5K Garmin Benchmark Run – 2023-03-28

Well, I’ve been doing okay with my running, and even though the left knee is still grumpier than I want at times, I can still run more consistently than I have in a while. So, in my infinite wisdom, I setup the McMillan 5K intro plan on Garmin Connect and the first order of business was to do a benchmark run. 

This is something that I wanted and needed to do, because my Garmin keeps telling me that all my running and training this year is unproductive!!!

Seeing that unproductive reading on the watch after a workout where you have busted arse, to finish deflates the good feeling you have built up during a workout. It is something that I’m rather tired of seeing, but I haven’t updated my benchmarks since before the injury, so it’s going on the data from the runner I used to be, not the post-op runner I am now. It’s one of those psychological things that is undermining my rehab and return to running that I don’t want to deal with going forward.

So the plan for today’s benchmark run was to do a 2:00 minute easy, 5:00 at a hard effort and 2:00 minutes at an easy pace. Nothing overly difficult, but I’ve been battling some left calf tightness too, so that might be a factor in the run.

I did my usual warm-up routine down in the AYC Gronk Zone, foam roll, sled push-pull, slant board and some stretches. Then a 5:00 minute walk on the treadmill. The knee was a bit grumpier than usual since this was only the second time I have attempted consecutive days running. But it was in the 2-3 range which is noticeable, but not enough to stop a workout. 

The 2:00 easy was at 6.2 mph and I felt good, although the knee and calf were not thrilled about it. I thought about bagging the workout, but nothing got any worse and I figured that I could shut it down if either got too grumpy during the hard portion. 

For 5:00 minutes I was able to do 7.1 mph. If it hadn’t been for the knee/calf, I would’ve punched it up a bit more, but they were noticeable enough that I didn’t want to chance it. The next 2:00 easy were not a problem and I stopped the Garmin when I finished. I fully planned to keep running, but the plan called for the benchmark run to be done within certain parameters, so I figured it would be best do give Garmin what it wanted. 

Then I went ahead and ran another mile and shut it down at that point, figuring that the knee and calf were grumpy enough. I did a weights workout to finish up the workout. I also jumped into the red light booth and enjoyed the massage chair for 15 minutes. It is something to do to relax a little after a good workout.

I had planned to go to get the Transit worked on after working out, but I got done a bit sooner than I expected, so I had time to do the 1.7 mile loop around Messalonskee Stream Trail, which was bit cold and had avoid the rain drops a few times. The trail is almost clear, so probably next week I’ll be able to start running outside if the weather cooperates. I am still a bit meechy running outside in colder temps, since that is when I seem to screw up my hamstring over the years. I just have to be careful with that. The calf I’m not too concerned about because this something that seems to happen most springs and goes away relatively quickly.

It will be interesting to see how Garmin’s McMillan 5K training program goes, because it is a generic plan and doesn’t take into account some of the limitations I have with my knee. I will make modifications as necessary, if it progresses too quickly, but at the same time at some point I have to also stop using the knee as an excuse not to do regular work. It is slowly coming around and I know that it is getting better, just not as quickly as I would like, but I know there is still progress.

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