Middle Road Loop — September 8, 2021

What I am thinking about this morning?

I am getting back to feeling more like me, which is a good thing in my mind.

I don’t have that overwhelming sense of fatigue that has been hanging over me for longer than I want to admit. The sleep-fest on Monday was my body’s way of doing a hard re-set and to remind me that I cannot just keep bulling my way through everything without consequences.

I did finish the first two chapters of The Practice of Groundedness, and it is the book that I need to read now. It is making me think, look at what I am doing, and more importantly becoming more focused on what is important, along with what is in my ability to control. I tend to lose track of those things at times, and refocusing on them is what needs to be done.

While the below quote, hits home when it comes to my running, I need to think about how it impacts other facets of my life as well:

The first principle of groundedness is acceptance. Progress in anything, large or small, requires recognizing, accepting, and starting where you are. Not where you want to be. Not where you think you should be. Not where others think you should be. But where you are.

Stulberg, Brad. The Practice of Groundedness (p. 29). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

I will be writing more about where I am now in my running, and the other stuff will be part of the private journal.

One thing that I did last night was log off Facebook. While I don’t think I will ever completely delete my account, I do foresee using it much less and not getting caught up in the negativity or the comparison trap that it has become. The reason I will never get rid of it is that, there are many people that I do want to remain in contact with, and Facebook is the best way to do that in many cases.

On a lighter note, I have been looking online for a sweet deal on a pair of trail running shoes for this winter. At this point in my life running miles into the backcountry ain’t happening, too many things can go sideways, too quickly for an old fart like me. So, I tend to stick to the roads or local groomed trails now, and most of the time my road shoes can handle that kind of running.

Since the outsole was coming off my previous pair of trail shoes, I wasn’t going to trust them for much of anything. Even if I had shoe-goo’d the outsole, I had lost confidence in how they would work in difficult terrain. I would hate to be a couple of miles into a trail and have part of the outsole fall off on a tricky crossing, bombing down a hill or other situation where I rely on the shoe holding together. They were a bad fall or injury waiting to happen.

I use trail shoes more as hiking, winter walking, snowmobile trail running, and then for running trails. I have the trail shoes narrowed down to Brooks Catamount or Salomon Speedcross v5.

Today’s run is another easy get back into it run. Most likely, I will do the Middle Road Loop and wear the Under Armour Sonic 3’s. I am finding that they are becoming a comfortable shoe and I want to check them out on a few longer runs this week to see how they do.

Planned Workout Description.

I did the Middle Road Loop and wore the U/A Sonic 3’s. I wasn’t hurrying during the run and made the run a bit easier. I got to ponder about what the eagles flying overhead were looking at, while running towards the big hill on the Middle Road. Then chuckled at the acorns flying down the road when I kicked them along like I did when I was a kid.

All too often I go out running and get so focused on the run, how I am feeling, and whether I am going fast enough or slow enough. Along with all those other things that wander through my head when I am out running, that I forget to enjoy the run.

Kicking a few acorns while running, helped to remind me that it is okay to smile and laugh at yourself, to even have a little fun while running. Kind of like jumping in mud puddles on a rainy day.

The last three hills weren’t fun, but they weren’t as bad as they have been on other runs this summer.

At the end of the run, I suddenly felt a bit nauseous and stopped running at 4.98, for a few seconds to see if I was going to get sick. It didn’t seem to be anything serious, so I finished the 5.0 miles and then did a cool-down walk around the circle, about a half mile. I have a feeling it was lack of hydration, the hills, and heat/humidity in the mid 70% range. I went out and mowed the front for an hour this afternoon without any ill effects, so it wasn’t anything to worry about.

The Sonic 3’s are not going to be long-haul shoes I have been looking for. They are more likely to become walking shoes, maybe treadmill shoes if I ever go back to the gym, but at most shoes for easy 3-4 miler runs. At around 4.0 miles, my right foot started to feel off and was bothering more than I Iike by the time I got to the top of Stevens Hill. Not really what I expected or wanted from them, but since I still am not going in stores now, getting a proper fit is hit or miss.

I did decide to get the Salomon Speedcross 5’s, the Catamounts were just too purty, and were going to become brown or gray too quickly. Or because they are so purty, I wouldn’t use them as trail shoes. Which would defeat the purpose I would be getting them for.

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