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Harold being Harold is dedicated to my father, who died in October 2019 after what he called a life well lived. On our last trip up to First Roach that year, he told me that he wanted me to make sure that I live the rest of my life well. He died a month later and I promised him the night before he died that I would always remember to live my life well.

On the Harold being Harold blog I will be sharing what I am doing to keep that promise to him, with you.

You can read more about him here.


We all age, and with the passing seasons come a few answers, but it has also brought new questions about what I want to do with it.

Questions about who I want to be, what I want to do or achieve with the time I do have left. Along with what kind of legacy will I leave behind when I do cross the bridge to whatever comes next. Those are some of the questions that I will explore and attempt to answer.

I have been blogging since 2007 and I have flitted from blog to blog too many times. Most of the time there was not a good reason for changing blogs. Well…other than the changes happened and I learned something new about myself each time.

Harold being Harold is my attempt to finally land and settle down to a rest of my life blog.

I have linked back to a few of the old blogs that I still have access to:

  • Time to Run – I still write about my daily runs (when I am not injured), running shoe reviews, and other thoughts on running.
  • One Foot In Reality – Archived blog
  • Just a Runnah – Archived blog

Who am I writing on this blog for…besides myself and to keep that promise?

My WHY for this blog is to inspire others to believe that they can have a life well lived too.

I am writing for those who believe life is a journey and have questions about where they are going. There are times that it can be a grand adventure and other times when life sucks. For the most part, life is about doing mundane things and about the choices that we make on a daily basis to create the life we live.

This quote by George Bernard Shaw sums up much of my philosophy about this journey:

Life isn’t about finding yourself — Life is about creating yourself

George Bernard Shaw

The truth is that you can search forever and not find yourself.

But if you stop, think about who and what you want to be, you can start creating the life you want. Creating the life you want isn’t easy. It takes work, motivation, courage, and resilience.

I have learned all those things the hard way, by doing them.

It isn’t so much that I march to the tune of a different drummer, but the paths I chose are not always the ones chosen by everyone else.

As my Dad once told me:

Harold, you are just about a half-bubble off-center on way too many things.

Harold Shaw, Sr.

Writing here on Harold being Harold is my way of sharing those adventures, err learning opportunities. Many posts will be mundane, others rather eclectic, but all with at least one foot in reality. If you have a bit of imagination and don’t always see things from the perspectives others do, you will enjoy what I share with you.

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What you won’t find on Harold being Harold

Somebody who has a perfect life and has all the answers. My life is being well-lived, but I am far from perfect. I make far too many mistakes and do more than my share of stoopid stuff. Often I don’t have a freaking clue, but my journey is helping me answer a few more questions more each year.

The constant push to monetize the blog. You will not see me developing online courses, eBooks, affiliate links (I don’t control ads), or any of those other ideas to make money off my writing here.

Monetization is great for those who enjoy the entrepreneurial side of blogging. I have been there done that and for me. Focusing so much on how to make money off my blogging sucks the joy out of having the blog. I plan to write what I want and not have my posts needing to meet someone else’s needs to chase a bit of money.

I will stick to my amateur status and as Austin Kleon quoted in his book Steal Like an Artist:

As photographer Bill Cunningham says, “If you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do.”

I have had people tell me what to do all of my life because I took their money, it is now time to do things the way that I want.

Politics/Religion – Go someplace else to talk about politics and religion. I have my own thoughts, emotions, and ideals all in place about both.


Join me as I continue on my journey to explore new paths or even find a few old ones that need to revisited or at least looked at from a different perspective than when I first walked them.

Finally, let’s have conversations about this journey towards the final bridge in life and hope that when we look back that final time when it is our time, that we all will say – that was a life well-lived.