2008-2011 Too Damn Many Injuries

January 2008 through May 2011 were the toughest years of my running life, I had so many major injuries that significantly reduced the number of days that I ran during these years. A quick run-down of the major ones: • 1/4/08 – Fell off the Ladder while shoveling the garage roof • 2/4/09 – Massive Migraine initially thought to be a stroke or Bell’s Palsy … Continue reading 2008-2011 Too Damn Many Injuries

1988 – 2000 My Lost Running Years

Snow Shoeing with Dad – I don’t have any running pics from this time.

This post will be from 1988 to September 2000. These are the toughest years for me to write about. A lot happened in my life professionally and personally that well…looking back were years that I made a lot of mistakes. Twelve years which I consider the “lost” years of my running life. I didn’t race at all and while I ran quite a bit during this time, I didn’t run consistently and it was more spits, spurts, and far too often more than a little bit of indifference.

However, even though I didn’t run consistently or race much, I still would run around 200 days a year.

For many reasons and how painful some of the memories are for me during this period, I have decided to make this post my most generic and will just skim through most everything and then move on.

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1984-1988 New London & Meeting Some Greats

The time in my running life, where I ran well, met some great runners, and had delusions of grandeur.

CGAS Cape Cod 10K – 1985 //

1985 & 1986 were my personal glory days when it comes to my running career. Starting in April ’85 until September ’86, I think I ran a different road race at least twice a month and traveled to a couple of out of state races, specifically to run them. Something that I had never done before.

During this time my race pace was usually between 5:40 and 6:20 pace, which really wasn’t that fast for the time period, but faster than I had ever run before or since. Hell every once in a while I would break that magical 6:00 minute pace barrier for an entire race and I thought that I could do even better, with a little different training.

Those thoughts of grandeur that runners get from time-to-time, which were also wonderfully dashed during this time period when I got to run with some really good runners for a while.

We moved to the New London/Groton, CT area in October 1984 and I found a wonderful running community at the Coast Guard’s Research & Development Center that was located over on Avery Point (yeah, the college). There were about 10-15 people who would run almost every day at lunchtime, so it was very seldom that I would run by myself unless I wanted to. It seemed like there was always someone to run with.

At first, I had a hard time keeping up with most of them, but I got better with the daily runs. When they saw that I was going to train with them in all kinds of weather, they began to accept me into their running circle (this was before Google, Facebook, and all the running apps).

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1982 to 1984 Running in Washington, DC

This post will be about the years 1982 to 1984 and I was living in the:

Washington, D.C. Metro Area

I got assigned to Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C. during the Summer of ’82 and lived in Alexandria over at the Mt. Vernon Square Apartment Complex. Which had a path leading to the back road and up this big hill and then about a mile away was the Mt. Vernon Bike Trail. I ran on the bike trail a lot while we lived in Alexandria. It was a lot safer than running on the roads around Rt. 1.

Although, as I added mileage to my running I did get over around Fort Belvoir and the Old Town section of Alexandria. Continue reading “1982 to 1984 Running in Washington, DC”