Easy Run — September 4, 2021

What I am thinking about this morning?

Labor Day weekend, like the start of September, is another sign that Summer is over, and the days will keep getting shorter, along with the temps dropping back to better temps for running for a while.

I think that I have finally shaken off whatever it was that was attempting to get my attention or should I say put me down for the count, and I am feeling normal again. Not that much about me is normal.

Since I did 6.0 miles and ran a bit faster than planned yesterday, the long run that was on the docket for this morning will be changed to an easy run down to Troy Trail and back. Most likely I will be wearing the U/A Sonic 3s, even though the endorphins (not the running shoes from Saucony), keep telling me to put on those 361 Flames and go have some more fun.

However, that kind of fun would just lead me down the road to injury, even though I would go there with a smile on my face.

Since Tuesday, I have done too many “quality” workouts and the body is letting me know that it needs an easy day to only work out the kinks, not run with a big grin on my face.

I am putting together a 5K training plan and am in the final stages of tweaking it a little to have more ranges on the number of intervals or strides, instead of the usual “do this many, come hell or high-water”. The same for my longer runs, a lower number, and a higher number, where I aim for the higher number, but am not disappointed if I hit the lower one instead.

Unfortunately, my left leg is still driving how much I can do, versus how much I want to do. Just the way it is going to be for a while longer, or so it seems.

I love building plans, but also know that I am not so great at following them. The older I get, the more it seems that I need to take it a day at a time and listen to what the body wants to do that day. Rather than adhering to a long-term training plan with specific paces and distances set up weeks in advance.

More like a routine, where I know what I need to do, but not specifics of the daily workout.

Monday — Easy

Tuesday — Intervals

Wednesday — Easy or Off

Thursday — Easy and strides

Friday —- Easy or Off

Saturday — Long

Sunday — Easy

I probably follow that training plan better than any other. Oh well, building a training plan helps point me in the correct direction, sets a few guardrails, and teaches me more about running each time I develop one.

What Did I do?

I did an easy run down to Troy Trail and back and felt good enough to add in a lap up on top to get 4.0 miles in. Nothing bothered me, I ran in my Under Armour Sonic 3’s — which are still telling me I am an inveterate heel striker.

Otherwise, it was just a routine run where nothing all that amazing happened.

Well, besides meeting a golf cart, a couple walking (2x), a bunch of trucks heading for the transfer station and some cars headed over to disc golf. My quiet road down-back just had too damn many interruptions. It’s gotta be the holiday weekend and people getting ready to close up “camp” for the summer.


  1. Like you, I’d also made ambitious plans for my exercise regime, only to find out later that I also needed to listen to my body and slow down. You mentioned that you’d finally shaken off something that was attempting to put you down for the count. I hope that it wasn’t something serious.

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  2. I forgot to say – these are wonderful pics of summer – blue skies and trees in full bloom. Do enjoy the rest of the summer weather.

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