Brrrr, Gotta Get Used to It — October 19, 2021

It was 36 degrees when I did Bennie’s first walk this morning — that is getting chilly, plus the windchill was a bit uncomfortable, and he decided that sitting in the chair was a much better idea. Can’t say that I blamed him.

Not this morning, but about the same place
Not this morning, but about the same place

By the time I got out to run, the temps had crept up a bit to 44 degrees on our thermometer and felt colder with that 10-15 mph breeze out of the North. Yes, I wore my tights, long sleeve tech shirt, wind jacket and gloves. I sort of wished at the start that I had something to cover my ears as well, but after turning around on the course, the wind was at my back and things felt fine.

Since I am focusing on establishing my running mileage for whatever comes next, twice a week, I will be doing longer runs. Saturdays will be the long run and in place of my speedier workouts on Tuesday I am doing something in the 7-8 mile range at a little quicker pace than the long run. Probably up to a BQ marathon pace (for my age group) for 3-5 miles, dependent upon how I am feeling.

Going out against the wind was not all that much fun until I got warmed up. I wasn’t attempting to set any land speed records and was pleasantly surprised for the first three-mile splits. Then coming back with the wind at my back and a bit of a downhill, I did pick up the pace to under 9:00’s for three miles. It felt good and on a flatter course, I could have maintained that pace for a while longer.

However, when I got to Stevens Hill, I was done mentally and slowed down quite a bit on the hill and sped up a little when I got back to flatter ground.

I felt pretty good the entire run and the splits showed a small progression for each mile through 5.0, a small slow down for mile 6.0 and then wham for mile 7.0.

This was the first longer run in the new GlideRide v1’s, and they did quite well at holding a steady pace. While they are not light-weights, I do think that if they keep performing this well that I would put them on the short-list of shoes that I would use for long-distance races. Sometimes, weight is not the only or even primary consideration when choosing a pair of running shoes for a particular distance. Comfort needs to come first, and how they feel when you get tired is also important.

I did what I set out to do on this run.

  • Test the GlideRide v1’s out to see how they felt on a longer run.
  • Finish 7.0 miles (ca. 11 km) at a decent pace.
  • Do a piece of the run at a BQ marathon pace for my age group.
  • Nothing bothered during the run that really got my attention.

Good run — overall.

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