Book Reviews

Below are links to book reviews that I have done. While this is not a book review site, I do believe that reading is an important part of living a life well-lived. So I tend to read quite a bit and the books that make me think are books that I like to review. However, I do not review all the books I read. If you want to see the listing for the books I have read please go to this link.

Who am I to write a book review on someone who is more accomplished and much smarter than I am. I am a nobody living a quiet life and enjoying the hell out of it, who shares his thoughts on this blog.

I am not qualified to critique the technical qualities or content of an author’s work in most instances. I can only critique how reading their book made me feel or what I learned by reading their book. That is what I will stick to when writing book reviews my feelings and what I learned.

If I write a negative review of a book, it is because it did not meet my personal goals or I learned little from it. It does not mean that it is not a great book, because there are many on the Top 100 books of all time that I tought sucked and have no interest in reading them again. I see things differently than other people tend to at times.

The biggest compliment that I can give a book is that I will either keep it on my bookshelf. This means than another book that I have enjoyed would have to leave or that I will be buying it to put on that bookshelf. I have cut-back on the number of physical books that I keep and do not see me changing that anytime soon.

So take my reviews with a grain of salt and do with them what you will.

Book Reviews

My views of the books I review are my own. These books are usually personal purchases, gifts from relatives or library loans. No one has editorial control of what I write or has made suggestions for me to change the content of a review.