BRRRR – Yeah Winter is Here – December 8, 2020

Okay, when the house thermometer tells me it is 22*F and there is around a 10 mph breeze out of the North, that tells me it is frigging cold outside. This would normally be one of those treadmill days in shorts and a t-shirt, but instead I was bundling up and heading outside to have fun with Mother Nature’s choice of weather this morning. Yeah, … Continue reading BRRRR – Yeah Winter is Here – December 8, 2020

I Am Tired

I don’t know about you, but I am tired. Tired of the constant vitriol we are seeing on television, the Internet, the ads we find in our mailboxes, people’s lawns or so it seems wherever we happen to be or whatever it is we are looking at. Yes, it is mostly the political nonsense that is going on around the United States now. The need … Continue reading I Am Tired

What is a life well lived?

What is your idea of a life well-lived? I am sure that it is not the same as mine. Although there will be areas where our interests, goals or even dreams overlap, or believe it or not are the same. Yet, even with the dramatic polarization in today’s world, the differences between us are not usually as great as some would have us believe. What … Continue reading What is a life well lived?