Tweaking a few things

It seems between the weather and minor injuries that there is a conspiracy afoot to limit my running. 
Not really, but just about the time the weather or roads are reasonable enough to run, something happens. I end up with another minor ouchie that is just enough to say running isn’t something that needs to happen right away.
I tend to believe that running is supposed to be fun, not another stressor added to the pile. However, the way this year has started has been more about how little running I am doing, not how much.
However, I have been thinking about a lot of stuff over the past six months and the last few days have really cemented that while I love running, there is more to my life than running. 
That was painfully brought home last week.
Last Friday afternoon during the latest big storm I was out snow blowing and hit a ridge while turning around. The augur chute bucked up, suddenly pulling the handles down as I was in mid-turn, in a snowbank with my body twisted. 
Not good. 
Bad enough that it brought me to my knees and I had to focus for a minute on not passing out while holding onto the snowblower to keep my face out of the snow. 
Yeah, it hurt that much. 
Once the initial onslaught passed, things got better, and after a few more minutes I was able to finish what needed to be done. However, once I went inside, the back told me all about how unhappy it was in no uncertain terms. 

That lower back issue that I had back in mid-December had re-emerged with a vengeance.

And the back wasn’t happy about it at all. 

The next morning rolling out of bed was an adventure and I still had to snow blow SD2’s and our driveways again. Thankfully, it loosened up as I got going, but getting going wasn’t fun and the discomfort never completely went away. I may have whined a little to TheWife about how I was feeling throughout the day.
In the past, this kind of thing would have been cause to whine, gnash my teeth, and vent about how unfair life is, and how not being able to run was ruining my life.
Yeah, it still sucks and yes, the back still isn’t all that happy about things yet. It tells me all about it when I shift certain ways. However, this isn’t the end of the world as we know it and I know that when the discomfort levels get better I will start out on the elliptical again. Then start the getting back on the roads routine, that I have become intimately familiar with over the past couple of years.
In other words, it is not a big deal and life goes on whether I can run or not.
This morning it is better and I am not doing a lot today. However, this wonderful experience over the last three days has made me pause and think about where I want to take Harold being Harold.
It is becoming apparent to me that every year my running is becoming more difficult for whatever reason, and writing about the most recent injury or routine run without any races to train for is getting rather repetitive. I can only write about running up and down the road in front of the house, in so many ways, or whine about my latest injury so much.
Looking at things from that perspective, I know that my blog should be more than my running log narrative. I enjoy writing too much to simply stop. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy writing about running, and plan to keep running and writing about it until I can’t. Even so, running is just a part of my life that as I get older will become less of a focus and certainly less interesting to read about. Especially, if I keep getting less than 10 miles per week in. 
This means that I will be diversifying what I write about a bit to include more of what read, do, and think about beyond running in my attempts to make my life better or more interesting. No politics, religion, or other third-rail subjects, I don’t need the hassles that go along with those topics. I have my views, opinions, and values that I adhere to regarding those subjects, and I don’t need to share them with the world wide web, then deal with the trolls that come out to play.
I will still write more than I should about running-related stuff – but probably from a slightly different perspective. Also, I will not be writing about every run, it will be more of a highlight reel, than a daily log.
What will I be writing about?
I changed my sidebar profile this morning, and it says pretty much the direction I will be going. 
“Aging well, continuing to be active, having a life beyond the Internet or a screen, and learning new things are all part of the journey that we should be on. Doing so requires us to be flexible, try new things, or at least be willing to do old things differently, and yes, to reasonably keep up with the times. The world is changing as we speak and no, we can’t go back to how it used to be. Which is just as well, since all too often for most of us it wasn’t as grand as our memories or others make it out to be.
Harold being Harold is my attempt to share some of the stories and insights that I learn during my journey towards whatever comes next. Writing about the physical and mental changes in my life that are a part of growing older, helps me accept, or at least acknowledge, that these changes won’t always be smooth or wonderful experiences. Although some changes are for the better. Who knows, maybe I will even answer some questions that I have along the way.
Now to see where this journey takes us if you want to follow along.”
When I look at my writing that way, it really is not all that much different from what I have done before. These changes are mostly a slight shift in perspective and focus on the choice of topics and how frequently I publish a post. I don’t foresee drastic changes all that much at first, but there will be some shifting and rebalancing of what I write about and share with you going forward.
Yeah, let’s see where the journey leads.
Now, to deal with the snowblower tomorrow morning. Yeah, 4-6 more inches of the white shite again tonight. 🤪
 Come with me now, the best is yet to be.

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