Rain and a Breeze — October 27, 2021

Just a bit breezy outside this morning and yes, the rain continued to come down pretty steadily. However, it is nothing serious like the images I was seeing and saw online from down Boston and Cape Cod way. They got hammered by the N’oreastah, we got lucky and just got the fringes stuff.

Even so, I procrastinated getting out the door for my scheduled 6.0 mile easy run. With the steady 20 mph winds, with gusts in the 30s, out of where else — the Northeast. So, I decided to do my Winter run (so that the wind was in my face until I turned around), and run 3.0 miles out on Tiffany.

It was one of those do the work runs, nothing exciting happened. Well, I did have to make a quick woods break just after turning and then about a minute after getting going again, a brownish colored Toyota sedan wasn’t paying attention and came straight at me. I avoided both the ditch and the car, so that was good.

I was somewhat hard to miss, since I was wearing a bright blue jacket and an orange hat, with orange gloves on a straight stretch. The way they jerked the vehicle over at the last minute was kind of a giveaway to what they were doing. So, I have a pretty good idea that whoever was driving had their cell phone out and doing something with that instead of paying attention to the road.

Besides that quick adrenaline rush, I got the run done and had that drowned rat look when I finished. However, the sun was attempting to peek through the clouds towards the end, and by afternoon the storm was over, but the winds stuck around to dry things out overnight.

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