New Shoes, Good Workout 2023-03-23

I took the last 4 days off, after waking up on Sunday with a very sore left knee. Yeah, I know I did too much by running 3 days in a row and doing too much mileage too soon.

So, I paid the price of Harold being Harold.

Which meant I wasn’t too sure how the knee was going to react this morning when I got on the treadmill. Especially, since it was more than a little grumpy on the morning Bennie walks. However, I got in my new Topo Specters in a size smaller and really wanted to try them out, to see if the size difference made for a better fit.

Also, it was one of those nasty March days with rain in the mid ’30s, so there were zero thoughts of running outside, plus it was the first day of my new schedule of Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday at the gym.

Lost of stuff going on.

See how the knee feels treadmill workout was the plan of the day.

  • Warm-up by foam rolling and a 5:00 minute walk at 3.7 mph
  • 1 x 10:00 minutes @ 6.2 mph followed by a 1:00 rest – The knee wasn’t thrilled by the running, but the discomfort level stayed in the 2-3 range which is acceptable, but doesn’t let me just run without thinking about how it feels. I am finding that if I attempt to lengthen my stride too much that the knee gets quite grumpy very quickly. So, I am learning to do higher cadence and shorter strides, which isn’t how I normally run, but at this point I’ll take what I can, but it doesn’t feel very natural either.
  • 3 x 2:00 @ 6.2 mph with 1:00 minute rests at 3.7 mph
  • 2 x 3:00 @ 6.2 mph with 1:00 minute rests at 3.7 mph
  • 1 x 1:00 @ 6.7 mph with no rest
  • 1 x 1:00 @ 7.1 mph to the finish

Final Stats

  • Distance: 2.85
  • Duration: 30:00
  • Pace: 10:34
  • Average Cadence: 168 (with walking)
  • Shoes: Topo Specter (Orange)

In other words the workout went much better than expected and I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to do as much running as I did. The knee actually got a little less annoying after 20:00 minutes and that is why I increased the interval duration to 3:00 minutes and took a chance on doing a little harder work the last two minutes of the run.

It wasn’t anything earth shattering, but it did help build a bit of confidence that the knee is starting to come around. However, the knee still effects my running more than I want or at least I notice it too much and therefore limits me.

Could I ignore it and just run, sure, but I’ve already played that game before and it sets me back days or weeks each time I do it. So, tomorrow will be more of a rest day and the hardest work I will do is a 2.0 mile walk. Gotta stay at least a little smart about this return to running stuff.

The Topo Specters in a women’s 9.5 did everything I wanted. My men’s 8.5 are about a size to a size and half too big and felt off with my gait, but I also ran great in them and they felt good underfoot. I have been looking around for a pair of the women’s 9.5 and got a great deal for some store demos on eBay. They came in looking almost pristine, which was great. New shoes for a great price.

The best part was they fit about as good as a pair of running shoes are going to fit my weirdly shaped feet and Topos in a B width are pretty much D width in most other brands. Plus the bright orange is a Harold color so that helped too.

After the run I did some leg weight work and by the end my left leg was a little shaky. I’ve been ramping up the weights work a little lately and doing the 45 degree leg press even without weights puts a lot of strain on both legs when I do single leg presses. Just gotta keep working the legs to get them stronger. Both of them have their issues and this seems to be helping – a least I hope it is.

A pretty good workout and good news on the new running shoes.

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