Twenty Years of Marriage

How often do we not stop and look at important milestones in our lives? 

The older I get the more important these milestones and traditions become to me. 

Our lives are fleeting at best. If we don’t take the time to acknowledge and appreciate those special times in our lives, we do ourselves and our loved ones a disservice.

Forgetting those important times isn’t an option and certainly is not an excuse.

Twenty Years

Today I will have been married to Mary for twenty years.

It doesn’t seem possible that that much time has flown by.

It has.

Today we officially join the ranks of being an old married couple. Being a member of this particular club is a great honor to my way of thinking!

When I look back on how far Mary and I have come over those twenty years the view is amazing.

I was coming off a particularly nasty divorce that was the result of poor choices on my part. I had two young girls who had moved to a different part of the Country. Plus, I was in the midst of a career change and re-establishing my professional identity.

She was raising two children as a single mom holding down two jobs. 

Mary and I were both searching for someone to share our lives with. Someone who had similar values and interests.

When we found each other.

The day we met we both were driving Toyota Corollas. Her white one was the more practical model and my black SR5 – a vehicle attempting to be more than it was. That seemed to set a pattern. Mary was the more practical and grounded one throughout the years. While I tended to have my head in the clouds and only one foot in reality at times.

Over these twenty years, there have been graduations, vacations, trips, family challenges, changes in professions, retirements, and a few health scares. Plus more than a few pairs of running shoes (yes, that is one of many inside jokes that we have shared). During it all, we have leaned on one another during the difficult times and enjoyed the good together.

Change is something that is constant no matter who you are and for us when I look back. The twenty years we have been married have been good years.

Yes, we have come a long way.

Both of us are now retired, mostly healthy, and enjoying the life we have created together. It will be interesting to see what the next twenty years will bring.

All I know is that I am thankful that I will be enjoying them with my wonderful wife – Mary.

Happy Twentieth Wedding Anniversary – My love.

Come with me now, the best is yet to be.

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