About me

Who am I writing for on this blog?

Other than myself?  

I have been a runner for over 50 years and I cannot imagine life without running being a part of it. So, I write a lot about why running matters, but I have embedded many of my ideas and thoughts about running as part of a daily running log. At times I am rather blunt about the point I am attempting to make, at other times the lesson I have learned is not as obvious and the reader will need to read between the lines to tease out that day’s main idea. Either way there is usually a larger idea being shared in each post that other runners may nod their head in agreement or shake their head and go mmmmm.

I will share what I have experienced (good and bad) with my running, all those Harold being Harold moments, not shrink away from the knowledge that running is hard work, but can be enjoyable if done intelligently or at least smahtah. What I have learned from reading newsletters, blogs, articles, books, listening to podcasts or watching videos, and even a few comments about the running shoes that I run in.

Mostly, I write about how life does affect your running and how running affects my life and maybe in some way how it can affect yours as well.

The first thing that you should know about me is that I am an inveterate tinkerer. It seems that I never leave well enough alone or am satisfied with the how things are going, even when they are going great. I have to tinker with it to see if I can make it better or well…more often simply make whatever it is different. All too often my tinkering ends up with others shaking their heads and muttering there goes Harold being Harold again. Looking back, I can see why “they” shake their heads and even shake mine at some of the things that I have tinkered too much with.

At the same time, I learn something each time and while the end result isn’t always what I had hoped for, the learning is usually worth the time and effort that I put into the tinkering. I might even be getting to the point where I tinker with things less and have started to focus more on what works for me at this point in my life.

Now my primary running goal is very simple, but difficult to achieve: to become the best runner that I can be for as long as I can at the age of 64. Not necessarily faster, those days are well behind me, but smarter, more consistent and if I am getting smahtah, attempt to tinker less with how I train, keep my running form efficient without attempting the next newest best way to run, find running shoes that work for me versus always looking for that “perfect” shoe that has always eluded me, and yes, even use technology to confuse the hell out of me at times.

Nope, not a smart goal, not measurable, it is completely a North Star goal, one that will guide me, in making choices as I move forward in my running life .

I have more to learn about running, aging, and how the two go together as I get older. While I won’t be as fast as I once was, I can still enjoy running fast – well for me at this time of my life. It also means that I get frustrated, whiney when things are not what I expect or want for a while and eventually get back to enjoying my running at whatever my new “normal” ends up being.

Ah, but the memories of who I used to be – still get in the way every once in a while. I think they do for all of us, no matter what our sport or interests are now. 🙂

Modeling my birthday presents

As you can tell from the photo, I usually don’t take myself all that seriously. I know that getting old is a helluva lot better than the alternative. Well, as long as I am healthy and have most of my faculties intact. I also plan to have some fun while running and continuing to live the best life that I can.

About the only claim to fame that I really have is that I am still a runner after all these years.

I don’t have any special initials behind my name, have never been an elite runner, worked in the running industry, so I don’t claim to be an expert about industrial running complex that now exists. However, I have learned a few things about running over the years and have a different perspective about running than people on the inside might have.

At some point in the next 20-30 years there is a pretty good probability that I will die and yes, I do think about that more than I used to. Death is unbeaten as far as we know, but I have a feeling the Grim Reaper enjoys a good laugh now and then. So I hope he chuckles at my lame efforts to stay half a step ahead of him, at least until he finally decides to catch me.

Or more likely, races me across that final bridge to whatever comes next.

I just want half a step head start and then run like I never have before.

No fear, no regrets, just racing the wind and a smile on my face.

Although I might cheat a little and finally wear a pair of super running shoes for that added 4%.