2022/03/24 – Too Close to Freezing

This morning was going to be the start of getting back to running again, after letting my right hamstring relax for a couple of days. However, with it raining and the temperature at 33*F, I figured that another day on the Elliptical would be a great idea. I don’t enjoy being wet and cold then dealing with patches of road that might be a little slippery, especially with a rehabbing hamstring.

I wait another day.

Yea, it seems that I have had too many elliptical days this year, but you can only do what you can do and this year it seems between the weather and the minor injuries that are just enough to not run, it has seen too much use. Just the way it is some years.

I figured on a 40:00 minute workout, so I looked on YouTube for a virtual run about that length. I found on on the Virtual Treadmill channel that too me out to a lighthouse in Norway. It was strange seeing vehicles driving on the opposite of the road than I am used to, but the course was nice and I am a sucker for lighthouses.

I ended up doing 42.00 minutes and 8.7 miles and didn’t work that hard doing it.

Hopefully, tomorrow the weather and the hamstring cooperate and I get a chance to run outside again using the Stryd pod for the first time this year. I had retired it for a while, as I figured out a bunch of things about how I will train and also how I want to incorporate blogging with my running.

I did find that I missed having the daily runlog/workout narrative to go back and look at when I want to. To either review my training, my thoughts about a pair of running shoes or what I was doing/feeling before an injury. So, those will be my focus areas when I write about my daily runs.

  • How the run went compared to what I had planned
  • Any niggles or potential signs of injury that I have
  • How the running shoes performed that I wore.
  • What I saw/did during the run.

I am not all that worried about distance/pace or time stuff, that stuff is in my spreadsheet, Garmin, Strava or Stryd websites, so it isn’t something I will be focusing on.

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