Beating the Snow—December 8, 2021

Since I didn’t run Monday, I felt as though I needed another run today, so I did an easy 4.0 as a rest/recovery run.
I also beat most of the snow, though the feels like temps were rather chilly. 
Before heading out the door, I did change out the laces and insoles in the Brooks Hyperion Tempos to make them feel more comfortable for me. I plan to use them more as daily trainers than speed shoes, so adding a little extra weight wasn’t a big deal. 

During the run, I worked on a few of the suggestions that are in week 2 of the running form course as far as how to carry the arms. I find that my right arm crosses over, whereas the left arm doesn’t. My right side has more problems than the left when I stop and think about things. 
This lack of symmetry probably has something to do with the injuries I have sustained on that side of the body over the years. Like bouncing off a pad-eye on a buoy deck, flipping a ladder then hanging upside-down wondering how long I could hang-on. Not long it seemed, then dropping 10ft or so onto a pile of crusty ice chunks that I had shoveled off the garage roof. Along with a few other assorted fun things I did back in the day. 
This is also why when I look at myself running in most videos over the years might be a part of why my right foot turns out so much also. I have a feeling that it is less about changing my form and more about fixing long-term weaknesses caused by those earlier escapades. Or else, just dealing with how I run and not worrying about running beautifully and just run the best I can with the body that I now have.
The run was good but chilly and the Hyperion Tempos did quite well on the bit of snow I encountered. I wouldn’t wear them with the snow coming down now, though, they wouldn’t have enough grip. We are supposed to get 1-3, but it looks like we might get a bit more than that the way it is coming down now. 🥶 
Oh yeah, the changes I made to the Tempos worked out quite well. They feel more comfortable underfoot than then they did in their stock configuration.

Just gotta smile and keep moving forward.

Come with me now — the best is yet to be.

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