Changes Are Happening

Most of 2022 has been a year of exploration, experimentation, frustration, and discouragement. Thankfully, the last month has been a month where things have seemed to sort themselves out.

Need I say – FINALLY!

The Left Knee

On the 28th, I will be undergoing arthroscopic surgery on my left knee to fix a torn Meniscus and anything else going on in there that the surgeon needs to or can fix. A 65-year tune-up, clean-up and repair job – not a replacement.

The knee hasn’t gotten better on its own and without the surgery, I don’t see the knee changing all that much going forward. It has become that simple — have surgery or give-up running and the active lifestyle that I want to live.

I know that the outcome isn’t guaranteed, but at least…there is hope that it will take care of things.

Social Media

Over the years, I have become more disillusioned with Twitter and Facebook. They have both become something that I no longer want to be a part of and have started the deletion processes for both multiple times since 2015. But always stopped because of FOMO and there are people on both sites that I want to keep in contact with.

With the recent upheaval and changes at Twitter by the new owner, it was time to re-evaluate whether staying there was something I wanted to do. His actions forced me to look at what alternatives are available, since its future is uncertain. After looking around, I decided to lock down my Twitter account, play around with the Mastodon network for a while, and wait and to see how things shake out. While I won’t delete Twitter, at least – not yet, but I don’t ever see Twitter being what it was to me and many others.

Going forward the social media platform(s) I use, will focus on people who are interested in conversations about our mutual interests. I will avoid most corporate marketing accounts, bots, asshats, or people who just post to promote themselves or their brands, and don’t interact with people who follow them.

For now, I am using Mastodon, which is part of the Fediverse network, at least until things sort themselves out. If you want to connect with me there, use and say “hi”.

Note-Taking Apps

Back in October, I had a doctor’s appointment, a very important one about my knee. During the appointment I was unable use my note-taking app (no internet) to discuss information that I had given the doc hard copy of. It was frustrating at the time and the more I thought about it, I could see how using any app without offline ability wasn’t what I needed.

That incident forced me to sit down, reflect about what my note-taking app needs are — versus the features and apps that are touted as so great by the productivity niche pundits. Also, from past experience I knew that many note-taking apps worked differently than I did or were missing features I wanted.

What it came down to was that I needed to simplify and focus on my note-taking apps having:

  • Offline access to the entire note-taking app – not just a cache
  • Using the daily note as my anchor
  • A block editor with backlinking at the block level
  • Works well with my Apple-centric hardware

Much to my surprise I chose an app that I swore a few months ago that I would never go back to – Logseq.

Logseq isn’t perfect, has its idiosyncrasies, and relies too much on plug-ins, but for what I need now, it does what I want.

The reality is that

I am slowly figuring things out to make my social media and technology usage both simpler, and more in line with what I need for me now.

  • The retired Harold, who has different needs than I would have in the workplace.

Now, to get this left knee surgery over with (of course I am damned nervous about it), do the rehab necessary, and hopefully get back to running in 2023. You don’t know how important some things are in your life until the ability to do them is taken away. I think I was starting to forget that…

I don’t have to run, but that I get to run…and yes, more importantly I still want to run.

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