Just Running — October 18, 2021

Some days you just run and don’t worry about pace, form, or anything else. That is what I did today — I just ran. I wanted to get in about 5.0 miles (ca. 8 km), so I headed towards the Town Office and wore the Puma Deviate Nitros.

Though it was chilly. I opted to put on my running tights, vest, and gloves in addition to the long sleeve tech shirt and wasn’t unhappy wearing them at all for the entire run. The change of weather is finally upon us, and it is time to start getting the colder weather running gear out of storage.

I have been re-reading 80/20 Running by Matt Fitzgerald again, well, actually I finished it and each time I read it the section on running form makes more sense to me. So, instead of forcing the old body into movement patterns that are not comfortable and require too much focus to maintain, I let myself run comfortably.

The first mile was pretty good, and even coming back up the hill in front of the Town Office wasn’t bad. It was a bit faster than usual, and I felt a little fresher than I tend to through those sections. Coming back up Blake and Stevens Hills were slower, and then I picked it back up again for mile 5.0.

I did feel more relaxed while running, and not attempting to “fix” my running form in the process seemed to be part of the solution. I have been pretty focused on T-Rex arms and attempting to keep my feet straight ahead. Both of which are better running form, but if I have to concentrate so much to keep doing it, after more than six months, something isn’t changing.

I have a feeling that the body is going to run however it feels is best for it and how it has accommodated all the injuries and peculiarities that are a part of who I am.

Also, about mile 3.0 the Puma Deviates began to bother my forefeet a little. I’m not sure what was going on there, but I wasn’t comfortable running in them. When I took them off, both of my heels were quite red. Which is a sign that if I run too long in them that I will have other problems at some point.

So, I put them in the back of the garage and will bring them out next Spring or if I go back to the gym at some point, I will try them there. I love the way they feel under foot, but if I don’t have a good level of comfort from the shoes, they are pretty much useless and will go away if it doesn’t change.

I want to avoid using my 361 Flames for my weekly speed sessions now, and I am saving them for other things next year. Which meant that I have a choice of either the Reebok RunFasts or ASICS Magic Speeds to do faster stuff to replace the Deviates.

Overall, a decent run, and I am making some headway on the running shoe front. I have had issues with the Deviates since I got them, and the more I am thinking about it, the less I am willing to deal with their peculiarities anymore. I have a feeling that they will go into the give-away pile sooner than later. Not only that, but I have other shoes that are more comfortable for me to run in, and I don’t have to frig fart around with them.

We will see, whether I take them or not, the next time I do a running shoe donation trip.

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