The Last Run of 2021

Getting to that last run of 2021 was a microcosm of how the year has gone for me. The day itself was so much better than it was forecast to be — actual sunshine and reasonable temps. Which meant that I had to get the ice overhanging from the roof off. When I knew it was coming off versus when one of us was walking out of the house. Especially, on the dark side of the house where the deck and back door are.
Of course, about halfway through this project, I broke the roof rake (too much ice and I didn’t want to get on the ladder to beat on 4-inch ice dams and then have all the snow in that section take me out and have a quick trip to the ground. I had to drive into Waterville get another one and drive back. About an hour later I got back to playing with the ice dams. It had warmed up just enough to make it so I could push up the overhang and causing the ice dam to break and fall to the ground.
A couple of times I had to move quickly when the snow/ice behind the dam came crashing down where I was standing a moment before. I am pretty spry for an old fart when it comes to a choice of having a chunk of ice bouncing off the old noggin or not. 
Reminder to self, don’t let the ice dams build up so much next time.
However, I got my upper body workout in and got out to enjoy my run.
The run was a quick 5K, nothing special happened during the run, other than I got out and got it done despite the little things that got in the way. Often it is the runs like these where you get out the door put in the miles and smile when you are done are the most important ones. Those ones when it would have been easier to bag the run and get back to our everyday lives. I was glad that I ran. 
I focused on cleaning up a few things and how the Brooks Hyperion Tempos felt compared to the Glycerin 19s that I wore yesterday on the same course. Both did fine, but I have a feeling that I prefer the Glycerins a little more. This surprised me because the Tempos are more in my wheelhouse, but the Glycerins just felt more comfortable with the stride I have.
Now to move on to 2022 and see what will be in the new year.

Come with me now — the best is yet to be.

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