Getting Back to Writing About Running

Over the last decade, I have written a lot about running. Even so, back in February, I decided to move away from that niche.


To be blunt, I was burnt out aft being focused on writing about running almost daily for over 10 years.

Yeah, I needed a break.

Trying Other Niches

Over the past few months, I have been attempting to find another niche, interest, or whatever you choose to call it to write about.

Technology seemed to find its way into my writing more than anything else over this time. I do enjoy playing around with technology and different app stacks. Doing a deep dive into technology that is really cool or when I need a new tool or app to get stuff done is fun — once in a while. However, it isn’t an area that I am interested in doing much more than lurking around the edges of.

The other area that interested me was Personal Knowledge Management (PKM), but that space is rather crowded and not the direction that felt correct for me going forward.


After attempting to write about other things, I couldn’t see myself still writing about any of them a year from now.

What I learned is that I enjoy writing about running and its many facets.

Yes – Running

Even after I stopped writing about running, I continued reading articles or watching videos about running almost daily. As burnt out about running as I was, I still enjoyed watching the running world continue to evolve.

This became even more evident while I was watching the coverage of the Boston Marathon by NBC. I enjoyed the announcers and how the elite race was covered. But all through the telecast, I was unhappy with how they didn’t cover the rest of the race.


Feeling so passionate about that race made me realize that I missed writing about running. I drafted a long rant about my thoughts on the race coverage and never hit publish.

I purposely chose not to make any changes in direction at that time.

Not so much because I couldn’t, but more because I wanted to make sure that this is what I really want to do – again. For the past month, I have thought about and laid out all the reasons against going back into the Runblogging niche.

Another reason I have delayed is that I am working hard to curb my impulsivity. If you have read any of my blogs for a while, watching me careen all over the place can get exhausting and frustrating. This waiting period was my attempt to slow myself down and think things over, before my tendency to “just do it” kicks in.

Why Now?

I am injured and can’t run presently, and yet I want to get back to writing about running more than ever. Which tells me it is time to start writing about running again.

Although my primary focus will be on how becoming an old runner changes everything. As much as most of us aging athletes don’t want to believe or accept that getting old changes what or how we do in our lives or when comes to running.

It Does

What constitutes running well at 65 is a lot different from what it was at other points in my life.

That is my primary goal for my running over the next few years – to run well.

Let’s find out and get going on this “Back to running well” story. Follow along, if an old guy’s thoughts on running and probably more than a few quips about life lessons learned along the way sound interesting.

I have a feeling that I will have plenty to write about and hope that you come along for the adventures that are sure to happen.

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