Simplifying — Yes, Simplifying My Running

Over the past few months, I have noticed that my running, along with other parts of my life, have experienced the dreaded complexity creep and that I have been comparing my running to what others are doing — too much. Be forewarned that this is a fairly long essay, if you choose to read it. I think we all know what the comparison trap is, … Continue reading Simplifying — Yes, Simplifying My Running

Just Run…Well It Depends

“Just run” – that is the advice, words of wisdom, and all those other interesting suggestions that we hear in so many conversations about running. “Just run” – what in the hell does that really mean? Well…it depends. Watcha talkin about? “Just run” depends on where are you on your runner’s journey and means different things to different runners. How is the pandemic affecting your … Continue reading Just Run…Well It Depends