It’s Raining — October 25, 2021

Happy Birthday to TheWife, another year in the rearview mirror and despite everything going on around us, I would like to think it was still a pretty good one. I know that she is the rock that I depend on in all my crazy-hair-brained ideas to be there to bail me out and pick me up then kick me in the rear to get going again. Love You and Happy Birthday.

Running was just a procrastination fest, before I finally got out the door. Running outside when the temps are in the high thirties and a good rain, just aren’t enjoyable. They are doable, but not fun.

This run wasn’t any exception, but I got it done.

Avoiding the puddle and cars splashing by without my glasses on was more of an adventure, and I also found out the weakness of the Karhu Ikoni 2020s. With the hardness of the outsole rubber, they are not what I would call wet weather shoes. I never slipped, but never felt secure either, and this is how both pair of Karhu’s feel in wet weather on tar.

Which means that I will not be running much in them as the weather gets worse. Also, in the colder temps, they have an added firmness that I didn’t notice as much in warmer weather. So, that is two strikes against them as far as getting another pair down the road, and if something else comes up, it will make the decision for me.

I ended up doing mile laps on Philbrick Road and got to 4.0 miles before I pulled the plug. I just couldn’t do anymore. The hands were chilled, and the feet had soaked through on the first mile. While I did wear gloves, they weren’t helping all that much and the merino wool socks helped, but still, the feet were getting colder each mile. Although, I didn’t really need the polar fleece vest under the running jacket, the core stayed too warm, and I had to unzip a few things to ventilate the bod.

However, my paces were easy and consistent, which is what I had intended to do. Overall, it was a good run where I did what I was supposed to do — once I got out the door.

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