain’t ready for that yet.


Of course, Bennie was ready to run and would have been a real pissant if I had left him behind after not too many runs this week. Yeah, he went along or is that he lead most of the way.

I worked on my mechanics until we started down the Bitch, just to get used to the feel of the V/Rush v2’s outside. I know that I run differently outside than I do on the treadmill and I needed to get used to the Rush since they have about half the drop that I have been running in recently. Continue reading