Why Do I Blog About my Daily Runs?

I have been asked several times why I blog about my daily runs so much and then post them on Twitter and Facebook?
Especially when nothing interesting or earth-shattering happens on most of my runs that would be of interest to many people. In fact, most of those runs are pretty boring and mundane. 
So, why do I write about those daily runs here for everyone to see? 
1. My daily RunLog posts are primarily for the future me, and these blog posts are the narrative portion of my running log. 
2. If someone else finds them informative or entertaining, that is great too. 

Let’s face it, I am a 64-year-old guy who is lucky to still be running as well as I am. I will not do too many amazing things other than continuing to get out the door and run as often as I can. Bad weather slows that down a lot more than it used to and the injury bug seems to bite me more often. So, I tend to write about that kind of stuff as well…well, at least I whine about it in my writing.
Most my of posts focus on what I was feeling that day and how I really did. Some runs are great, others suck, and most of them are the boring runs that make up my running life. Even so, each run has a story to be told, and writing my thoughts that from my run that day might be a piece of the puzzle that I have been looking for in the future.
I also believe it is how you deal with the days that suck, are the ones that really make the difference in the person you become, and what kind of runner you are. 
Although I am a big believer in keeping an awesomeness journal to remind me that I do have great days and make good choices about my running more often than I do the bad days.

Why share on Social Media

Primarily, I share some of my runs on Twitter and Facebook because there might be a nugget of information in one of my blog posts that another runner can use or needs to read at that point in their running. It might help them move forward or do something a little different to make their running better. 
Or that certain stereotypes that some younger people seem to hold about us older folk may not be as accurate as they might believe. Their experiences with older folk might not be the only ones, and how I do things might be different from what they have seen.

Looking Ahead

Those are why I write and share my daily training on my blog. It isn’t about my ego or any other crap that some people seem to think or claim when they read a runner writing about their running. 
Yeah, I know that nothing I do as a runner will be earth-shattering or even all that interesting to most people. However, I plan to keep posting my daily running logs, sharing them on various social media outlets, and not worrying about what “they” think. 
At this point, I don’t much care what “they” think.

Come with me now — the best is yet to be.

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