Daily Progress: July 15, 2022

Today was a good day, I did the workout very close to what I had planned and learned a lot about Ben Patrick’s Knees Over Toes program. The knee is doing better, but still has a ways to go before it is ready for prime time.

If nothing else this downtime is forcing me to look at how I workout beyond only running. Which is more than what I did in the past. I do notice a slight difference in how the fat rolls are placed when I sit and lean forward (there is a little less fat than there used to be). Plus, I am increasing the amount of weight I am able to move around, so all that is progress.

Just not the progress I would prefer. At this point, I have to keep doing what I can and focus on that, versus pissing and moaning so much about the things that I can’t do.

Gotta keep moving forward, not backward.

Although I am incorporating walking backward into my workouts. 🙂

Workout Comment

A lot of the Knees over Toes exercises are more in line with what I believe and I added a couple to my workout today. Nothing overly hard, just checking out how things felt. I might take out some of the hamstring work and band work and add in the Knees over Toes stuff. They just seem more in line with the direction I want to go with things.

Always facing me, so that he can keep track of where I am ;-). But he is getting old and sleeps quite hard so that sometimes I can sneak away without him waking up.

Although I did have a hard time focusing on the routines today.

I wasn’t able to sneak away from Bennie, so I closed the door so he wouldn’t be able to interrupt as much and his whining at the door finally led to me giving in and letting him in. I have a feeling that I will be doing most of my workouts in the back of the garage from here on out – I can focus more. Even after Bennie came in he whined a lot because I wouldn’t let him come down to lick my legs while I worked out.

I did most everything that I planned for the workout, but even so I wasn’t that into it today.

  • Weight 163


I am still not able to run yet, even if I wanted to the knee gets quite grumpy very quickly if I attempt to run on it. Hell, it still bothers me just to walk on it most days. So, I am a long way away from running at this point.

  • Distance: 1.0
  • Time: 17:50
  • Pace: 17:50
  • Course: Philbrick/Howard Circle Lap

Comments: I walked after my nap and tough workout this morning. It was about 80F and sunny, so kind of toasty, but I set off at a decent pace and the knee cooperated pretty well for the first half of the walk. Coming back down it started to grumble a bit, but not too badly. I finished without any issues and then walked backward from Lindsay’s culvert back to our mailbox.

I gotta admit that I am intrigued by the Knees over Toes videos I have been watching today. They are more in line with both my way of thinking and how I would prefer to do things. I agree that you gotta use your body as much as you can in a progressive manner unless something structurally is messed up.

Doing the strength work is something that I need to focus on. I have a feeling that I will substitute some of the work in the KOT versus some of the other stuff I am doing. Sometimes you have to go with what feels right to you.

Shoes: On Cloudmonsters

Assigned PT and Band Work

  • Pushups – 20
  • One-Legged Superman 3 x 10 each leg
  • Forward plank 3 x 60 seconds
  • Side plank 3 x 30 seconds – my left elbow gives problems-use extra cushion under it
  • Supine Butterfly Groin Stretch – 4:00 minute hold
  • Crunches 3 x 20 reps while doing butterfly
  • Supine Piriformis Stretch – 2 x 60-second hold
  • Active Straight Leg Raise w/Quad Set – 10 x 3-second hold
  • Clamshell with Resistance – 3 x 10 x 2-second hold
  • Single-Leg Bridge – 3 x 15 x 2-second hold
  • Double Leg Bridge – 3 x 15 x 2-second hold
  • Leg lifts 2 x 20 with a 2-second hold at the bottom
  • Single-Leg Standing Banded Leg Up – 30
  • Single-Leg Standing Banded Straight Leg Back – 3 x10
  • Single-Leg On Belly Banded Hamstring Curls – 30
  • Standing Banded Arm Circles 30
  • Standing Pull-apart 30
  • Single Leg Balance Drill 2 sets x 1:00 & 10-second eyes closed

Once I got done with this session I was pretty much toast. Although, it was hard to focus because I had shut the door and Bennie (the dog) was whining on the other side. He needs to supervise me and then do doggie kisses to make sure that my legs are okay and that I get back up after laying on the floor. He doesn’t understand why I lay on the floor and wallow around like a beached whale and then lay still for a while. He worries that I am doing something bad to myself and having problems that only he can fix. Finally, I let him in and made him stay on the bed while I flung myself about on the floor. He still whined and wanted to help, but was good and stayed on the bed.

Oh well, he is a good friend and worries too much about the old fart.

Food Log

  • Breakfast: Black coffee, hot oatmeal w/coconut flakes, raspberries, walnuts, ginger powder, banana, mandarin orange
  • AM Snack: None
  • Lunch: Strawberry-Banana Body Armor 12 oz drink, Leftover sandwich steaks (2), mashed potato, onions, Oui Coconut Yogurt, 2 Belgian Dark Chocolate Non-Pareils
  • PM Snack: None
  • Supper: Hamburg Pizza w/onions, garlic, chives, Wavy Lays Chips, Angry Orchard Hard Cider
  • EV Snack: Black coffee

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