Ahhh Yes – a Desk

What is so important about having a desk?

It is a symbol more than anything.

In my world, if I am sitting or standing at my desk, it is time to do the work and get things done. 

Yeah, it is that simple.

Sometimes in our eagerness to try the newest and greatest apps, gadgets or ideas related to productivity, we forget that having a comfortable place where we can focus and work is important.

From where I sit, well stand – it may be more important.

Therefore, a desk was something that I identified early on, as being necessary. If I wanted to start writing better than I had for several years.

I haven’t had one for various reasons since 2015, but primarily due to space limitations in our home. My desk had become my evening chair, with a lap desk, and the end table beside it. 

In other words, I was constantly being distracted while writing or should I say attempting to write. The television, someone talking to me, people moving around in the kitchen, one of the critters (cat or dog) wanting attention. We’ve all been there, being distracted by whatever is going on around us.

None of which are great for writing well.

Minimizing Distractions

If I am going to take my writing seriously, my own desk is a necessity. Sharing the one setup for TheWife wasn’t going to work. It had become her space.

I sat down and talked it over with TheWife. We discussed the reasons I needed to get a desk, brainstormed different solutions (the back of the garage – in winter – in Maine wasn’t going to work), where I could set it up, and were looking online for more ideas. Then she remembered that there was one in the back of the garage that might work. 

My standup desk, notice the hi-tech method to put the computer at the correct height. 😁

This sounded even better, since I wanted to avoid spending a lot of money on getting a desk or setting up an area in the house, primarily for my writing. At least until I saw how all these changes I made and am making turn out. 

We set it up to be used as a stand-up desk. That way I am not sitting all the time. I can always wheel in a chair if I need to use it for a longer period or go back and sit in my evening chair with the lap desk. 

To top it off I was able to set up my favorite computer for writing on this desk. My old Lenovo 230X/T from 2011. The battery is toast, but it works like a charm plugged in. I can use it dual-screen and it has all the ports or drives that are missing from the MacBook Air M1. The keyboard is unparalleled for typing and while I am not a fan of Windows, everything works like it is supposed to. At some point in the next couple of years, I will put a flavor of Linux on it, since in October 2025 my computer will not be supported.

Although until I get a browser set up where I can access my work across more than Apple-centric hardware or apps. For now, I use it more to play my old-school RPG computer games. That is why you see the MacBook Air on top of it in the photo.

I had forgotten how nice it is to have someplace to put things besides cramming them into my dresser. 

Did it help with my writing?

It was astonishing how much getting my own space back again helped me feel more focused on my writing than I have in a while. Now, if I want to write or work on something, I can go in and either shut the door or put my earbuds in. Then get to work. 

We all need a space somewhere that we can put our stuff, work quietly, read, participate in webinars, or even play computer games without being interrupted.

What I Learned

Looking back I didn’t realize how much I missed having a space that I could call my own. Especially, after having one for most of my life, a desk is something that has been a part of my life for many years.

I love having a desk again and have noticed a difference in how I write when I use my new desk. I am not in as big a rush to simply get a post finished and feel more relaxed when I am writing. It might have something to do with fewer distractions and focusing more on what I am doing.

Having a desk has made a difference.

How about you have you ever gone without a desk, how did you feel about it?

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