First Run, Karhu Ikoni 2020 — October 8, 2020

My easy 5.0-mile run was a nice introduction to the Karhu Ikoni 2020. I got them through eBay to be my easy day and longer run shoes. They did what they were supposed to do, be comfortable while running and had decent traction.

Karhu Ikoni 2020

The Ikoni runs lighter than the 11.1 ounces (ca. 420 gram) they came in at, are firmer than the Fusion 2021 and didn’t bother my feet much at all. They do feel heavy, but not ponderous like some shoes I have run in this year.

The weather was perfect Clear skies, 61 °F, feels like 61 °F, Humidity 82%, Wind 8mph from NNE — according to Stava’s Which made it a lot easier to get out the door this morning.

It’s Fall

The run itself was nothing spectacular. Although, during the first mile, I thought about turning around, going home, and bagging the run. I just felt off. Nothing seemed to be working right, and I told myself if things don’t clear up by Blake, I won’t do the run. Finally, down by the big Pine, the body figured things out, and I started feeling better, and by the time I got to the end of the first mile I was okay.

After that, it was more about checking out how the Ikoni’s felt, thinking about all the stuff going on around us and what to get Mary for her birthday. BTW, she is feeling a LOT better today, that booster shot kicked her butt.

At the end of the run I did pick up the pace a bit and while the Ikoni’s did fine, but I wouldn’t want to attempt to run fast in them for a long time — they are too heavy for that.

I am starting to feel quite a bit better, but I can tell that my stamina is still down, but at least I am running. Although I don’t see me racing Central Maine Strider 10K as sick as I was most of the week. I did check the CDC website and went through their COVID-19 symptom checklist program and based on my symptoms, it recommended that I should get tested and self-quarantine for a few more days.

So, maybe it wasn’t food poisoning like I thought, but I still tend to lean in that direction more than a COVID-19 breakthrough, since I had zero respiratory problems.

Oh well, I will just run around from the house tomorrow and Sunday and then get back to living the way I have for the past year and a half.

Yes, even after one run, I can tell that I prefer the Ikoni 2020 to the Fusion 2021. They may look and have similar weights, but there are subtle differences that seem to work better for my running style.

I was talking with D2, and we decided to start our Christmas shopping early and there may be a pair of Skechers Forza 4s coming to be put under the tree. Especially, since the price had gone up quite a bit over the couple of hours since I researched them.

Then Bennie and I had a conversation and decided to take the super deal on a pair of ASICS GlideRides (yes, I thought I would try them again, since my ankles are stronger than they were). Then put them under the tree as his present to me, when they come in.

Why, get them now? It is too early to start Christmas shopping. I have a feeling that the supply chain problems are only going to get worse. At this point, I would prefer a few pairs of running shoes under the tree at reasonable prices, versus the price gouging that is most likely going to take place in November/December.

Come with me now, for the best is yet to be.

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