First Run ASICS GlideRide v1 — Pair #2–October 15, 2021

Have you ever had a pair of running shoes that you got rid of and know that you made a mistake?

For me, the ASICS GlideRide v1’s are that running shoe and I have been looking for the right deal (price) to get another pair to see if it was me or if it was the shoes for a while.

I wander around on eBay a lot (too much) and came across a decent deal for a pair of GlideRide v1’s in an 8.5 and put them on my watchlist. The next day the seller made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and today was my first run in them.

When I finished the run, I had a smile on my face, my feet, and ankles didn’t bother and throughout the whole run I was kicking myself for having gotten rid of my first pair. If you are really interested reading more about my experience with my first pair, here is the link to my 200-mile review of my first pair of ASICS GlideRide v1’s.

The difference? I have been working hard to strengthen my feet, ankles, and calves over the past six months. Based on today’s results with the GlideRides, I do believe that I am moving in the correct direction.

Getting back to today’s run…

I was rather excited about getting back into the GlideRides. Once I started running, I had this smile going and quickly settled into a comfortable pace. I wasn’t working hard and went through the first mile sub 9:00, which is faster than I usually do on an easy run.

Looking down the Middle Road
Looking down the Middle Road

When I got to the Town Office, I decided to keep going down to the Lyons Road and turn-around. The GlideRides felt good, and I was just running comfortably. By the time I got down to the Lyons Road, I was starting to get tired and coming back it is almost all uphill, so I slowed down quite a bit.

When I got back on the flats, I did push the pace a little just to see if the shoes could go with it. They did without any issues and a sub 9:00 minute pace for the 5.0 miles (ca. 8 km). Nothing earth-shattering, but considering that I have been running at a 9:30 or slow pace for most of my runs for the past month, it was noticeably faster, without significantly raising the effort levels.

After finishing, the grin returned, and I thought more about all the reasons why I got rid of the first pair and how I wished that I still had them.

Oh well, another lesson learned. If you really love a pair of running shoes for almost 200 miles, and suddenly, they stop working for you. It probably is not the shoes if they are still structurally sound, it is more likely to be something about you has changed.

However, I now have another pair of ASICS GlideRides v1’s and I will see if they are part of the solution I am looking for. If today’s run is any indication…well, time will tell.

It was an excellent first run in a pair of new to me shoes.

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