Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle

How often do we know that something needs to be done and have even attempted to make the necessary changes in the past, then failed?

Especially, when what you are currently doing is comfortable and making changes will take you out of that comfort zone.

That is where I am with my blogging. 

Writing about my running has been rather boring for a while, and back in December 2021 I finally wrapped my head around I needed to change what I write about. That is what I have been doing since I created “Harold being Harold at the start of the year.

Preparing for today. 

The behind-the-scenes preparations took longer than I believed it would, they always do. However, this time I did many things differently than I have in the past when I simply changed things without a plan or thinking things through before making any changes.


Going forward, the focus of my blogging will be on:

Retirement — How getting older, running (you didn’t think I would stop writing about it completely), productivity, lifelong learning, technology, and how we change our perspectives towards them, along with how we do or use things differently than we thought after retirement 

Writing about retirement is a multi-faceted niche that I have attempted to move to a couple of times in the past, but failed. It was too easy to go back to what I have always done, writing about my running. This time I have put in place a couple of incentives to stay the course.

It is Time

Over the past few years, I have known that I needed to move away from writing about my running and move to a different niche. However, it was almost as though I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I am no longer “Harold the Runblogger”.

This failure to move-on cycle has to be broken, and I am at the point in my life where it is time to make the change to write about other more interesting topics than my running. Yes, these changes are scary, at many levels, well, not THAT scary, but this change will take me out of my comfort zone and force me to become a better writer. 

Moving on

I do have a few goals for where I want to go in the future with my writing and view this using my blog as a way to start achieving those goals. However, none of my goals include becoming the next great problogger. No, my goals are a lot simpler and much more realistic for my vision of what will make “Harold being Harold” successful in my eyes, but I will get into them later.

For the next year, it is time to get to work at honing my writing skills, learning more about retirement and its many facets, share a few stories and insights I have gained over the last sixty-plus years. As well as the adventures in retirement that await me in the future. 

The thing is, I am retired, and I get to do some things in life that I want to do. Not just the things that people expect me to do.

This is one of them.

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