Hoka Bondi 5 – 50 errr 75 Mile Review

Hoka Bondi 5’s, probably one of the closest shoes I have in my rotation that is a recently released running shoe. It is also one of the toughest reviews I have done in a long time as you can probably tell just from the amount of time is has taken for me to get around to finishing this review.

Which I originally started back in December 2017.

I bought them up in Bangor at Triathlete Sports back in October 2017, when my right hip was whining and complaining about doing anything. At the time I believed that the great cushioning and inherent stability of the Bondi 5’s might be a part of the answer.

Unfortunately since that day and for a lot of reasons they have gone in and out of my running shoe rotation several times. I thought for a while I had solved some of the issues that I have with them, but after trying a bunch of different things my 50 or well in this case 75 mile review will also be my end of use review as well. Continue reading