Just Do The Best We Can

Since 2022 has started it has been another difficult year for most of us, the pandemic is still hanging around and after two-plus years of restrictions, most of us are tired and want to get back some semblance of the way life used to be. 
How I feel some days, hanging upside down and just hanging on
Just about the time that looks like it might happen – that glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Russia invades Ukraine and possibly sets the stage for worse things to come. Then there is the ever-shrinking dollar, divisive politics, higher prices…and everything else that is happening as I write this post.
Yeah, all things that have happened before and as long as human beings survive, we will most likely happen again in the future. It doesn’t make it any easier or something great to go through. 
In fact, it rather sucks.
What does that mean for most of us?
It means that we get to live our lives the best we can. Wallowing in despair, self-pity, and denial of what is happening around us will not make any of the problems we face go away.
Yeah, do the best we can.
Nothing is guaranteed in life and how you measure success today, might not have a damn thing to do with what it will mean tomorrow. 
Live the best life you can today, prepare for the future that you want, but be ready for changes to what life throws at you. It probably will not be what you thought it would be.
All we can do is keep living and doing the best that we can.
So, let’s get going and doing.

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