Too Much Ice Equals Not Much Motivation – December 23, 2021

The ice storm/freezing rain yesterday drove me to a little over 45:00 minutes on the elliptical due to the crappy road conditions. Nope, I didn’t even think about running in that stuff. It was bad enough to get the snow scoop out to do the end of the driveways and then beat on the vehicles and get the ice scraper going to get most of the ice off them.

Overnight the temps got down into the single-digits and proceeded to hard-freeze anything that wasn’t already. So all that slush on the road became a barely walkable frozen mess. Not something that I really wanted to run on.

Just wonderful. There were too many places where the road looked great, but when you stepped on there unless you had ice grips on you would go slip, sliding along. After doing Bennie’s second walk, between the cold 14*F, wind chills, and ice on the roads, I decided that it was going to be a great day for a rest day.
Yes, I have run when the conditions were worse, but at this point in the year and my life, I am not risking injury, just to get a few extra miles in.
So, I have been wandering around the house, looking out the windows, finished reading Wheel of Time Book 1, and thinking about going for my run, but knowing that I wasn’t going to. The motivation to get out the door just wasn’t there, even on our afternoon walk, I cut it short. 
I just wasn’t into being outside today and no, I didn’t have any desire to hop on the elliptical again for another round of imaginary running in Norway or wherever my iPad was going to take this time.
Sometimes that is just how things end up. Plus, when you add in that I am less than a mile away from my mileage goal for 2021, well even that motivation doesn’t worry me too much. I am fairly certain that I will get in another mile between now and the end of the year.
Yep, I have officially entered into the doldrums of 2021 and while I will run more this year, I am not overly motivated to run too much more.
I will be glad when 2022, gets here, so I can kick-start the running again and see where the next year leads me.

Come with me now — the best is yet to be.

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