About me

That old guy you don’t notice when you walk by, that’s me. I have had my moments in the sun and now I am focusing on enjoying the life I do have. I am much happier observing what others are doing, controlling what is mine to control (not much), and writing a bit about life.

Modeling my birthday presents

Although I don’t have any special initials behind my name, I do have a few thoughts on living that I can share. No, I don’t pretend that I am an expert in anything, being an expert is something others can do and be. What skills I do have come from still being alive after more than 60 years, thinking beyond the box, running a bit too much, and using technology to complicate my life.

Those and usually being about half a bubble off-center. In other words, I don’t always see things the same way as everyone else.

What I did for professions happened lifetimes ago. While they have major impacts on who I am, they do not define the person that I have become. Living in the past has no appeal to me other than it opens doors that otherwise might remain closed.

I don’t take myself all that seriously most of the time. Although I am a bit stubborn, don’t always remember that I am older and tend to lose touch with reality sometimes (actually quite often). As a result, I often do stoopid stuff and then write about it for your reading pleasure. Honestly, I don’t mind you laughing out loud or smiling at some of my latest escapades of Harold being Harold.

There is no doubt that I am getting older and yes, I do struggle with some of the physical and/or mental changes that I have no control over. Some of the changes do suck. So I plan to have fun while living the best life that I can.

It is a helluva lot better than the alternative.

At some point in the next 20-30 years that I will die and I do think about that more than I used to. Death is unbeaten as far as we know, but I have a feeling he enjoys a good laugh now and then.

So I plan to keep tinkering with the gonna live forever idea and have fun, while Death chuckles at my lame efforts to stay half a step ahead of him. At least until he finally decides to catch me or more likely chase me across that final bridge to whatever comes next.