Recovery Run as Planned — September 29, 2021

What I am thinking about this morning?

It was clear and brisk this morning and at 42 degrees, gloves, and jacket were necessary on Bennie’s first walk. So, Fall is officially here, I had to wear gloves.

Elliot’s idea of a recovery run

Today’s run is all about recovery and working on running relaxed. After yesterday’s harder run and some mobility/strength work last night, my glutes and hamstrings are a little tight or what I call grumpy. Nothing serious, but they got worked more than they are used to and aren’t too happy about the extra work.

What Did I do?

It was an excellent run and I pretty much did what I was supposed to. Well, let’s just say I was better than I usually am. I still need to work on slowing down on recovery runs, but at least I was in the correct ballpark this time. 🙂

I ran slowly and didn’t push the effort levels too much. Although coming back up the hills was a bit harder than I expected. However, I made it up all three without too many problems. It was more the fatigue in the legs from yesterday than anything else.

Also, the town crew was working down back. So, I had to slow down through the work area both times because there are numerous big rocks in the road and the bucket loader was going back-and-forth while I was going through. It got a bit tricky in a couple of spots.

The Karhu’s didn’t bother the bottom of the forefeet like they had the last time. It seemed that re-lacing them helped out quite a bit. That was good news, but there was still a little discomfort starting as I was finishing, so I am not confident that I completely resolved the issues I am having with them. Otherwise, they are what I am looking for in a recovery/longer run shoe, plus they are heavy enough that I am not going to push the pace too much in them.

The glutes and hamstrings were a bit grumpy after yesterday’s faster run and the mobility/strength routine I did last night. Nothing serious, just the body complaining about me changing things around, and they are having to work differently than they have in a long time. The left Achilles is doing fine, it was noticeable a couple of times, but didn’t affect the run in any way.

The weather was perfect. It was the first time this Fall that I’ve really needed a long sleeve shirt. Even so, at the end I didn’t need it as the temps started climbing, but when I started it was nice to have and with that northerly wind, it was a bit brisk, shall we say.






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