Looking Back — The Week Ending November 21, 2021

While I am getting closer to getting back in reasonable shape, I am also reaching the point where I need a break. I can feel that I am getting more tired and less unmotivated to run. Both of which are signs that I require a week or so to relax and enjoy the progress I have made and recharge the batteries again.
No, I don’t want to go outside
Especially, since the Achilles’ issue that has plagued me most of the year is starting to resolve itself. No, it isn’t 100% and probably never will be, but at least it is not interfering with my stride and doesn’t bother that much during runs. I just have to keep doing my morning routine most days of using the stepladder to do eccentric calf drops, calf raises and a prolonged static calf stretch.
My running is going well though, although I did take a couple of days off this week. I was feeling good, but I ran the 8.0 miler into Augusta on Saturday, a bit too hard and needed a bit of downtime to recover. I do notice that if I run harder/longer, that the body doesn’t have the energy the next day for me to enjoy running. So, instead of fighting it this time, I went ahead, took the day off, relaxed and feel better today.
It was the first full week here on the new blog, and while I am not making a big deal out of the switch, it is pretty much a done deal — again. The reasons are frustrating, but real. Almost like whoever it is waits until I get some stability and…well, I’ll leave it at that. 
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Looking Forward

I am feeling a bit tired, rundown physically and mentally now. So, it is time for a break. Since it is the week of Thanksgiving, this is a good week to relax a bit, enjoy some easy running and not worry about the mileage or intensity. I had 6 consecutive weeks of good training and haven’t taken a real break since June. 
This is part of that listening to my body and getting back to some of the things that I used to do to let the body relax.
Blogger, seems to be at least part of the solution to the issues I encounter blogging. However, there are limitations to the Blogger platform, plus I am not a big fan of how Google stops updating and then moves on from products. That is why I have left Blogger in the past so many times. There are other blog hosts or even self-hosting, but for now, this is the solution I chose.
Maybe it is time to suck it up and just deal with Blogger and stick to one place. However, if the problems show up here, I might just say, “enough, is enough” and stop blogging. The hassle and stress that these difficulties cause in my life are not worth it anymore.
On better news, I have pretty much decided which online RunClub I will be joining, after I take this little break. In a way, I am glad that the choice has been made. I can focus on learning this new to me philosophy of training and learn the lingo this week while I am relaxing doing other things unrelated to running. I do believe that this search is part of the mental tiredness because I was pretty focused on figuring out which one was the best fit for me.
While I might run a bit over this next week, it won’t be anything long or intense. It will be more just to get out and enjoying doing a little something. Every so often you need a little downtime to recharge yourself, and it is that time for me.
Getting older does mean that you have to listen to your body more, and when it requires a little more recovery time, I am starting to listen.

Come with me now — the best is yet to be.

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