10K and the Booster — November 2, 2021

Yesterday, was one of those days that started out “interesting”, got a good run in, went to Togus to get the Moderna booster, and after that, the day dissolved into lethargy. Still, given the opportunity, I would do it all again. Which means that it was a good day.

I had planned on heading into Augusta and doing some informal fartlek work on the Rail Trail for about an hour and then heading over to Togus to get the booster. Life has a way of derailing the best-laid plans and I ended up in the BMV parking lot on Piggery Road getting ready to do the 10K loop.

Gotta be flexible.

The body kept telling me that faster running wasn’t really in the cards or necessary Monday and this morning, but it might be willing to hit marathon pace a little during the run. When I finally listened and decided to not do a “go faster” workout, I felt better about the run. Sometimes you have to listen to what the body/mind wants to do, not what you have planned.


I wasn’t rushing or anything, if anything I was procrastinating going to get the shot. So I let my feet decide the pace through the first couple of miles. It ended up being my “moderate” pace, but it felt easy, and I wasn’t working hard to maintain it, even going up those bumps when heading towards Chelsea.

Once I got to the top of the hill on the Hallowell Road and started down towards Cony Road, I did pick up the effort a little. Nothing hard, but enough to get under a 9:00-minute pace for the rest of the run, which is partly what I wanted. Although I didn’t stay consistently in the 8:40s, for three consecutive miles which is where I wanted to be.

Coming back along Cony Road, it is just a long straight-away, that lulls you into slowing down on the inclines. Which, since I wasn’t focused enough, is precisely what happened. Going up the bump on Eastern Ave, I felt fine and even had my second-fastest time ever, going from the corner back to the BMV.

I ran a few minutes under an hour, put a little more effort into the run than I have in a while, and might have even smiled a bit when I finished. The best part of the run was that my chest didn’t bother at all, even when I pushed the effort harder towards the end. Whatever, was going on after I was sick seems to have calmed down again, and I can think about running without worrying about that. An excellent thing.

No, the time was not spectacular, but this run turned out to be the confidence builder that I needed, so much more than a fartlek workout, where I would not have been as successful on the Rail Trail. Sometimes the body/mind knows better what I should be doing than a training plan made weeks ago, that isn’t what I need now.

Saucony Ride 13

Also, I dug the Saucony Ride 13s out of the give-away pile and then did a little surgery on the vamps holding the tongues in place. Now they fit a LOT better. It seems that the right outside vamp was pushing into my tailor’s bunionette just enough to cause it to complain and make the shoes not wearable. While the toe box is still snug, at least now I can run in the shoes with thinner socks or my Injinjis.

This is especially nice since the Energy 2s and the GlideRides outsoles are starting to get rather smooth and on wet days on tar they are not quite as good as they once were. Plus, there might be a pair of Speed 2s showing up later this week, and I would love to see them pair nicely with the Ride 13s.

Saucony is one of those brands that I want to work for me, but finding the correct fit with the uppers (especially, the way the toe box tapers on most of their shoes) has been very challenging. That is why I have delayed getting into the Endorphin line without trying them on. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to any running stores in over two years to try them on. However, I got a great deal on a pair through eBay and am excited to give them a try, especially, after re-reading or watching many of the reviews about the Endorphin Speed 2s.

The Ride 13s did a good job on the run, but never completely disappeared on my feet like other shoes I have in my rotation do. The toe-box taper is still a little much, but at least I can run in them now without my feet hurting. There is just a snugness that isn’t uncomfortable but is noticeable (if that makes any sense).

Moderna Booster

Of course, I had to go and change things nicely, by getting the Moderna booster, at Togus. Even though I am not 65, they were offering the shot to Vets, plus I am immuno-compromised due to some health issues, and I want to get on with life. So, I took advantage of the drive-thru vaccination clinic.

The after-effects aren’t as bad as I expected, and didn’t kick my butt as much as the second shot did. However, the headache, sore arm, body aches, and lethargy that come with it are not fun and will keep me on the bench for at least today. Although, this is a scheduled rest day, so it isn’t as bad and a day-off is something that I need to do regularly.

I am not crazy about shots in the first place or anytime. However, this booster, means that I am one step closer to returning to a semi-normal life again. I might even be more willing to start looking at running in small, local races again after the two-week incubation period is over. If — the hospitalizations ever, or should I say when they start to decline again.

Overall, yesterday’s run was the one that I needed to build my confidence back up, and getting the Moderna booster shot gets me another step closer to getting back to doing the things that I want to do. I will deal with the feeling crappy for a day or two to get back something that has been missing — a life beyond the Hill.


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