Daily Progress – July 3, 2022

Today’s thoughts

Being able to write this simple blog post is a huge step in the direction that I want to keep moving towards. I believe that everyone has their so-called dark shadows and memories of shit that happened in their lives that we need to move on from. That is what I am working on now and it isn’t easy, but it is necessary.

Sometimes the dam finally breaks and all the thoughts and dark shadows that have been taking up so much space inside you, give in a little and begin to be less dominant. That is where I am now, getting my head back out of the shadows that haunt me from my past. I am beginning to let the light back in enough to disperse some of the darker memories and put them in a place where they no longer have the same power that they once did.

So consider this one of those first steps forward after a tough battle.

Planned Workout Description:  

Sundays are usually my rest day, but I didn’t do my workout yesterday, so I needed to get one done today.

Actual Work 

Weight: 161

Legs — I do these first thing in the morning after Bennie’s walk most days and I have done these for a couple of years to combat the problems I have with my Achilles’ tendons. When I stop doing them, I tend to have issues.

  • Single-Leg Eccentric Calf Drops – 1 set of 20
  • Single-Leg Calf Raises – 1 set of 20
  • Double Leg Calf Raises – 1 set of 20
  • Double Leg Calf Stretch – 1 set for 3:00
  • Single leg balance – 2 sets for 60 seconds

Walk — This depends on how the knee is feeling.

  • Distance: 1.06
  • Time: 21:02
  • Pace: —
  • Course: Lower Gate O/B
  • Comments: Boy did the Garmin screw up on this one, it showed me as over 2.17 miles and would have been a pretty good time for a nice run, but I still cannot run. The left knee is such that it just can’t — yet. Technology is great when it works, but sucks when it doesn’t have a clue. The knee is sore but better.
  • I have mostly climbed out of that dark memory place I was in. It still amazes me how the shit that I went through when I was a kid, how much it still affects me today. I wonder how different I would be if I had had a semi-normal childhood. Hell, I would settle for only mildly dysfunctional. Oh well, it is now time to get back on the making the body ready to do whatever comes next.
  • Shoes: On Cloudmonsters

Assigned PT Work

  • Pushups 3 x 10 reps
  • Supine Butterfly Groin Stretch – 1 set | 4 x 60-second hold
  • Supine Piriformis Stretch w/Foot on Ground – 2 x 60-second hold
  • Active Straight Leg Raise w/Quad Set – 3 sets | 10 x 3-second hold
  • Single-Leg Bridge – 2 Sets | 8 x 2-second hold – Increase reps as strength and knee allows up to 15 and 3 sets
  • Double Leg Bridge – |3 Sets | 10 x 2-second hold – increase to 15 when knee allows
  • One-Legged Superman 3 x 10 each leg
  • Forward plank 3 x 60 seconds
  • Side plank 3 x 30 seconds – my left elbow gives problems-use extra cushion under it
  • Crunches 3 x 20 reps

It was a good day of working out and progress is being made. The knee isn’t really responding to the physical therapy and I will see what happens after I finally have the MRI. I would prefer not to have surgery, but I don’t want to have this level of discomfort just walking for the next 20 years.

The dark memories are something we all deal with at some point in our lives and facing those demons is just a part of life. As I face them they bring of up things best left buried at times and then you have to process that crap, so you can get on with the rest of your life.

A good day.

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