A Bit of Normalcy

Writing, thinking, and concentrating is difficult and not really at the top of my priority list today. I have a feeling that I am not alone in feeling this way. 

My focus and reactions to the Russian invasion are all over the place, and being able to concentrate long enough to write or wanting to write have both been pretty much in the toilet.

The idea of figuring out how to launch a new direction for this blog during the beginning of a horrific war pales in comparison to current events, and quite honestly:

“Who really cares what I write about. There are so many more important things to read or worry about, than reading what some no-name blogger who writes trite crap?”

Especially, when I tend to feel the same way.

What I write about is rather unimportant compared to what is going on in Ukraine and how this war will affect us all going forward.

After doing a total brain dump this afternoon or what I described when I was a teacher attempting to get my student’s attention – “puking my thoughts out on the screen”. I came to the correct conclusion that my writing or not writing would make zero difference either way. However, it was an exercise that I needed to do, to help me clear all the crap out of my head.

I know that I have no control over what is happening in the world and can’t wave a magic wand to make things better. So, I had to make a choice – abandon the blog or attempt to keep writing in the direction that I was headed before the Russian invasion began.

A bit of normalcy, looking out the back window towards our backyard and the critters feeding and cavorting in decent weather for a change.

If anything, a bit of normalcy in these crappy times might make a small amount of difference, for someone, who needs to read something besides gloom and doom. Plus, writing will force me to focus my attention on doing something more productive than surfing the web, reading news stories, or watching videos about the war. I will stay informed, shed many more tears before this is over, and know that difficult days lie ahead for us all.

I’m aware that I have it easy compared to those who are bearing the brunt of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but we also have to continue living as well as we can under the circumstances we are in.

So, that is the direction I will be going forward with the blog. 

Doing my best to show a bit of normalcy in a crazy, mixed-up world. If my writing or editing isn’t quite up to what you or I expect, please bear with me as I continue to wrap my head around the changes going on in the world.

Yeah, just like everyone else and attempting to live the best lives we can in an ever-changing world.

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