Starting Over Again

A few changes to where I hang my hat as far as my URL goes. It is still Harold being Harold and the content isn’t changing.

Even so, it is yet another change, but this one wasn’t done because I went off on a tangent again (more on that in a minute).

I had a few “suggestions” that my previous URL was too freaking long and the site was pain to use for them. After mulling over those criticisms, along with a few gripes I had about back-end things. I had to agree with their constructive criticisms regarding my old site.

Plus, a couple of the comments were from people that I respect and trust their thoughts or ideas. Especially, when it comes to how I can improve my blog for you the reader.

Even if it becomes a pain for me for the short-term.

Please bear with me, as has undergone some updates. What I used to know has been improved and is different than I remember. As I re-learn my way around the upgrades, it might take a few days to get things squared away correctly.

Yeah, I know this is pain for anyone who attempts to follow me, but getting beyond a simple change of blog hosts again, here a little more food for thought.

During my last doctor’s visit a few thoughts were discussed and I have been doing a lot of research. From what I can glean, many of the things that I do or have done over the years are indicative of atypical responses that are common to those with ADHD.

No, I have not gotten a diagnosis or anything like that, but many things point in that general direction. Plus, with my insider knowledge from having been a Special Education teacher for over 10 years. Now that I have some idea of what to look for many things that have happened throughout my life are starting to add up.

When I researched adult ADHD, I found myself nodding my way too often. Enough that I will ask to be evaluated for ADHD at some point in the next few months. At least once this pandemic stuff calms down enough that I don’t mind going into a doctor’s office for routine stuff. I’ve lived with who I am this long, I don’t think a few more months will make much of a difference. Not that I would do anything in the way of prescription drugs in any event – I don’t like the side affects that they all have.

This does make the why I’ve always thought and said, I was different from other people, something more than Harold being Harold. It might be reality.

If, and that is a big if this is the case, I might have a better idea about why I believe that way. Although I will be adding a few of the strategies I am learning to see if they help me do some things differently than I usually do.

So, bear with me as I get setup again and figure this new site and the interesting direction that life seems to be taking me this time.


Come with me now, the best is yet to be.

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