Back to it – RunLog February 2, 2022

Okay, I am back to running a bit more comfortably and out of my deep dive into Notion, so I will get back to posting about the daily runs again. 
What’s been going on?
Last week, I tweaked my right hamstring and gave it a day off, but when I ran again, it still wasn’t happy, and I shut it down after running a mile. Since then, I have spent a lot of quality time on the elliptical – which doesn’t bother the hamstrange (yes, I did that deliberately). As much as I dislike the elliptical, it gives me a decent workout that I otherwise would not get, since the gym isn’t an option as yet.
Plus, with the temps below zero degrees to single-digits Fahrenheit during most of my downtime, it is probably just as well I wasn’t outside all that much with or without a balky hamstring.
Bennie and I walking on the snowmobile trail up back
Oh yeah, I did play behind the snowblower on Sunday for 3.5 hours, after the blizzard left around 14-16 inches of the white stuff on the ground and a few drifts in the three to five-foot ranges. It made for a long morning of clean-up and with the temps hovering around zero, not all that enjoyable. Like TheWife claimed, “A bright, clear, and crisp kind of day”. The best part of that day, beyond the outstanding workout, was that the hamstring didn’t get grumpy during my time behind the snowblower.
Yesterday, the hamstring wasn’t feeling too bad, so I figured it was time to try a run again. I ran a mile and stopped, like a good boy that I aim to be (but don’t always succeed), and went into the house with a smile on my face. The hammie wasn’t grumpy, so I was happy that taking the downtime has hopefully precluded another long and drawn-out fun time with my balky hamstrings.
Today, I went out easy and didn’t push the pace at all. I did want to revisit my Hoka Carbon X1s and see how they felt since the roads were mostly clear. Well, except for that one spot when I was making a turn, I suddenly found myself in a three-point stance with one knee bouncing off the tar. Otherwise, even at the slower paces, I ran today, the X1s felt fine and did great on the wet tar, just not in slush. But with a smooth outsole, I wouldn’t expect anything else.
The run itself felt good. I was worried after that slush encounter that the hammie might be grumpy, but it didn’t bother it a bit. I ran relaxed and enjoyed being out there running in mid-20’s temps. When I got to two miles without any issues, I decided to finish a 5K and not tempt fate or anything like that by going any further.
Everything felt fine, but I could tell the hamstring was getting tired towards the end of the run, and that stopping at that point was the correct decision. I have to admit that it felt good to run comfortably and not have the hamstring complain or get grumpy again.
The Carbon X1s did what I wanted and answered the question about whether to keep them or not. I will keep them, but will only use them on clear/wet roads, snow/slush/ice, I have other, better options. 
I got a tempting offer from an eBay seller for a pair of gently used Hoka Rocket Xs, and that was the other reason that I wanted to run in the Carbon X1s again. The Rocket X is a shoe that I have wanted since they came out and while I know they are not the same ride as the X1s, the two are similar. Yeah, I ordered the Rocket Xs this morning when I got back in the house. 
I have a feeling they will be a nice complement to 361 Flames, which I would use as a longer race day shoe, and use the Rocket X for 5K to a Half (depending on the half). Regular racing flats beat me up too much at this point in my running, and some other options are out of my price range. Well, at least what I am willing to pay for an experimental shoe. I haven’t found a great deal on the other likely suspects online yet. 
Today was a good day and as long as I keep my mileage down to around 3.0 miles and not push the pace for another week, maybe I will keep this hamstrange episode relatively short, compared to what happens most times. I just have to stay smart and not think I have to get back to running hard or long until it is ready.

Come with me now, the best is yet to be.

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