I Behaved – 2023-03-24

For once, I managed to stick to my plan for the day.

Bennie has resting down to a science

Rest is not a four-letter word. Well at least not most of the time.

I did take a rest day and only did a 2.0-mile walk as my main exercise. I also walked Bennie a few times and went on some shorter walks, totaling around 14,800 steps. It was more than I expected, but my knee didn’t complain too much as long since I didn’t run.

Still it’s frustrating that my knee still isn’t completely pain-free almost four months out of surgery to just do some walking, but it’s gradually improving, and I can do more than before the procedure.

Progress is being made, just slower than I’d like, so I get to whine about it.

I’m aware that I have another 4-5 months of healing, and now I have to prepare for my ill-timed annual physical in early April. Being 20 pounds overweight will affect my blood test results, leading to a lecture from the doctor about losing weight, needing to take multiple medications, and all the other questions or recommendations they always bring up.

Sometimes, an annual physical is more stressful than any actual health issues. Especially, since I don’t plan on doing most of their recommendations anyway and the doc tends to get shall we say annoyed with my non-compliance.

The only thing holding me back from getting back in decent shape is my knee, which will heal at its own pace and no amount of whining or attempting to do more will change that. Although I will keep doing both, just for my own peace of mind.

I’ll tell the doctor that I know I’ll lose the weight, I won’t start a medication regimen, and I’ll likely see them again next April for this yearly ordeal. Although, I might be open to a follow-up visit and testing in November to see where I am at that time and if the blood tests are way out of whack then, I might be more open to their recommendations. I’m not totally against their drug treatments, but only if after I get to do my thing and it doesn’t work, should it be an option.

Since it was a rest day it gave me some time to clean up the blog a bit and do some of the work that needed to be done. I like the results and although the header might need some tweaking moving forward.

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