Easy Running — September 27, 2021

What I am thinking about this morning?

Happy birthday little sister, who is all grown up now as well.

As I explained in my post this morning, I haven’t been writing my daily Runlog stuff for a few weeks because I have been doing something more important.

Attempting to figure out what is going to work best for me in the long term — that idea that I want to still be running into my seventies. It doesn’t mean that I will get in line, nod my head, then do exactly what I am supposed to do — all the time. That wouldn’t be me, and it wouldn’t be my running. However, I am looking at doing better than I have in the past.

Planned Workout Description.

An easy 40-50 minute run. Most Mondays, I attempt to do the Town Office O/B and then see how I am feeling when I get back to the house to decide whether to do more or not. TheWife went for her run down-back and let me know that about 10 feet of Blake Road was underwater by the old cranberry bog, and she had to turn around at that point. So that run was out. I decided to run out to Notta Road and most likely do the 50:00 minute run.

The left leg/Achilles was a little tender from last night’s new exercise routine, but nothing all that serious. However, it was something that I wanted to keep an eye on and if it acted up, turn around or shut it down before it becomes an issue.

My most difficult thing about this easy run, as, is always the case to keep the pace slower. That not letting myself keep pushing the pace a little harder after each mile, especially since I know where the mile markers are.

What Did I do?

I did the run down to Notta Road and yes, I managed to keep the pace in the easy range most of the way. The left leg let me know it wasn’t too happy about the new workout routine, but didn’t complain that much. It stayed just grumpy enough to let me know it was unhappy, but not enough to bother the run or my gait at all.

After making the turn back to the house, I did have to jump in the woods for a brief timeout. Otherwise, until I got back to the upper gate on Stevens Hill, it was one of those easy runs where you let your mind wander over all kinds of things.

During the run, I pretty much made the decision on which direction I will be going as far as what my training program will be. Plus, that particular running philosophy seems to fit best with my personality, temperament, and experiences in running. More on that later in the week, I still want to let the decision process play through and let it simmer for a few more days. However, I am leaning heavily in a particular direction after this morning’s run.

That was a good thing.

When I got back to the upper gate, there was an 18 wheeler coming down-back. I knew that this driver might be turning up Blake, so I flagged him down and told him what TheWife had told me. He wasn’t too happy, but thanked me. The driver isn’t a local, so I helped him chart a different route back to the Interstate.

Mary wasn’t sure how the road bed was with the water flowing over it, and I knew once he head that far up Blake that he would have no option but to go through it. Otherwise, he would have to back up almost a half mile on a dirt road with Blake hill to back up. Not fun for him, to say the least.

The rest of the run was just to get in the 50:00 minutes. Although I did pick up the pace a little after the house.

I have been running in Karhu Fusion 2021 for the past week, and I am liking them for the most part. Although I do have a bit of an issue with the bottom of my forefoot bothering after 4-5 miles. I wonder if the lacing change that I made last week is allowing my forefoot to move too much, which in turn causes it to bother?

So, when I got home, I re-laced the shoes again and am hopeful that this is at least part of the solution. I like the way that I run in the Fusions and since I got primarily for longer and recovery runs, not having my feet bother is a big deal. It is an issue that needs to be resolved, if I plan to keep running in them, and I do.

Otherwise, I did what I wanted on the run.

After I got home, I did pick two buckets of concord grapes in the front yard (which was more work than I thought it would be). Then this afternoon we chipped wood/brush on the roadside project we have been working on since we got the chipper repaired. By the time we finished, both of us were exhausted.

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